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How to Become a Successful Leader?


Fundamental leadership success secrets separate the successful and effective persons in charge from the average and mediocre leaders in current firms. Leadership technique is studied from gurus, learned in discussion groups and exists as a component of an individual’s inborn special headship technique set built up over years, and subsisting, probably from birth. Environment or cultivation is a concern at most times raised as regards to leadership. These two definitely work hand in hand since one’s innate headship techniques and the environment they have been brought up in characterizes their leadership approach.

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Leadership has been described in various ways which basically mean the same thing. It is the course of social authority in which one individual can solicit the help and back up of other persons in the attainment of a common goal. References of leadership that encompass devotees also exist and one description is that the practice is making a way for people to put in to ensuring something over-the-top occurs. Other definitions touch on the effective utilization of the resources at hand (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2008, p. 23).

One definition touching on this state that effectual leadership is the capability to productively incorporate and get the most out of obtainable resources within the in-house and outside setting for the achievement of organizational or public objectives. To touch on people and the other available non-living resources, leadership can be said to be the capability to effectively put in order individuals and the resources at their disposal to attain a set objective(s). The person in charge may or not hold any prescribed power.

Scholars and other experts majoring on leadership have come up with hypotheses entailing attributes and mannerisms, situational dealings, purpose, conduct, authority, mental picture and principles, charm, and brainpower among others. From the definitions given, it is imperative that firms and institutions have a farsighted undertaking, as it is a great approach to build up the headship of its administrators.

A true leader offers acknowledgement, approval, guidance and opinion to those he or she is leading/supervising (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2008, p. 24). Even as a supervisor and a manager may as well demonstrate headship technique or prospect, proper leaders are uncommon. This is for the reason that the blend of techniques, individuality and aspiration fundamental to headship are not easy to build up and demonstrate.

Qualities of a successful leader

The initial and most essential feature of a leader is the resolution to become a person in charge. At one instance in time, leaders make up their mind that they are out to offer others a mental picture, lead the path of upcoming procedures and motivate others to accomplishment (Vroom & Sternberg, 2002, p. 301). Leadership calls for the person to put into practice authority and take hold. If one decides to become a leader, whether at his or her place of work, society or in the event of an urgent situation, they have to put together the proper combination of qualities, techniques and aspiration. Booming leaders decide to go in front.

Another important quality is to be the person that others prefer to follow. As a leader one has to show an exceptional mix of charm, visualization and personality attributes that exert a pull on others to follow them. One has to be aware of the requirement to draw devotees. To tag along with an individual, people have to feel self-assurance in the course in which the person in charge is following. Through this they are facilitated and sanctioned to do their part in attaining the affirmed goals.

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The leaders that others tag on are answerable and dependable. If in advancement in the direction of attainment of the set objectives there is a setback, the person in charge takes the duty to scrutinize the setback, as opposed to looking for individuals to lay the blame on. The led will definitely have self-confidence that their endeavors will not be penalized in the event of taking rational and dependable risks if they have an answerable and dependable leader (Vroom & Sternberg, 2002, p. 323).

The led have to trust that at the end of their endeavors they will be acknowledged and recompensed for their throw in. As a result, an effective leader has to assist the people he or she is leading to see what is in for them. Effective leaders are sincere as regards to the prospective risks natural in the chosen course. They convey, not just the general course, but any information that those under him require to productively and competently perform their duties.

Effective leaders have to provide vision for the future. They partake in a vision and course that others want to have a stake in and tag along. The leadership mental picture goes further than one’s written managerial mission declaration and vision avowal. The vision of headship seeps into the place of work and is noticeable in the procedures, standards and objectives of the firm’s leaders.

Successful leadership makes others feel appreciated and important. A good leader needs to generate openings to offer incentives, acknowledgement and gratitude to his or her staff. The leader needs to pay attention to his staff by way of ordinary courteousness. For instance, it is good to say good morning and find out how the weekend was. The leader also has to pay attention to his coworkers. Concentration needs to be given to the individual(s) who require the leader’s attention (Human resources, 2010). Through this, one is bound to gain much knowledge from the thoughts and views of others. A leader has got to use powerful, encouraging lingo in his or her communication with others. Use of expressions such as please and thank you goes a long way in boosting the morale of the people and ensures they even give more in attainment of the firm’s objectives.

The ReCellular Leadership Vision

ReCellular, Inc is one example of a major international company that incorporates these leadership traits and has turned out to be very successful. The firm specializes in restoring, repair and resell of wireless phones and other electronic gadgets. The strategy of leadership of this company is care of the environment and humanity while at the same time participating in charity. This has made the company become the name it is a dream company for which to work in for many. The leadership at the firm keeps its pledges to the members of staff. If, for instance, they schedule a meeting for Friday, they are always there. They adhere by the principle of leading by example and always keep time, the way it is expected for all other staff (Human Resources, 2010).

ReCellular, Inc’s attraction and followership is not just for the public but also the staff who work in the firm. The chance to work for several charitable and ecological drives at the same time as earning a living is alluring to many.

The leadership at ReCellular is always dependable and answerable for everything that takes place at the firm. This is because they are involved in the day-to-day running of the firm. As a result, whatever setbacks that arise are well-known by the persons in charge and there is no blame game to fix the junior staff. The leadership is always part of the team and takes part in problem solving and brainstorming sessions.

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The management at the firm ensures that their members of staff always feel appreciated in the performance of their duties. The leaders are courteous to those they lead and always have a good way of dealing with members, even those who have blundered or committed some mistake(s). The members of staff who show exemplary performance or those who do exceptional things are always appreciated and rewarded. As a result, even greater performance and positive creativity is encouraged.

The firm’s leadership mental picture is influential since the higher managers and persons in charge believe in the idea and undertaking. Not just a writing hanging on a wall, the leadership idea is even more influential since people live this dream each day at work (Spillane & Richard, 2004, p. 34).


Effective leadership is what is required for progress in all institutions, be it businesses, charitable firms, governmental organizations, and families, among others. An effectual leader has to have it within him or her urge and dream to succeed. This has then got to be coupled with the traits and qualities discussed here so that the successes that are desired are attained.


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