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Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: Compare & Contrast Essay

There has been a lot of development in the car industry, especially if comparing the current achievements to the first car models in the 19th century. The changes help reach the level of comfort and efficiency required nowadays. The reasons for the newest modifications also include environmental issues and the cost of gas. Gas- and diesel-powered cars are getting more…

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Topic: Transportation

Truck Choosing: Ford, Chevy, and Dodge

Introduction Choosing a truck is often a difficult task due to the abundance of available options. Of course, every person chooses a vehicle to his/her taste. Some people want to get a powerful and conservative truck, while some are looking for a fast and modern vehicle. Leaders of the market are Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks (Williams par. 1). Therefore,…

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Topic: Transportation

Rail Transport Market in Europe: Potential and Possibilities

Introduction There are various forms of transport in use today. Some of these forms of transportation are rail, water, road, and air. The means of transport include trains, airplanes, vehicles, boats, ships, among others. Rail transport is the movement of people, livestock, or commodities from one region to another using a train through a railway line. Rail transport is said…

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Topic: Transportation

Surviving Without a Car: A Guide

The world is moving into a direction where many aspects of life, which were previously considered luxurious, turn into necessities and essentials. Many would admit that they are capable of living without a television, a mobile phone, and etc., but actually, they do not. Accordingly, in the course of the adaptation to these necessities, people abandon many good practices, whether…

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Topic: Transportation

Cell Phones During Driving: Threats and Solutions

Driving involves a complex interaction of mental, physical, cognitive, and sensory skills, all of which draw the driver’s attention. However, even with these complexities of driving, drivers still engage in other tasks which divert their attention away from driving increases the risk of a crash, thus endangering his and others life. New attention and concern have now been directed to…

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Topic: Transportation

Owning a Private Car: Expense Analysis

Abstract Owning a car is one of the most prestigious things that people enjoy. The comfort and the conveniences of using private means of transport are enormous so that people can forget the associated expenses. Firstly, private transport eliminates the worries of getting late for work and meetings as one will not have to adhere to the public transport departure…

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Topic: Transportation

Transportation: Electric Cars Effects

Abstract Several decades ago, the very idea of electric cars seemed absurd. With the advanced technologies of the XXI century, however, the long-awaited dream was finally turned into reality. The number of electric cars is still admittedly low in the market. However, compared to the previous sales statistics, the demand for electric cars is slowly increasing. Therefore, it can be…

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