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Hypertension Education: Evaluation Plan

The problem of uncontrolled hypertension can affect people of different ages, gender, and race (Banegas et al., 2014). The study on the merits of educating patients suffering from this ailment is considering a few possibilities. In particular, it is about the possibility of educating people and teaching them the right way of life for one year in order to reduce the threat of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The variables that should be considered in this study are as follows:

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  1. The indicators of patients’ blood pressure throughout the period of education.
  2. Patients’ feedback on the effectiveness of the educational program and its advantages over the process of self-relieving symptoms of the disease.
  3. The effectiveness of the chosen course of treatment with a view to its convenience for use at the state level.
  4. The opinions of therapists participating in the program and acting as supervisory teachers.
  5. The data on the health of particular patients before taking part in the program and after it for comparison purposes.
  6. Various reviews of other medical institutions concerning the possibility of widespread use of this treatment method.
  7. Associated changes in health indicators of patients participating in the training program and experiencing the improvement of health state.

If all these variables are considered, it will be possible to make appropriate conclusions concerning the effectiveness of the chosen program to educate African-American people to modify certain lifestyle habits. The research will be successful if all the participants prove that they feel good after a year spent under the control of doctors. Specific outcomes can be done regarding the possibility of using such a program at the state level.


Banegas, J. R., Ruilope, L. M., de la Sierra, A., de la Cruz, J. J., Gorostidi, M., Segura, J.,… Williams, B. (2014). High prevalence of masked uncontrolled hypertension in people with treated hypertension. European Heart Journal, 35(46), 3304-3312.

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