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How Coronavirus Impacts Recruitment and Selection

Summarizing the Articles

The first peer-reviewed article by Himoud and Varallyai explains that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment and selection processes became popular a few years ago. The authors state that it was so because conventional recruitment approaches offer numerous complications, including the reliance on printed job applications, high costs, frequent failures, and human biases (Himoud and Varallyai 22-23). These phenomena mean that it was challenging for companies to find talented individuals in a new world. That is why AI started performing an essential role within the given field of human resource management. According to Himoud and Varallyai, this technology dealt with sourcing and screening applicants (26). As a result, HR managers were free from routine tasks, and they could spend their time contributing to achieving the company’s strategic functions, which should increase the companies’ overall performance.

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Brişcariu, the author of the second study under consideration, admits that social media is an integral element of the modern world. She states that “in the second quarter of 2019, there were 2.41 billion active Facebook users in the world” (Brişcariu 5). That is why it is not a surprise that human resource managers tried to get advantages from the use of social media and social network sites. The sites, including LinkedIn and others, provide employers with numerous benefits because these resources contribute to a better match between people and job positions, credibility, and information security (Brişcariu 8). These positive phenomena facilitate and improve recruitment and selection processes in the modern world. In conclusion, the author stipulates that social media resources will strengthen their position in the field of human resource management because their active users start occupying executive positions.

The Findings and Coronavirus

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has brought significant challenges to many fields of human life. However, the findings above demonstrate that the area of human resource management, in general, and that of recruitment and selection, in particular, has not faced dramatic changes. The present research shows that the modern workforce can be reimagined by facilitating the shift to more active use of AI and social media in recruitment and selection. At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize that the offer above is not a significant change. It refers to the fact that technology was used together with conventional recruitment methods a year ago, while it is impossible to rely on traditional approaches because of coronavirus. That is why the more significant reliance on AI and social media is the most dramatic modification of a human resource sphere.

Consequently, the information above demonstrates that the recruitment and selection fields were ready to witness the Covid-19 challenges. It relates to the gradual implementation of technology, which started a few years ago. No one can deny that coronavirus has brought many issues to these spheres, but it is also impossible to mention that the quarantine has destroyed human resource management. That is why the articles under analysis demonstrate that it is a false statement that recruitment and selection are in unchartered territory. Finally, it is possible to suppose that the present human resource area will only rely on AI and social network sites in the future. It is so because the quarantine allows businesses and employers to understand that they can find new talents without the help of conventional recruitment methods.

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