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IBM Company’s Mission and History of Change

Look for a statement of mission


IBM is committed to becoming the leader in the invention and innovation of advanced information technologies such as software, microelectronics, computer systems, and storage systems.

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Microsoft Incorporation

Microsoft is committed to helping individual and organizational customers attain their full potential.

Ben &Jerry

At Ben & Jerry, all the firm’s operations are focused on improving the welfare of the society in which it operates by selling healthy and high-quality ice cream.

Cisco Systems Incorporation

Cisco Systems Incorporation is committed to enabling individuals and organizations to make powerful connections.

Investigate each company’s history and changes

IBM underwent a significant transformation to become dominant within the minicomputer and mainframe computer market in the early 1980s. The firm has managed to succeed as a result of intensive research and development (Elearn Limited 2).

Over the years Cisco Systems has been in operation, the firm has become the leading supplier of computer systems, services, and networking products. Microsoft Incorporation has continuously undertaken new product development.

Ben & Jerry Company has managed to establish itself within the US food industry by continuously undertaking product development to appeal to changes in customer’s tastes and preferences.

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Look for what the company claims to be its strengths (what it is selling to its investors) and distinctive competencies

Cisco Systems deals with communication technology. The firm has developed expertise in multiservice networking and fiber-optic networking. Both Microsoft and IBM deal with the manufacture of computers, computer accessories, and software. Both firms have developed competence in research and development. Ben & Jerry Company produces dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt. Over the years, the firm has developed competence in corporate social responsibility.

Identify organizational objectives. Does the firm make statements resembling those in Figure 1-3 in chapter 1?

Ben Jerry

To operate in a socially responsible manner, attain environmental sustainability, and bridge the gap between high and low-income consumers via competitive pricing.

Cisco Systems Incorporation

The firm is committed to delivering quality to its customers by conducting systematic improvements in its products, responding to its client’s inputs, and ensuring discipline in all its functions.


To attain an effective market position by cooperating with other partners to create value for its customers.


To launch new operating systems that will contribute to the simplification of various business processes and partnering with other firms to attain a high competitive advantage.

From the above statements, the firms have made statements similar to those in chapter 5. This is evident in that they have incorporated concepts such as innovation, market standing, social responsibility, profitability, and productivity.

Look at the product lines and business units

In their operation, the firms manufacture different products. Every product is manufactured by a specialized unit.

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Cisco Systems IBM Ben & Jerry Microsoft Incorporation
-Remote access devices
-Internet services.
-Network management software.
-Servers and systems
-Storage devices.
-Internet security.
-Computer hardware and accessories.
-Ice cream
–Frozen yogurt.
-Cinnamon buns.
-Banana splits.
-Crème Brulee
-Microsoft security essentials
-Visual studio
-Entertainment (Xbox Home, Zune).
-Business software
-Personal computers and hardware products such as keyboards and mouse

Compare shopping at the virtual retailer to the physical version. What about the shopping experience is similar?

Virtual retailing entails marketing products through the internet. On the other, hand brick-and-mortar retailing entails the traditional forms of shopping whereby the customer avails himself or herself to the store. In virtual retailing, the consumer does not have a physical touch of the product as it is in the case of brick and mortar retailing.

Now, Contrast the two experiences. What does the online store offer that the brick and mortar store cannot? What does the brick and mortar store offer that the virtual store cannot?

In virtual marketing, the customer is not able to evaluate the product’s quality. By shopping online, a customer can select a wide range of products more effectively and efficiently. This arises from the fact that the customer does not need to go to the shop physically.

In the physical version, a consumer may not be able to purchase various products from one point. As one of the e-commerce technologies, and allow the consumers to purchase products at their most convenient time. However, the experiences are different. Also, consumers can compare prices more easily.

What value does the online site add to the retailer as a corporation?

Online marketing enables a firm to reach a large number of customers and also create effective market awareness.

Now visit Kroger or jewel-osco What is different about their online presence as compared to the two other retailers you visited earlier? What is the same? Why do you think they have chosen this particular strategy? If you were CEO of either Kroger or Jewel, how would you utilize your Web Presence?

In the three websites, information regarding a variety of products which are categorized into various groups is provided. However, the accessibility of product information differs between the respective websites. Both and allow potential customers to search for various product categories. However, product viewing on the website is only limited to members. The decision to adopt this strategy may have been necessitated by the firm’s intention to create loyal online customers.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Jewel, I would have ensured that the website is accessible to all the customers to increase the firm’s probability of attracting new customers.

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Elearn Limited. Management extra: change management. New York: Elsevier, 2005. Print.

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