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Hope for New Life Ministries’ Organizational Capacity


My role, activities and focus for improvement of the ministry

As a leader in Hope for New Life Ministries, I will focus on a number of issues that will improve the organization’s performance. My analysis of the current state of the organization seeks to address leadership diversity and the creation of formidable a network. This will create strategic alliances and partnerships that will enhance the creation of financial base. The analysis of the situation will involve offering relevant recommendations to address the identified challenges. Being part of the leadership of the ministry shall draw my attention to improve the organization. This is the greatest commitment that I shall focus on in the course of my service delivery.

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Although the organization has made significant advancements in various sections of the organization over the past years, I still feel that there is still room for even much improvement. This landmark commitment will focus on those activities that the organization has failed to address over the past years of its existence.

  • Increasing the level of funding through extended partnerships: – The organization’s strategic priorities cannot be executed effectively without having a significant amount of funding that support priority items such as growing evangelical outreach, stepping forward as a strong church. This will entail focusing on deepening global interfaith relationships (Senske, 2003).
  • Growing multicultural leadership development program: developing and supporting leadership culture capable of raising leaders of color. This will be through the development of the clergy, evangelism, and leadership in real public life (Weems, 2003). I will emphasize the need to grow youthful generation to take up leadership positions in the church via seminary professorship and scholarships of color.

There is the need to craft a leadership program which will support leadership activities of the organization, and provide training to staff that appreciates diversity (Allison & Kaye, 2005). This form of leadership will support the organization’s mission to diversify its service and funding. The organization has continued to face the challenge of lack of capacity to access grass roots community-based organizations and potential individuals. The ability of an organization to reach out to minority-led organizations and groups determines the extent to which an organization succeeds. New Hope Ministries has attempted to restructure its activities to reach out its population (Hope for New Life Ministries, 2012).

Critical issues facing Hope New Life Ministries

Organizations that seeking success must be accountable in reporting their plans coupled with strategic planning that conforms to the set ideals. The board of the ministry comprises of a variety of competent business and ministry professionals who come from various areas. The board views the ministry as effective based on historical information and extent of support that the ministry has achieved over the last few years.

The board sees that the ministry’s effectiveness and ethics of New Hope Ministries became superior, and thus warrants their support and effort to maintain this exemplary (Hope for New Life Ministries, 2012). The foundation has aimed at ensuring that policies and processes advance the image of its diverse target communities. The skills engaged in strategic dealership have the capacity to craft solutions that promise to solve its inherent challenges. The leadership credentials of the organization continue to chant its way forward towards reflecting the health state of the organization. The staff of the organization has stepped up its diversity programs to boost organizational management (Senske, 2003). Therefore, diversity in the management of the organization has remained critical in promoting its quest for even further diversity of its external ventures.

Although the organization has managed to determine its target groups, lack of adequate facility to coordinate with external parties continues to be an impediment (Allison & Kaye, 2005). The organization thus needs to formulate strategies that will enable it to create linkages for further funding. The analysis of the organization reveals that the organization managed to strengthen its external links with its immediate funding organizations and churches from the Northern America. However, limited funding shows that the ministry will need to redefine its strategic partnership programs that will enhance its mission (Allison & Kaye, 2005).

Hope for New Life Ministries as an organization enjoys public confidence gained by its positive image over the past few years. The organization has enabled a smooth transition of its services, which has sustained its public image. Although the need for a sustainable image has been one of the major concerns, it has remained focused to insuring quality service to its target population. However, lack of adequate advertising has been critical in hampering its efforts in creating public awareness. It is worth noting that need to enhance its image remain motivated by the desire to boost its relationship with its external funding groups (Hope for New Life Ministries, 2012).

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Alliances generate a critical synergy for a nonprofit organization to develop its funding strengths that will enhance its financial basis. An organization should be able to expand its influence through constant participation and collaboration with other organizations.


In summary, the Hope for New Life Ministries has come a long way to emerge as one of the successful ministries. Its successes in Malaysia have been viewed as integrative, progressive, and sustainable (Hope for New Life Ministries, 2012). However, as a leader in the organization, my focus will be on growing a stable and youthful leadership of color through evangelical scholarship that taps from the potentials of the target population across the world.

The report recommends that the organization should incorporate programmatic activities, including youth development, civic engagement, environmental justice, policy advocacy, and financial literacy (Weems, 2003). This will help to improve its efficacy and that of the donors’ sources of funds. This will help advance its benefits to minority and low income communities across its target population and regions (Riggio & Orr, 2004). As a part of the grant effort, the organization should generate a set of regular reviews against stated objectives of the firm in its delivery of its diverse activities. The organization needs to initiate planning and evaluation by the board and staff as a critical element of how an organization pursues its work. There is the need to create a culture of constant review of trends of the current and future client needs, and the ability of the organization to meet these needs (Weems, 2003).

Lack of capacity of minority-led organizations and other grass root community-based groups requires much attention. Additionally, little commitment to engage in nonprofit ventures that support humanity continues to create a substantial amount of challenge to New Hope Ministries. Although the organization generates its future progress through enhanced leadership, there is still need to re-engineer its activities that support leadership (Wilbur & Bucklin, 2000).


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