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Ideas and Topics in Saint Mark’s Gospel

Saint Mark’s Gospel is the shortest and the most volumetric text out of the four existing ones. His telling is in some ways similar to Mathew’s narrative, but some occurrences are presented in the other order, and the descriptions are shorter. The Gospel of Mark is believed to be the earliest one, and it was written for people facing suffering and persecution for their faith. The Gospel narrates the story of Jesus Christ and his fate; therefore, it includes various themes and descriptions of the ministry of Jesus. Mark repeats some topics in his textbook to pay more attention to them and gives the reader the opportunity to comprehend Christ’s lifetime correctly.

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Mark reflects different topics in his Gospel, and some ideas are recurring and repetitive. The idea of kindness and disinterestedness are preached to people coming from Christ and hidden in some situations described in Mark’s book. It is depicted in the example of the poor widow (12:41-44) and through Jesus’ act of gradually returning the sight to a blind man to let him get used to the bright sunlight (8:22-26). Kindness is a significant part of God’s Kingdom, and the author proves that throughout his book in conjunction with his illustration of the Kingdom being a present reality. Mark continuously explains the essence of the Kingdom of God as healing the sick, casting out demons, healing the blind and crippled, feeding the hungry, and calling followers. One of the most repetitive themes is the description of Jesus’s human nature, his feelings, and traits of character that make him the son of God.

In opposite to Christ’s human nature, Mark refers to the unreal part of the world. Attention is attracted to God’s Son’s powers as well through his followers’ reaction to walking on water or dividing five bread flats and two fish among 5000 people (6:51, 52). Mark concentrated on Jesus’s emotions while his crucifixion or when his family rejected Christ for his beliefs.

Although the author’s text is not as specified in detail as the other three books in the New Testament, it pays attention to important occurrences and emotions. The textbook arranges them in the correct chronological order, which gives the reader a full understanding of Christ’s ministry and his lifetime.

The author attracts attention to various moral and biblical norms people should follow and describes different occurrences intelligibly. Mark wants the readers to know about the strength of Jesus’s belief by describing his crucifixion. In Christ’s questions, the author sees not the doubts in God but the adherence to their own principles and persuasions even in the state of despair. Through his narrative, Mark expresses the idea of immediate discernment and rejection of irrelevant kindness from others as Christ’s followers have to be ready to forswear themselves and turn down their egoistic desires and aspirations. The author teaches us to follow in Jesus’s footsteps and take his actions as a model. Some volume is provided to the institution of matrimony, where Mark explains God’s longing for stable and trusting marriages. Husband and wife need to stick to biblical principles and strengthen their love match instead of solving family issues through divorces. As Mark was the apostle Peter’s friend but not Christ’s closest follower himself, his Gospel is written in an understandable language. Therefore, the book is oriented toward the implementation of biblical norms in routine life and on the release of day-to-day problems by prayers.

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