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History of Latinos in the Latino Americans Documentary

Latino Americans’ history is no less exciting than the history of African Americans or the formation of the modern United States. This course once again showed me that a society fighting for its rights is an irresistible force. Episodes of Latino Americans Documentary clarified for me many moments of history and helped to understand the modern features of Latino Americans’ lives in the United States.

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Most of the key events that are described in the episodes were familiar to me since I heard about them at least remotely. However, many details and stories made history more fascinating. For example, I previously read about the process of colonization of America, as well as the Mexican War and the settlement of California, but the story of Juan Seguín, who tried to combine his desire for an independent Texas and Indian identity, is new to me. In addition, although I was already familiar with the measures taken by the colonialists against the local population, I am amazed at the cruelty of those events: epidemic, genocide, deportations. Simple stories of Latin Americans in these episodes personalize events, so the viewer begins to perceive them more closely. For example, when a woman shares her memories of punishment that included locking in a cell or whipping. For this reason, I find the documentary not only informative and instructive but also touching.

However, the episodes also have many inspiring moments in Latino Americans’ struggle for their own culture and rights. In the first episode, such stories are riots and resistance, which preserved the Mexican culture in New Mexico, and even the event with the burning of the ranches. In the fifth episode, Latino came to the streets to achieve equal treatment and working rights. The most exciting moment for me is the situation when a Latino man sat in the center of the cinema hall and was arrested since it demonstrates the injustice of the system. The last episode is also significant as it shows some of the latest events that have strengthened the position of Latino Americans in the United States caused by a wave of migration. People wanted to be an equal part of American society while preserving their own identity, which led to the development of bilingualism and the more active participation of Latino Americans in the education and culture of the US. Thus, all these stages of fighting show that people can achieve their rights and change the world for the better.

At the same time, the episodes demonstrate that some things and the attitude of society remained unchanged. Although Latin Americans today have more rights and opportunities to use them and get an education, work, and good living conditions, prejudice still exists. Society no longer segregates people, but on the street, one can still hear from a passerby “Speak English in my country.” TV shows and media form stereotypical images of the Latino people, and this part of the population usually has a lower income. Consequently, although the most visible and cruel manifestations of bias and discrimination no longer exist, they appear in other forms.

In conclusion, these episodes have brought me significant benefit from detailed information about critical events in history. This documentary combines facts, dates, and emotions, which made it interesting and understandable. Experts’ comments clarify the significance of the events, and Latin Americans’ stories add value to them. For this reason, I liked the Latino Americans Documentary’s episodes, since they gave me new knowledge but were not as boring as most educational films.

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