Company Strategy

Overview of the Organization is a web design firm in Georgetown. The firm specializes in Drupal development, web design, and internet marketing. The company boasts of a competent web development team. The company supports its customers using powerful modules, themes, and interactions. Inclind has been producing admirable Drupal websites within the past eight years.

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The firm “produces powerful web designs that can be integrated with different third-party applications” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 1). Some of these applications include netForum,, RETS, and Microsoft Dynamics. The company’s team is comprised of competent developers and employees.

The company has a unique mission that supports its goals. Inclind’s mission is “to get enjoyable outcomes” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 1). The firm’s vision is to provide scalable and customized Drupal websites to its clients. The company is currently working hard in order to become the leading provider of quality websites and apps (Inclind Incorporation, 2015).

Inclind’s employees use adequate strategies in order to achieve the best targets. Inclind’s applications and services are also competitive in the market. The major “expertise areas include web development, web design, Drupal, custom module development, and application integration” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 3).

Overview of the Organization’s Leader

Shaun Tyndall is “the director and founder of Inclind” (Shaun Tyndall, 2015, para. 1). Shaun is a graduate of Wilmington University. Tyndall’s mission is to continue producing the best web projects using his practical skills (Shaun Tyndall, 2015). He has a powerful passion for producing admirable websites.

Tyndall believes that “his efforts can help more clients achieve their goals” (Shaun Tyndall, 2015, para. 1). He is a successful entrepreneur who interacts with his customers. Shaun Tyndall also possesses powerful problem-solving skills. Shaun is also a confident manager who supports the needs of his employees. Shaun also understands the benefits of the web.

Shaun’s current goal is to produce quality websites that can support the needs of every customer. Shaun also interacts effectively with his customers. This practice makes him a team player. Shaun has been producing powerful services within the past 14 years. This experience makes him a successful leader. He has produced Drupal websites for over 5 years.

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Shaun believes strongly that his leadership strengths will eventually make the company successful (Inclind Incorporation, 2015). Tyndall collaborates with his employees in order to achieve the best outcomes. He also mentors his web developers. Tyndall has established a powerful team that delivers the best services to every customer (Shaun Tyndall, 2015).

The Organization’s Strategy

It is agreeable that Inclind Incorporation is a successful company. The firm uses powerful strategies in order to achieve its objectives. To begin, the firm’s business strategy attracts many clients. This approach has been supporting the company’s goals. Every company should use powerful strategies in order to retain its customers (Sitkin, See, Miller, Lawless, & Carton, 2011). Inclind Inc. also provides customized Drupal websites to its clients. This approach gives the company a competitive advantage over its rivals.

The firm also attracts competent marketers, developers, web designers, and entrepreneurs. This approach makes it easier for Inclind to achieve its strategic goals. Inclind has a powerful team that is always passionate about its goals (Inclind Incorporation, 2015). This passion makes it easier for the company to produce competitive websites.

The firm also supports its projects using modern technologies and business practices. This approach makes it easier for companies to achieve their business goals (Sitkin et al., 2011). The firm has also established effective relationships with its stakeholders. This approach supports the targeted outcomes.

The organization also “applies unique business logic to Drupal online applications” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 3). The firm has also been producing quality mobile themes. The company also collaborates with different business partners in order to support its customers. Some of these partners include user-interface specialists and branding firms.

This approach has made it easier for Inclind to achieve its business objectives. It is agreeable that many clients admire Inclind’s services. The company also uses effective pricing strategies for its services (Inclind Incorporation, 2015).

Inclind has also developed a powerful marketing strategy. This practice continues to attract more customers. The firm also uses competitive prices for its websites. Every project is planned in a strategic manner. This approach increases the level of effectiveness. The company’s strategic plan also supports every targeted goal.

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This fact explains why Inclind has remained successful within the past seven years. The firm uses a powerful development process for its projects. The process is defined by four stages. These phases include “design, development, deployment, and testing” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 5). Inclind uses systematic processes in order to achieve the best outcomes. This practice always results in consistency.

The above strategies have made it easier for Inclind Incorporation to achieve its strategic goals. I strongly believe that Inclind Incorporation is a successful organization. The company is currently attracting many clients. The company has hired competent employees in order to produce quality Drupal websites.

The firm uses the best planning strategies for every project. The practice makes it easier for the firm to have a clear sense of direction. The company also embraces new changes depending on the needs of its customers (Sitkin et al., 2011).

Shaun Tyndall uses a powerful leadership strategy in order to make his firm successful. Tyndall interacts with every customer. He also embraces new ideas from every customer. Every employee at the company focuses on the best outcomes. Inclind supports its clients using quality websites. Most of the leaders at the company are confident and passionate about their duties.

The firm also borrows a lot from its competitors in order to emerge successfully. Inclind’s leadership strategy has resulted in innovative and differentiation strategies (Inclind Incorporation, 2015). The web developers at the firm also work hard in order to achieve the targeted objectives.

Inclind’s marketing strategy “identifies new customers such as small-sized entrepreneurs, CTOs, and Project Managers” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 5). The firm also advertises its services using various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The company also uses the power of networking in order to support its business objectives (Inclind Incorporation, 2015).

Such competencies have made it easier for the firm to emerge successfully. Inclind’s SWOT Analysis shows clearly that every manager focuses on the best goals. The firm also has an experienced development team (Inclind Incorporation, 2015).

Inclind has also formulated the best mechanisms in order to succeed in the future. Drupal is “currently a growing industry” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 2). The firm will achieve “the best outcomes from real estate, travel, and tourism industries” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 2). Tyndall is also focusing on the best projects that can make the firm successful.

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The changing needs of many customers will make it easier for Inclind to achieve the best goals (Inclind Incorporation, 2015). However, is facing a number of obstacles. For instance, the industry is encountering numerous disruptive technologies. The level of competition is also on the rise. That being the case, Inclind should embrace the best practices in order to address most of these problems.

Lessons from Inclind Incorporation

Inclind Incorporation uses a powerful mission in order to emerge successfully. The main goal is to get the best outcomes using powerful websites and applications. The “strategy used by Tyndall and his teammates is to evolve with modern technologies” (Shaun Tyndall, 2015, para. 3).

The best strategy “towards web success is evolving with it” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 3). Inclind uses appropriate business strategies in order to support every Drupal-based application. Inclind Incorporation is also operating in different markets and industries. Some of these industries include “manufacturing, real estate, travel, and hospitality” (Inclind Incorporation, 2015, para. 4).

In conclusion, the case study of Inclind Incorporation highlights the best practices that can increase the level of profitability. Inclind uses its sustainable competitive advantages to deal with competition. Organizational leaders should also borrow a lot from Tyndall’s entrepreneurial skills. The “concept of entrepreneurship presents powerful skills that can produce the best goals” (Sitkin et al., 2011, p. 549).

Companies should consider these organizational strategies to become profitable. Several practices such as “effective management, planning, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and marketing can produce the best goals” (Sitkin et al., 2011, p. 552). A “powerful marketing strategy will ensure every firm achieves the targeted sales volumes” (Sitkin et al., 2011, p. 559). Managers should borrow numerous ideas from Inclind Incorporation to achieve their goals.

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