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Human Service Agencies. Substantive Change for Better

Human service agencies face a lot of challenges, and it is appropriate to create a substantive change for the better. Looking at the recent past it is obvious that human service agencies ought to become multicultural to accommodate the increasing cultural diversity. This is noticeable given that there is an increase in disabled persons, the elderly, people of color and a widening earnings gap. There must be diversity in the human service workforce in terms of age, gender and race to contain this change, value differences, and embrace both social and cultural diversity. Other practices include; dedication to social justice and striving to build one culture.

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Resource limitations and funding are critical issues that face the human service sector today considering the increase in unemployment and cuts in government funds, human service professionals should reduce costs while maximizing resources and providing quality services. Although a single system can assist in handling cases, successful solutions call for multiple relevant agencies to come together and share information on funding ,develop grant proposals together and coordinate their services. This includes; strategic planning, cross-staff training, multiagency financial plan submissions and a team approach to managing and handling cases, therefore helping to control shortage in human resource (social workers) personnel. In addition, such efforts can be used at various points in the human service agencies to help understand issues surrounding individuals effectively (Whitbeck, 1992). Funders and donors can be encouraged to offer emergency funding and establish a funding kit for consultancy and operational expenses. (U.S. Department of health and human services, 2009)

One other issue affecting human service agencies is hunger, this is a poverty indicator. The poor no longer have confidence in the capability of public institutions to reduction in hunger. There is a need for awareness creation and involvement of the poor in projects that empower them. There has been limited research addressing socio-cultural characteristics of hunger. Meaning that hunger projects and involvements put into practice by human service agencies are not based on the needs of the affected individuals or any concrete research in which the hungry are provided the chance to recognize their right of way.

It is valuable to re-examine the organizational priorities and mission to have a strategic plan for the highly growing service demand. There has been anxiety and stress in these agencies due to increasing accountability demands, reduced funds, and qualified people not being able to find jobs. The establishment of organizational priorities and carrying out program evaluation can guarantee that existing resources are being used efficiently and effectively.

College students can be recruited as volunteers and interns by the human service agency to support and reduce shortage in the workforce. In addition, make the most of the interns to the fullest to boost their future job search by providing them with self-building opportunities. (DeKalb County community foundation, 2009)

Training of staff on issues like; advocacy, needs assessment, compassion fatigue, mental health issues, policy changes, management of clients and on the available services in the community is recommendable. Sustainable service access and Program Quality by avoiding service duplication will help get clients to the needed service and address service increase in demand. Provide moral support to the employees by utilizing peer networks for encouragement and help them meet their different needs.

Furthermore, the media can be used to promote volunteerism and address issues concerning human service agencies.

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