Honolulu Rail Project


For Project 2, I have selected topic 7: “Rail remains a contentious issue in Hawaii, largely for budget reasons. What are the issues? What are some of the possible resolutions?” To my mind, this topic raises questions that are both interesting and important to investigate since the matter under consideration directly relates to our class. The construction of the Honolulu rail has remained among the most controversial subjects at both the local and state levels for several decades.

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As we learned from lecture 1, a public good must be non-rivalrous and non-excludable. I would like to relate this issue to Oahu’s rail line construction by explaining the numerous benefits that the completion of the rail can bring. Unfortunately, funding for the project is currently lacking (Cook Lauer 2018). It will be interesting to analyze from the point of public budgeting and consider the necessary measures to complete this endeavor.

Intended Project Topic for Approval

Rail construction has been postponed several times for various reasons. Although the government provides support for necessary projects, Oahu rail has not been the beneficiary of such promotion. The budget shortfall, which constitutes about $3 billion, was not included in President Trump’s list of top projects (Honoré 2017). The continuation of the project is not only necessary but as mentioned in the lecture, the government’s role in providing the good is important.

Thus, it is crucial to analyze both positive and negative externalities to persuade the government to support the project. Another essential aspect to consider is the benefits that the region will realize from the rail transit system (Boeing 2016). The advantages for both citizens and the environment are too great to neglect. Therefore, the analysis of this problem from a public budgeting perspective seems a viable topic for research.

Reference List

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