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Human Resource Selection Methods for Employment

The Human Resource Selection process is very important. It determines the kind of candidates who will pass through to become employees of the Organization. The paper would examine the combination of three selection methods.

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After the job applicants have gone through the recruitment stage, they now enter an important stage that would enable them to know their state of employment. The selection involves the steps that lead to choosing the most qualified people to fill the vacant position or future ones (Sparrow, 2014). The successful selection process would include the criteria development, the application and resume review, interviewing, test administration, and making the offer (Cass, 2012).

The selection method requires keen and careful observation because it determines the quality of staffs the company would have. The management does not need to hurry the process. The best combination of the selection is the interviewing method, testing and the teaching method. The interviewing method has several combinations (Sparrow, 2014).

The Interviewing Method

The selection method would employ the two types of interviews for efficiency purposes. The traditional interview would be applicable when the Principal decides to meet the potential worker in the office (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). The Human Resource Manager would also meet the teacher to know how he or she can cope with the school environment (Sparrow, 2014). There would be a need to know if the potential worker has enough skills and training for the task ahead. The teacher would also have to state how the school would assist in making the teaching work interesting. The panel interview would take place in three stages (Cass, 2012).

The South Wood School has a management team. It comprises of the board members and the Principal. They would come up with questions to ask the shortlisted individuals in the teaching and non-teaching profession. They would have to meet earlier to formulate the questions. Once they have the correct questions, they would analyze them and find out if they need any improvement on them.

The management would ask questions that affect the entire school administration (Cass, 2012). They would want to know how the potential employee got to know about the school and how he or she would contribute towards the growth of the school, and among other questions. They would then share their notes while the teachers’ panel takes the next step.

It would comprise of the senior teachers, the head of the department and the teacher in charge (Sparrow, 2014). The teachers would want to know if the candidate uses innovative methods in teaching, the subjects the teacher would teach and how he or she would cope with students in the learning environment. They would also ask how he or she uses technology to enhance the teaching capabilities (Gilmore & Williams, 2013).

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The last panel would be the students’ panel (Cass, 2012). The class leaders and the student leaders would like to know how the teacher would handle students who find the subject to be very difficult. Now that the teacher would be meeting a new group of students, they would ask how he or she would build a working relationship. They would also want to know if the teacher has any afterschool activities.

The Testing Method

It is a method that the Human resource can administer using the specialists in the field (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). They may use the cognitive ability test to measure the candidate’s reasoning and verbal skills. The personality test would assist the management to ascertain if the applicant has the teaching talent and if he or she would meet the students’ expectations. They can also carry out the work sample test that would enable them to know how the candidate has been fairing (Sparrow, 2014).

The Teaching Method

The teaching method allows the potential employee to showcase practically the abilities and talents. The Human Resource Manager would give the potential teacher some time to prepare for a twenty minutes lesson. The teacher would have to enter an actual classroom with students teaching as if he or she already has the job (Sparrow, 2014). The management would arrange for a senior teacher and one other teacher to attend the class. They would record their findings and hand over to the management for analysis.

After all the three selection criteria, the teacher would then have to wait for the results at the school venue (Gilmore & Williams, 2013). But the management would still communicate through the email or by calling the candidate if he or she chooses to leave early.

One of the most daunting tasks is trying to select the best talent from among the most qualified potential staffs (Sparrow, 2014). At the recruitment stage, the analysis was easy because not so much professionalism was required. The process only involved the sieving through the resumes (Gilmore & Williams, 2013).

The selection methods enable the selection team to work extremely hard in trying to find the best-suited employees. The reason for incorporating many teams is to ensure that the process brings out the most qualified individuals. It would stop the high staff turnover and provide room for promotions.


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