“How Big Is the Dark Web?” Documentary Analysis

Film Summary

The documentary focuses on exploring the foundations and concepts of the construct known as the Dark Web, a large portion of the internet that is hidden and requires special tools to access. The director attempts to uncover many mysteries, disprove strong opinions, and examine the potential utility of the Dark Web, both from a practical standpoint as well as an ideological perspective. The film is trying to show that the Dark Net is a place that is a safe haven for those seeking privacy as well as a forward-thinking piece of technological innovation that will serve as the centerpiece to the next ideological and informational revolutions.

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The significance of this documentary is to deeply explore the various aspects of the Dark Web and perceptions of its users as to their purpose in engaging in these activities. It is important because it inherently breaks the mold of stereotypes and popular media portrayal of the Dark Net as only criminal and all its participants as bad people. The documentary engages in conversation with the individuals who are experts or constant users of the Dark Web, discussing its operations and purposes, which often condemns the illegal aspects but exists as a tool for privacy in a “Big Brother” society.

Influence of the Material

A large portion of the documentary is dedicated to highlighting the aspect of privacy and how the Dark Web is used to overcome the threat of constant tracking. To some individuals it is a personal matter, protecting their future, while to others, it is a political issue. Groups fighting for advocacy, freedom, and ideas that are both approved and disapproved by the government can use the Dark Net for a safe and secure method of exchanging information. While common in places with an authoritarian regime, it is becoming more popular in democratic nations and institutions where there is an evident crackdown due to security purposes (The Most Amazing, 2017).

Documentaries such as this uncover the extent of privacy control and the utility of the Dark Web as a tool for constructive conversation about socio-political values. The documentary uncovers the technological structure of the Dark Net that allows for use of anonymity and privacy in response to the overreach of many governments. Therefore, the Dark Web should no longer be perceived as criminogenic, but rather as a resource that offers opportunities for privacy, including for the good (Mirea, Wang, & Jung, 2018).

Improve the Material

The documentary covers many aspects of the Dark Web, both negative and positive. However, the way it approaches the topic is highly controversial and somewhat objective. The director takes a competent approach by offering an expert opinion from many perspectives, but he continues to present it as a threat and controversy. He emphasizes the revolutionary, rebellious, and criminal aspects of the Dark Net. The way the documentary is structured seems to emphasize that the Dark Web is a forbidden fruit that still remains inherently dangerous, and despite its potentials, should be approached with care.

It is recommended to improve the material in order to add more objectivity to the documentary as it seems to be heavily based on opinion. The director also relies on the interviews with illegal participants and experts supporting the Dark Web but includes only pre-recorded commentary from policymakers and security specialists. Thus, the documentary becomes more of an ideological piece for anti-government sentiments rather than the objective truth.


Mirea, M., Wang, V., & Jung, J. (2018). The not so dark side of the darknet: A qualitative study. Security Journal, 1-17. Web.

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The Most Amazing. (2017). How big is the dark web? Full documentary 2018 . Web.

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