Human Knowledge of History


Our knowledge of history helps us realize its nature, inevitable ambiguity, and ultimate myth. Although history repeats itself, a person can’t expect something to happen in the future without a clear knowledge of what happened in the past. Human knowledge of history is something more than memorization. This explains why critical thinking is necessary because history tends to have some myths and speculations. Studying history is joyous because it informs the reader about what happened many years ago. To me, studying history is like watching a movie sequel. It is necessary to know the first parts of the story so I can have a better understanding of the entire film. That being the case, I have learned three things that will have much impact on my life and career. The three works include the wonderful work of William Shakespeare, the music of “The Baroque Age (1600-1715)”, especially Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), and the “Political Philosophy’ of John Locke (1632-1704). John Locke composed the work during “the Age of Reason (1700-1789)”.

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The Importance of Three Things Learned in Class to My Life and Work

As mentioned earlier, human history contributes a lot to our present ideas and experiences in life. As a student majoring in film studies, I find most of the things learned in class essential towards my present and life. The first thing learned in the class includes the works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare was not of his age, but for all human age (Hugo 28). From a personal perspective, I strongly believe that most of the works and ideas by Shakespeare are full of human emotions and eloquent verses. This is what makes the work popular today. Shakespeare helps people understand their feelings about music and romance. The playwright also defines the experience of growing old to his readers. The works by Shakespeare presents numerous ideas that have reshaped human thoughts and concepts about life.

In my studies, I find a lot to borrow from Shakespeare’s work. As a film scholar, I find Shakespeare’s work meaningful because it presents the best expressions, quotes, and passages that are useful in film production, personal conversations, and critical thinking. “Modern theorists and filmmakers have borrowed a lot from Shakespeare’s stock of actors and characters (Hugo 62)”. For instance, movie producers and novelists have always replicated the theme of tragedy in their works. The theme is one of Shakespeare’s great achievements. I admire all the works by Shakespeare because they portray the best images and compositions thus guiding me throughout my studies and future career.

As well, there is a lot to learn about human relationships and romance from Shakespeare’s work. This is what guides me in my daily life. The issue of reality is evident in most of Shakespeare’s work. Shakespeare is the master of whom many people have learned new ideas. Most of the plays by Shakespeare touch on themes that have remained significant over the centuries such as vengeance, relationships, love, and friendship (Hugo 65).

Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the greatest musicians of the 18th century. Many people consider Johann Bach as one of the icons of the Baroque Age (Geck 16). From most of the historical ideas and evidence, I have learned many things about the baroque music that dominated the world throughout the 17th century. Although “Baroque Music” existed over three centuries ago, I strongly believe that I have benefited much from the philosophies and ideas of the music. “It is agreeable that vestiges of the baroque are evident in our world today (Bluelow 76)”.

As a music enthusiast, I have observed that most of the music compositions and performances in different halls borrow a lot from the Baroque Period. Many musicians and genres borrow a lot from the music of the Baroque Age. This explains why music is an important part of human life. All the music genres such as “the blues” and “soul music” pay tribute to baroque music. This means that the enduring spirit and strength of the baroque have played a significant role in the development of modern music. My belief today is that music has a unique power and emotional attachment that changes the lives and thoughts of many people (Geck 58).

From these class studies, I learned that the Baroque Age was an important period because it revolutionized the nature of music and compositions in Europe (Bluelow 86). It was during the period when different forms of music such as opera and orchestra emerged. From this historical information, I have learned many things about the importance of music. Different musicians such as Johann Bach entertained many people across Germany and Europe. The power of music is something that has remained relevant across generations. It has also become an important part of movies today. From a personal perspective, I strongly believe that history plays a significant role in reshaping our ideas about life and all forms of entertainment (Matthews, Platt & Noble 19).

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Finally, this discussion will be incomplete without describing the political philosophy of John Locke. This work emerged as a masterpiece from the Age of Reason. During the Age of Reason, new ideas emerged thus giving man new options for politics, economy, and social foundations. Locke’s political philosophy has remained influential for very many centuries. His proposal claimed that man was free to own resources and materials if he mixed any form of labor (Harris 27). John Locke’s theories form the foundation for most of the ideas on human rights and the position of the church in society. The theories are also the foundation of many human experiences and practices today.

Our society and experiences are inseparable from politics. John Locke’s philosophy played a significant role in the establishment of republics and societies. It is from the readings that I understand my rights and liberties such as property ownership. Humanity can establish better societies if they borrow much from the historical evidence from the works by different philosophers such as John Locke. Most of these theories have reshaped the history of the world. Personally, there is a lot to learn from John Locke. For instance, I have learned that Locke presented new ideas that led to the concepts of freedom and individualism. This forms an important part of modern natural law (Harris 83). I can support the government and expect it to offer the best protection to me. The information can be essential to every student and citizen towards a new experience and understanding. I believe that the ideas learned from class will be of great use not only presently but also in my future career and life.


Our history is as important as our present and our future. History gives us new ideas and knowledge that will prepare us for the future. As a student, I have learned a lot from the works of William Shakespeare and John Locke. As well, the outstanding ideas from “the Baroque Music” have been essential towards the establishment of our modern society and its culture. From a personal perspective, I consider this knowledge necessary because it will guide me in my studies and future career. I am grateful because the learning materials have reshaped my views thus preparing me for the future.

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