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History of the United Arab Emirates


The history of the area starts in the 7th century when Islam was converted, but the archeological research shows that the first human occupation can be referred to as the Neolithic period. A new formation, United Arab Emirates, comprising six emirates (Abu Dhabi, Umm al-Qaiwain, Sharjah, Fujairah, Dubai, and Ajman) was established on 2 December 1971 (UAE Interact, 2011).

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Now, UAE is a constitutional federation that includes seven emirates (Ras al-Khaimah is additional). Even though 4/5 of the territory is a desert, the country is highly developed economically and culturally. The country has a positive location and beautiful landscapes that attract many tourists (UK in UAE, 2011).


The country has an official language, Arabic, but there also other widely spoken languages as English, French, Urdu, and Hindi.


Islam is the central religion of the country. It controls all the spheres of human life in the UAE.

National Dress

National dress is known as pandora or dishdasha in the country. Women usually wear an abaya, a long black robe which covers their shoulders. A scarf that covers women’s hair is a traditional attribute of female clothes. Women are forbidden to wear swimsuits on public beaches (Ask Ai, 2010).


The climate is warm and sunny in winter, about 26 °C during the day and 12-15 °C at night. Summer is hot and humid (no less than 40 °C).


Visiting UAE, a tourist should follow some simple rules, which may appear to be rather strict for Europeans. Shoulders should be covered, the dress/skirt should not be too short, and too tight. Men should wear a shirt. Shorts are not preferable if they do not cover knees (Ask Ai, 2010).

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The greeting of familiar people is supported by body language. The citizens of this country are very emotional in the invitation and may seem even too passionate. Loud conversations with too emotional gestures are not strange in the UAE.


There are several national holidays which are of high importance for the citizens. Some of them are dedicated to religion (like Ramadan, Prophet Mohammed Birthday, Israa & Miraj Night, Eid Al Fitr), and some of the holidays are national (like New Year, Islamic New Year, and national day).


This is the central Islamic holiday of the country. It lasts for a month and provides the following rules and restrictions. People are forbidden to eat, smoke, have sex, and do other inner injections during the daytime. Pregnant, children, sick people, and elderly ones can be freed from sawm. People have to pray, read Qur’an, and donate more during Ramadan.

Cultural do’s/ don’ts

It is forbidden to drink in the UAE. There are specific places, usually on the territory of the hotels, where tourists can consume alcohol. Women should follow the rules of the national dress code. Drugs are banned in the country as well. It is forbidden to take different pornographic books and videos to the country as well.


The country possesses modern technological items, like mobile phones and the internet. The post office services are spread. The mass media system is developed. The television and the newspapers are the sources of information for the citizens of the UAE.


UAE Dirham (100 Fils) is a currency in the country. The UAE Central Bank is a central financial establishment in the country. Several local banks have the net in different regions, foreign banks, and representative offices which support the interests of the clients of different banks in the world. ATMs are numerous and they accept the cards of different national and international banks.


There are two main shopping areas, malls, and souqs. Malls are more than just shops, they have food areas and different kinds of entertaining centers. Souq is a public market which does not only offers items for sale but can be considered as entertainment.

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Hours of Business

Business hours are specific as all government establishments are opened from Sunday to Thursday (from 8 am until 4 pm). Most shops are open from 10 am until 10 pm.

KUSTER Medical plan, coverage, and claims procedure

Insurance is important. No one tourist is allowed to enter the country without insurance. Medical service is of high quality in the country center, but there may be difficulties with the medicine in the outlying areas. Some drugs allowed worldwide may be prohibited in the country, so it is essential to keep a doctor’s prescription.

Hospitals and Doctors

There are a lot of hospitals in the country. Pharmacies work 24/7. If one needs a doctor, it is necessary to talk about it in the hotel. You should not try to search for a hospital yourself.


There are a lot of different schools and other educational establishments in the country. United Arab Emirates University is considered to be the central one. There is also Zayed University, higher colleges of technologies, etc. which provide students with high-level knowledge.


UAE is a world tourist center that has a lot of different places for recreation. Tourists as well as the native citizens can relax on a beach, visit different places of interest, attend sports events, etc. There are a lot of cinemas, theaters, and clubs of interest which may be attended.


There are a lot of restaurants, fast food, and cafes that offer different cuisines, like Indian, Asian, Arabic, Lebanese, Iranian, etc.


It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public in the country.


Being a tourism center, it is allowed to take photos. Moreover, the country offers a wide range of e-cards with the country’s landscape.

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Right-hand traffic is used in the country. The roads are of high quality, three colored traffic lights are accepted, like in most countries. The signs are understandable and can be easily seen. Cameras are used, so one should stay and wait for police arrival in case of an accident. It is better to rent a car rather than buy it.


Pets are allowed in the country, but a lot of certificates should be provided in case either a dog or a car is brought to the UAE. Some landlords forbid tenants to keep pets, so this problem should be considered beforehand.

Employment Opportunities for spouses

When a person comes to UAE for business purposes, he/she can bring a spouse. The working opportunities are not great, but if one has graduated from any educational establishment, there is an opportunity to remain as a teacher there (Zayed University, 2011; HCT, 2011).

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