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Hiring and Keeping Quality Staff

Nurses are a fundamental part of healthcare, and they comprise the largest percentage of health professionals. However, there is a significant shortage of nurses in the United States and other countries. According to Haddad et al. (2020), United States has approximately 3.9 nurses, and an additional 11 million nurses are needed to curb the deficiency. The nursing profession shortage continues to occur due to inequitable workforce distribution, high turnover, and lack of potential educators (Haddad et al., 2020). For instance, the turnover rates range between 8.8 % and 37.0 % depending on nursing specialty and geographical location (Haddad et al., 2020). The aging population and violence in the healthcare environment are other factors that contribute to the shortage of nurses. The number of Americans whose age is 65 years and above is currently high (Haddad et al., 2020). These individuals demand more health services because they are diagnosed with more than one disease and comorbidities, straining the healthcare workforce.

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How Can My Organization Attract Quality Candidates?

The job market has valuable talents, and organizations can lose suitable candidates if they make a wrong move. Finding and hiring quality candidates is a challenge to most recruiters; however, they can utilize different strategies to attract quality applicants. Employers can adopt employee referral programs, use the short time to hire, be flexible, and use clear job adverts (Murphy, 2018). Asking the current workers to refer their qualified relatives or friends and be rewarded is an approach to hiring promising applicants. Contacting potential candidates immediately minimizes the possibility of them losing interest in the position of being hired by competitors. Employees prefer organizations that offer different options and time for executing responsibilities. Smith et al. (2019) indicate that employees prefer companies where work pressure has an insignificant impact on personal lives. Healthcare institutions should detail job notification, including duties and responsibilities, benefits, and career opportunities.

What Can Be Done to Make the Interviewing Process a Valuable Way to Sort through Nursing Candidates without Offending Anyone?

Interviewing process is crucial because it ensures that an organization hires suitable candidates. Interviewers can adopt various strategies to make the procedure a valuable way to sort through nursing candidates without offending anyone. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (n.d.), institutions should tailor job advert to the vacancy and skills needed to ensure that only viable candidates apply. Additionally, interviewers should be well-prepared for the process, have a list of core questions for the candidates, make a good impression about their organizations, and be honest as possible as they respond to the interviewees.

What Things Should an Employer Never Do or Say during an Interview?

Employers ask their potential workers various questions during interviews to ensure that they have an appropriate candidate for a particular position. However, they should avoid asking about personal life and talking negatively about former employees and why they left during the process. Such questions as those related to the number of children, nationality or ethnicity, and disability may be offensive to the interviewees and seen as a possible way of discriminating against them (Doyle, 2020). Former organizations and workers are irrelevant in the process, and discussing them during an interview can increase the chances of losing great talents.

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What Is the Process for Ensuring That the Newly Hired Nurse Is Placed in the Most Advantageous Work Environment?

The process of ensuring that newly hired nurses are placed in a work setting that benefits them most, involves assessing their preferences and level of capability. Some nurses may prefer working in the pediatric department while others in the general ward. According to Priya et al. (2018), skills and knowledge are also critical factors to consider while choosing where to place the new nurses because they determine the way they feel comfortable when delivering services.

How Can the New Nurse Be Socialized into the Work Environment & Understand the Role of Governing Organizations, for Example, the Joint Commission and Others?

The nursing induction training program is the best way of socializing new nurses into the work environment and understanding the role of governing organizations such as the Joint Commission. Priya et al. (2018) indicate that the training exercise creates a positive setting, addresses any concern related to nursing, enhances knowledge of the facility’s functions, policies, and procedures, and ensures a high level of comfort and a sense of belonging. The nurses also learn about various agencies that regulate nursing practice.


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