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How to Attract the Best Teachers into Teaching

Nowadays, there is an extreme shortage of trained and qualified teachers is a real problem even in the developed countries such as the United Kingdom and Great Britain. Good teachers have been always in demand since they are the basis of the high educational level of their students. They are also the images of the educational establishment thus attracting more students. In this respect, there is a strong necessity to work the models of attracting skillful people in education and to promote the rewarding schemes for the best teachers. In addition, to higher the teacher’s motivation it would be reasonable to introduce incentives to improve the teaching itself.

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A problem arises pertaining to how to improve the teachers’ quality and balance the demand and supply. This issue is especially important since there is an assumption that higher-quality teachers suggest a higher quality of teaching practices that further affect better students results. Though the relation between the teaching personal qualities and students’ performance is vague, still a diligent quality of teaching is an inherent component of high-standard education.

Before defining the measure that should be taken to involve the best teacher in teaching, it is obligatory to define what factors indicate the teaching quality. Regarding that, supply and demand characteristics do not concern the quality aspects and therefore they do not stipulate the basis improvement the teachers’ performance (Boe et al, 35).

Based on the above, the design of the new models of teaching quality is based on the ability testing, identification of the quality of teaching force, the teachers’ accountability and professionalism, and teachers’ quality checked in practice. Hence, it is possible to identify the competence and professionalism of the teachers according to the teachers’ accreditation, namely, a teacher preparation program, the course paper, and the presence of minor subjects. However, the accreditation status does not prove the teaching ability. That is why, there is always the necessity to carry out psychological testing (Boe, 37).

One more efficient approach to attracting competent teachers lies in the elimination of weak students that negatively influence the image of the educational establishment. This decision presupposes the satisfaction of the teachers’ demands and provides higher requirements for students. Moreover, such an approach would improve not only the student performance but also the performance of the teachers already applied for a job.

Secondly, to make the school more involving for teachers, it would be desirable to improve the administrative staff that should actively participate in the conflict management with the student. That policy not only attracts the professionals but keeps them in school as well.

Thirdly, it is obvious that the most effective tool to encourage the teaching profession is to provide a diligent salary and a promising beneficial package. However, attracting highly qualified teachers is not an easy matter due to the increase in the labor market (Vegas, 3). Therefore, the amount of salary should correspond to the quality of teaching thus developing the teaching accountability. The education policymakers can ameliorate the quality of teaching by introducing rewarding schemes. The financial encouragement and support will involve the teachers but still, it does not guarantee the quality of training.

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There is an assumption an excessive rewarding of teachers discourages the good standard of teaching and provides a decrease in the students’ performance. Then, there is a question is on the agenda concerning the necessity of constant remuneration since sometimes there observing the abuse of this situation by teachers. To be more precise, sometimes teachers are likely to manipulate the government by demanding higher salaries that do not correspond to their accreditation status and accountability. Therefore, the administration staff should control the balance between the rewarding and punishment since it might lead to negative consequences.

The rewarding programs should be properly compiled since they can lead to the manipulation of scoring and to the creation of the opposite results. That is why the rewarding should be mostly focused in case teachers’ activities become more complicated and comprehensive. In other words, when teachers acquire the new status or role, the monitoring staff should financially and remunerate the teaching staff. In addition, the educational administration should be able to define the conditions that presuppose rewarding (Brandt, 235). It is necessary to eliminate the teacher that does not meet the relevant requirements thus exemplifying the possibility of redundancy in case a teacher rejects to carry out his obligations.

In case the educational organization intends to retain the professional teachers, it should treat them as professionals and appraise them properly. Teachers are people that provide society with future leaders, politicians, or gifted doctors. So, underestimation of teachers means an underestimation of our future. In this respect, the human resources department must do their best to create a favorable environment for the competent teachers so that they could feel appraisal from both the students and the managerial staff. In conclusion, it must be stressed that remuneration of teachers is of significant importance since it contributes to the improvement of the education quality and creates powerful incentives for teachers to work better.

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