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  1. Buddhism and the Life Teaching of Siddhartha
    Most scholars observe that the roots of Buddhism are very deep, and though Siddhartha contributed a lot to the development of the religion.
  2. Social Studies: Teaching Civic Values
    This paper examines the role of civic values in Social Studies curriculum and how textbooks and technological resources can be used in a manner that adds value to students.
  3. Impacts of Teaching Detective Stories to ESL Students
    The purpose of the research is to examine the impact of including detective stories in teaching ESL students. Detective stories are part of literature that is imaginative and creative.
  4. Women’s Health Teaching Proposal: on Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Diet and Activity
    It is a well-known fact that upon entering the middle-age stage of their life, women notice significant changes in their health.
  5. Teaching Empathy to Pre School Children
    The study of children, though less than 200 years old, has been a fascinating one for developmental psychologists.
  6. Teaching Literacy
    It is very important to force students to voluntary reading as it gives them additional information which can help them to make up their own view in future.
  7. Teaching Architecture and Freehand Drawing
    The experience of Sue Ferguson Gussow in teaching freehand drawing to architecture students is the central theme of the article. This article diagnosed the freehand drawing experience.
  8. Teaching Communication Skills for Students with Autism
    Ehrough games and other forms of interaction with his/her peers, a child with autism disorders is able to develop in his/her areas of deficiency.
  9. Christian Teaching by Saint Augustine
    Saint Augustine was a philosopher who tried to explain the role of religion in society by observing that any decision has to be based on the teaching of God in the scripture.
  10. Buddhism’ Religion: The Life and Teaching of Siddhartha
    The paper studies the teaching of Buddhism according to the Four Noble Truths and dependent origination and reveals spread of Buddhism and upheaval of democracy in India.
  11. Curriculum Planning: Students’ Teaching Reading
    Teaching reading to grade 3 students requires special skills and practices that enable the students to easily grasp the content.
  12. Balanced Literacy Teaching Method
    Balanced literacy is a teaching methodology whereby the tutor integrates various instructional methods. The teaching approach uses different strategies to achieve the goals of the process.
  13. Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management
    The paper analyzes the teaching strategies observed in grades 3 and 5. They included a demonstration, collaboration, hands-on and the traditional lecture.
  14. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by Jack Richards
    The paper reviews chapters Planning Goals and Learning Outcomes and Course Planning and Syllabus Design of the book Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by R. Jack.
  15. The COMTA Teaching Model for Adult Learners
    The paper lists objectives of the COMTA teaching model for adult learners and describes phases of teaching a subject: the introduction, the analysis, and the application.
  16. Learning Theories in Language Teaching Curriculum
    This paper explores the learning theories and their application in developing a curriculum for learning and teaching language including epistemology and motivation.
  17. Multicultural Teaching Strategies: Curriculum Design
    The curriculum design is implemented in a secondary classroom setting in the US state where multi-race students are able to get their education and improve their level of knowledge.
  18. Teaching Statements and Beliefs
    The paper discusses 3 statements about teaching: “Those who cannot do, teach.”, “To be or not to be…” (a choice), “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (pragmatic sense).
  19. Teaching Civic Values and Competence to Youth
    The incorporation of civic values in the Social Studies curriculum is critical in the promotion of civic competence among young people.
  20. The Teaching Plan for the Patient’s Nutrition
    The teaching plan for the patient’s nutritional needs should focus on realizing maximum metabolic outcomes associated with glycemia, lipid profiles and blood pressure.
  21. Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Teaching
    The paper explores preservice teachers’ perceptions of their skills, competence, and ability to teach mathematics based on interviews with seven preservice teachers.
  22. Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom and About Himself
    Faith and religion are very personal concerns that could be treated in different ways depending on what a person wants to see, understand, and believe in.
  23. Learning Features and Connecticut Teaching Standards
    To a large extent individuals’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds, as well as inherent cognitive abilities, define their personalities, behaviors, and decision making.
  24. Dialogic Reading as a Teaching Approach
    The paper analyzes Dialogic reading – an interview with Christopher Lonigan where this strategy is discussed as a teaching approach that fosters student participation in class.
  25. Chronic Heart Failure, Care and Teaching Plan
    This paper examines the case study of a 76-year-old patient with CHF and cardiomyopathy and proposes an approach to care, treatment plan, and education plan.
  26. “Teaching to the Test?” by James Popham
    Popham describes the kind of teaching whose main purpose is the passing of examinations as item-teaching and the instruction that aims at helping students gain knowledge.
  27. Educators’ Attitudes to Teaching Approaches
    This paper examines three topics about the current issues in education concerning the educators’ perceptions and attitudes towards different teaching approaches and policies.
  28. Realism Philosophy in Teaching Literacy
    The paper considers the realism context of teaching literacy and explains why North American teachers should follow this philosophy and how it differs in other regions.
  29. Patient Teaching Plan
    The patient has been diagnosed with renal failure. The present assignment shall focus on hypertension as a modifiable risk factor for kidney disease.
  30. Content Enhancement Strategies and Tools in Teaching
    This paper discusses the usefulness of content enhancement tools and methods and focuses on the efficiency of one of the most popular instructional adaptations.

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  1. Patient-Centered Care Teaching Exemplar
    Patient-centered care is a powerful approach that makes it easier for practitioners to improve the level of patient satisfaction.
  2. HIV/AIDS Education and Teaching Plan
    There is a lot of evidence that even adolescent students can be involved in risky behavior, and many students are already infected with HIV.
  3. HIV and AIDS Prevention: Teaching Plan
    In order to ensure that the teaching is of a practical character, it is proposed to narrow the scope of the material to the HIV/AIDS prevention problem.
  4. Disabled Children: Intervention and Skills Teaching
    Behavioral signs that may signal motor delay among children include lack of attention or focus on activity for a long time when compared to children of the same age.
  5. Developing a Teaching Plan for Immunizations
    A healthcare provider can give evidence of the number of non-immunization negative outcomes as opposed to immunization.
  6. Lupus: Teaching and Nursing Care Plan
    Based on the symptoms, it is possible to assume that the patient has lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune, inflammatory disorder.
  7. Teaching Strategies in Instructing ELLs
    This article provides useful and valuable insights into the teaching strategies that educators can use when instructing English language learners.
  8. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching
    One curriculum ideology is that the design of the education structure focuses on developing a system that imparts an individual with education.
  9. Teaching Detective Stories to ESL Students
    The research explains the effect of inclusion of detective stories in the curriculum as the less complex and interesting for intermediate level ESL students.
  10. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Patient Teaching
    Elderly males suffering from HBP and diabetes should be instructed to perform the basic self-assessment operations: checking blood pressure and monitoring blood glucose levels.
  11. Teaching Plan: Immunizations and Vaccinations
    In an immunization schedule, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eighteen diseases are marked as possible to prevent with the help of appropriate vaccinations.
  12. Older Adult Falls Prevention: Teaching Experience
    The plan was prepared to educate both the elderly who were at risk of falls and adults who were willing to assist them (especially relatives).
  13. Online Teaching and Asynchronous Learning
    Asynchronous learning involves learning at one’s convenient time. Some learners might find it difficult to manage time.
  14. Teaching English Speaking Classes for Non-Natives
    Acquiring the English language for non-native speakers is not easy, and instructors must devise ways to assist their students in the learning process.
  15. Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing
    The importance of tailoring teaching styles to unique needs of students is reinforced in the case study by the fact that not all students are adult learners.
  16. Teaching Social Studies for Younger Students
    There are fifty strategies for creating meaningful guidance and experience in teaching social studies in elementary and pre-service schools.
  17. Christian Disciple, Obedience, and Teaching
    This paper discusses the issues pertaining discipleship in Christianity, including obedience to Christ, teaching, and helping others obey and become Disciples of Christ.
  18. Obesity Prevention and Patient Teaching Plan
    The problem of obesity in modern society is an issue that could hardly be overlooked due to its vast prevalence among the United States population.
  19. Types of Portfolios and Models of Teaching
    Educators encounter unique challenges with standardized grading systems in practice. Instructors have to revise the reporting system to align it with standards-based instruction and learning.
  20. Teaching Methods and Philosophies
    A personal philosophy of teaching is essential since it guides educators to analyze their students’ needs to address them using the most appropriate methods.
  21. Diversity Teaching Scenarios
    The following paper is going to discuss four potential lesson plans and analyze them in terms of diversity.
  22. Instructional Models of Teaching and Assessment Techniques
    The papers delves into the topic of instructional models of teaching and assessment techinques, as well as introducing diversity into the whole process.
  23. Teaching Literature for ESL Students
    Teaching literature in a language course to ESL students has been a topic of a lasting debate. The use of literature implies discussion and reflection on various topics revealed in the texts.
  24. Authentic Leadership in Early Childhood Teaching
    The context of early childhood education (ECE) has been challenged by the fact that many leaders within the sphere have been unlikely to engage in formal leadership preparation.
  25. Colour-Coding in Teaching Grammar in EFL Classroom
    Researchers and practitioners try to make use of learners’ cognitive and psychological peculiarities that are instrumental in enhancing people’s ability to learn.
  26. Teaching Algebra to English-Language Learners
    The teacher’s plan under analysis embraces the opportunities to teach English-language learners the essentials of algebra.
  27. Teaching for Students with Attention Deficit
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a psychiatric disorder characterized by impulsive actions that are not related proportionally to the age of the affected person.
  28. Effective Patient Teaching
    This paper examines the effect of effective teaching using teach-back as an intervention to reduce patient readmission rates and improve medication adherence.
  29. Diversity and Inclusivity as Teaching Philosophy
    Being an educator is an important task, as it provides an exciting opportunity to influence others and share valuable knowledge.
  30. Heart Disease Prevention and Patient Teaching Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to create a patient teaching plan with the goal of heart disease prevention by addressing the most common risk factors.

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  1. Kindliness and Its Importance in Teaching
    Kindliness is the core of compassion and caring attitude towards people, which is especially crucial in educating and raising children.
  2. Teaching Influence: Science and Culture Class
    To ensure continued scientific research and advancement, our elementary and grade students should know that science applies in almost all the aspects of our lives.
  3. Effective Teaching Methods by Gary D. Borich
    The paper discusses Effective Teaching Methods by G. Borich, focusing on chapters “The Effective Teacher”, “Goals, Standards, and Objectives”, “Unit and Lesson Planning”.
  4. Novice Medical Specialists’ Learning and Teaching
    Inexperienced colleagues should have more opportunities to actively participate in the clinical process and perform tasks related to real medical interventions.
  5. Instructional Methods for Teaching Science
    The best instructional methods for teaching science should take into account the objectives and goals students are expected to achieve.
  6. Co-Teaching Efficiency
    Co-teaching demonstrates the high efficiency in different settings and is positively evaluated by educators if they have appropriate collaborative skills.
  7. Mind Mapping Usage in Vocabulary Teaching
    Saudi Arabian educators are considering employing the mind mapping technique in teaching vocabulary in all secondary schools.
  8. Teaching Early Childhood: Preschool Curriculum
    This paper presents a weeklong plan that demonstrates the ability to develop a curriculum for a preschool program targeting children between 3 and 4 years.
  9. Nursing Teaching Exemplar: Risk Assessment
    Risk assessment is one of the patient safety components together with reporting, safety culture, health information technology, and others.
  10. Teaching Comparative Politics for College Students
    The topics of the semester are related to the political systems of different nations. The course is based on fundamental processes and concepts of comparative politics.
  11. Webquest for Teaching Geography and Social Studies
    This paper involves developing a web quest to help students understand the five themes of geography. It will also help identify the impact the themes have on people’s lives.
  12. Critical Incident Analysis in Teaching
    Tripp provides a powerful framework for teachers to reason, reflect on and learn from their day to day teaching experiences.
  13. Teaching English Language to Hindi Speakers
    A teacher needs to know and acquire the techniques he or she may apply to mitigate the problems faced in the pedagogy of English as a foreign language to Hindi speakers.
  14. Student Experiences and Teaching Styles
    Some of the students’ experiences can be very traumatizing. Teachers must learn to be accommodative to their students and ensure that they help those who seem slow to catch up.
  15. Curriculum Design and Innovation in Language Teaching
    The issues of curriculum design and innovation have been troubling both practitioners and theoreticians in linguistics, pedagogy, language learning spheres for several centuries.
  16. Hybrid Teaching Approach: Research Methodology
    To investigate the effectiveness of the hybrid method of teaching face-to-face and pure online learning methods, I propose to use qualitative and quantitative techniques.
  17. Teaching Strategies Promoting Active Learning
    The use of technology in education is beneficial for both educational establishments and learners since it provides many opportunities.
  18. Teaching English to Arabs: Study Qualitative Methods
    This study identifies the best qualitative methods for research on attitudes of multicultural teachers on teaching English to disengaged Arab students.
  19. Which Style of Teaching and Learning do PMU Students Prefer
    Familiarity with particular predispositions towards specific types of classes is necessary for achieving proper student engagement and efficiency.
  20. Grammar and the Language Teaching
    Grammar is an aspect of studying English that causes much debate and disagreement, both in policies of teaching and in the description of the subject on the whole.
  21. Sociolinguistics: Language Teaching and Age
    During babyhood and childhood, people are more likely to adopt the elements of a foreign language. Adults attempt to adjust to the linguistic norms within a certain social group.
  22. Developing Learners: Teaching Video
    The Capture 20110630 (2011) video demonstrates a learning lesson whereby a teacher is instructing students how to prepare hamburger.
  23. The Literacy Teaching
    The specific techniques as well as the peer mentoring method of dissemination are quite likely to be effective in many environments.
  24. Teaching of Political Science
    Political science background offers numerous opportunities for students in different spheres of life, this is why the teaching of political sciences turns out to be crucially important at any time.
  25. Using Blogs in Teaching and Learning
    The main feature that distinguishes blogs from other websites is their interactive nature. In a blog, entries are made of events, graphics, video, commentary etcetera.
  26. Action-Based Teaching, Autonomy and Identity
    “Action-Based Teaching, Autonomy, and Identity” examines different agency aspects, including the relations between process and structure, classroom democracy, and control and power issues.
  27. Teaching Evaluation Using a Mixed-Methods Analysis
    Onwuegbuzie et al. utilized a multiphase mixed method to evaluate learners’ views regarding features of successful institution tutors.
  28. The Need for Lesson Planning and Teaching
    Planning a lesson involves many relative issues that include the requirement of the learner, the needs of the learner, and the ability of the learner.
  29. Teaching Practice and Professional Activities
    This paper presents a reflection on professional activities, their impact on teaching practice, and outlines changes to enhance future teaching.
  30. Country-Club Leadership Style in Teaching Profession
    The leadership style could be defined as country-club management. This approach is characterized by a high concern for the atmosphere and relationships.

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