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High School and College: The Comparing


Prior research on education defined education as a continuous process as one has to move from one level up to another. These are all in efforts for one to acquire relevant knowledge that one will apply in his profession. There is a great difference between college and high school education systems; College education is a term that is used to indicate the tertiary level of education in the education system which accommodates students who are 18 to 26 years old. It is also noted that at this stage students pursue their studies in order to be awarded a degree or diploma. However, high school is an institution that is responsible to provide secondary education by accommodating students between the ages of 13-18 years as the students are still being taught in college (SMU, 2010).

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Similarities of High School and College

Both high school and college have implemented systems that instill responsibility and knowledge to the students as they learn new ideas and skills which enable them to become responsible members of the community.

In order for a student to proceed from one level to the other, they have to take an examination that determines if they are skilled enough to continue to the next level. Therefore, the examination is the only determinant of a student’s capability in both college and high school systems of education. There are also rules and regulations which are set to be followed by the students, the rules are meant to manage students’ conduct and maintain law and order in the school.

In both systems of education students are awarded upon successful completion of their studies. They also graduate and receive certificates that depict their capability on what they have been taught.

Differences of High School and College

The two systems of education are not similar in the way training is being conducted because at college level the students are much more skilled and intelligent. Hence, the mode of delivery is not as detailed as in high school. Responsiveness of teachers, time management and principles that one has to go through the entire system also differ.

In high school it is compulsory to attend all the classes as the law indicates that it is being offered freely to all students while college is voluntary as in order to attend the classes one has to pay.

In high school every thing is arranged for the student with a strict timetable while in college the student is left to make a choice of what to do and also makes consultations with their tutors on the way to conduct their classes. In high school the teaching principles directed to the students are required to be absorbed the way they are while in college the learning environment provides the student with room of practicing and taking into responsibility of what one teaches (Klein & LaPolla, 2010).

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Time management in high school students are always monitored closely by the teachers and parents in each and every thing which the student does and they are reminded on what time to do anything. While, in college the student is left to take responsible decision in the activities they wishes to engage in.

In high school teachers always remind the students on the deadlines of the assignments and they always check on the progress of the assignments being done by the students. While, in college a teacher only provides guidelines and doesn’t check each assignment the student has given to the students as the final grade is determined by the result of the examination done.


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