Elder Abuse Screening: Research Process


Research problem

Nowadays, the issue of elder abuse remains to be crucial in the field of nurses. It is hard to detect the cases of abuse and prove the necessity to solve the problem. People can neither ignore the connection between high-quality nursing and elder care nor neglect the possibility of elder abuse in different healthcare settings. Dong (2015) identifies the presence of this problem in the 2010s, gives a clear explanation of elder abuse, and states that more than 10% of American older adults suffer from elder mistreatment, maltreatment, and different types of abuse.

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Purpose statement

Dong states that the public opinion on elder abuse and violence has been developed for decades. The idea to screen the cases of such abuse is complex, and the representatives of such organizations as the National Research Council, CMS, or the Institute of Medicine have to promote the improvements to fight against potential harms and remove inaction. Elder abuse screening in healthcare settings has to become a priority, and Dong (2015) aims at developing suggestions that could be implemented to solve and reduce the number of elder abuse cases.

Initial hypotheses

With the necessity to explore and improve the current situation in healthcare settings and the ways older adults are treated, the author develops the article with several ideas. First, it is suggested to focus on different screening tools, including community, clinical, and institutional activities (Dong, 2015). Then, appropriate methods such as telephones, computers, and self-administration are identified. Finally, special tests and measurements have to be implemented.

Study design

The descriptive study is used to introduce the current state of affairs, recent achievements, and evident obstacles in nursing and healthcare. The choice of the design is explained by the necessity to define a problem and describe the situation in order to measure its main features. With the help of several hypotheses given through the first part of the paper, several variables such as the quality of older adults’ care, the cases of abuse, and healthcare services could be identified. Descriptive data helps to evaluate the situation and develop new suggestions and solutions.

Hypotheses rejection/acceptance

Though evidence of elder abuse cannot be ignored, the author rejects the chosen hypotheses and offers to focus on the reports that could be available to the representatives of the APS (Adult Protective Services). Elder abuse is a problem that cannot be solved by the change of the staff or video observation of services. The reports developed by the APS should help to understand the history of elder abuse cases, clarify their reasons, and develop the plans within the frames of which support, education, and follow-up can be provided (Dong, 2015).


In the end, it is concluded that elder abuse has an impact on individuals, their families, and communities. Therefore, it has to be solved at the national level to improve the quality of care and make people understand the rights of the vulnerable aging population.


Dong, X. (2015). Screening for elder abuse in healthcare settings: Why should we care, and is it a missed quality indicator? Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 63(8): 1686-1692.

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