Hispanic and Mexican Heritage and Health Beliefs

Cultural Group

A Brief History

  • Hispanic and Latino Americans are chosen.
  • The long time of nations’ development.
  • “The history of admixture and migrations” (Bryc, Durand, Macpherson, Reich, & Mountain, 2015, p. 37).
  • Constant interaction among different tribes.
  • A significant number assimilated among Americans.

Values and Worldview

  • Following the traditions and religious foundations.
  • The value of family and relationships.
  • The protection of national interests and ideas.
  • Close relationships with ancestors (Bryc et al., 2017).
  • Separate culture and strong self-expression.

Language and Communication Patterns

  • Spanish is dominant among the population.
  • Gestures and non-verbal forms of interaction.
  • The speech is lively and active.
  • Adherence to communication and interaction.
  • Different language dialects and lexical patterns (Bryc et al., 2017).

Art and Other Expressive Forms

  • Art is the essential component of culture.
  • Ancient monuments of architecture are preserved.
  • Passion for music and national motives.
  • Famous historical manuscripts of ancient tribes (Bryc et al., 2017).
  • The influence of different cultural backgrounds.

Norms and Rules

  • Family values are considered paramount.
  • The selfless protection of relatives’ interests.
  • Religion is an important aspect of life.
  • Respect for all older adults.
  • Adherence to national traditions and customs.

Lifestyle Characteristics

  • Rallying and uniting are encouraged.
  • The desire to prove cultural identity.
  • Adherence to the values of ancestors.
  • They are protecting the interests of national unity.
  • People’s habits are often similar.

Relationship Patterns and Common Rituals

  • Betrayal is regarded as a sin.
  • Frequent pastime with family members.
  • Traditional worship and religious prayers.
  • Typical funeral and wedding ceremonies.
  • Revenge in case of an offense.

Degree of Assimilation

  • The assimilation level is high (Alarcón et al., 2016).
  • I am forming communities and groups.
  • Reservations are usually not created.
  • Interracial marriages are not condemned.
  • Access to all social services.

Health Behaviors and Practices

  • Health care services are free.
  • Traditional forms of treatment are found.
  • “Depression and suicidal behaviors” (Alarcón et al., 2016, p. 863).
  • Natural drugs are usually encouraged.
  • Resistance to various environmental influences.

Socio-Cultural Group

A Brief History

  • The Mexican heritage is taken.
  • The long period of assimilation.
  • Constant communication with the Americans.
  • The rich heritage and cultural background.
  • Self-identity and the unique environment.

Values and Worldview

  • The value of family ties.
  • The protection of personal interests.
  • The high level of self-awareness.
  • Cultural heritage awareness and adherence (Solis & Callanan, 2016).
  • Traditionalism and canonicity in lifestyle.

Language and Communication Patterns

  • The Spanish language is dominant.
  • The vividness of emotional expression.
  • Rather a rich lexical composition.
  • Unique language dialects and idioms.
  • Non-verbal communication is usually encouraged.

Art and Other Expressive Forms

  • Mexican music is very popular.
  • National songs are performed everywhere.
  • Kahlo is a famous painter.
  • The influence of neighboring cultures.
  • They preserved architectural monuments and constructions.

Norms and Rules

  • Respect for the national identity.
  • The preservation and enhancement of heritage.
  • They are protecting the interests of loved ones.
  • The desire to prove personal freedom.
  • Unity is an integral feature.

Lifestyle Characteristics

  • Typical eating and treating habits.
  • People’s grouping and community lifestyle.
  • Frequent emigration for stable income.
  • Mexican habits are known worldwide.
  • The combination of modern-traditional foundations.

Relationship Patterns and Common Rituals

  • Ritual ceremonies are strictly observed.
  • Catholic traditions are revered (Yom-Tov, Strong, & Strong, 2017).
  • The value of relationships is significant.
  • Relations with fellow citizens are peaceful.
  • Loved ones are always protected.

Degree of Assimilation

  • Frequent interracial marriages are normal.
  • The influence of neighboring cultures is reflected.
  • Constant communication with different nations.
  • The absence of restrictions on departures.
  • Entry to America is partially restricted.

Health Behaviors and Practices

  • Traditional healing practices (Yom-Tov et al., 2017).
  • I am sticking to the root rites of treatment.
  • Free access to medical services.
  • We are expanding opportunities through recent reforms.
  • The use of national experience.

Both Groups

Comparison and Contrast Analysis

  • Most characteristics are common.
  • The Mexican heritage is influenced by neighboring cultures.
  • The Hispanic identity is unique and recognized (Stroope, Martinez, Eschbach, & Markides, 2015).
  • Mexicans often leave their motherland.
  • Hispanics prefer to live in communities.

Differential Healthcare Approaches

  • The participation of professional specialists is necessary.
  • Mexicans should adhere to modern medical practices.
  • Facilities for Hispanics should be high.
  • Racial and moral distinctions are unacceptable.
  • The consideration of cultural identity is required.


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