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  1. Freudian and Marxist Consciousness Differences
    Freudian and Marxist philosophies are the defining attributes of the social and ideological life of Europe in XXth century.
  2. “The Origins of the National Consciousness” by Benedict Anderson
    In “The Origins of the National Consciousness”, Anderson views the role of the development of print-as-commodity as the moving force of the qualitatively new consciousness in the society.
  3. Mind, Consciousness and Body Relationship
    This paper analyzes relationship between the body and the mind. It’s based on the assumption that the mind and the consciousness are generated by the body.
  4. Consciousness, Personality Theories and Labeling
    People’s brain creates models of various experiences. This process is known as consciousness. Psychologists have different views regarding its origin.
  5. Stream of Consciousness in James Conrad and TS Eliot Literature
    This paper discusses two famous works of literature – James Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and TS Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” – and analyzes their use of stream of consciousness.
  6. Margaret Newman’s Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness
    One of the nursing situations where the use of Newman’s theory will be relevant is care in the oncology department.
  7. Consciousness: Science and Technology
    The functionalism theory which asserts that the properties of the psychological state are not the same as the properties of a physical state.
  8. Animal Mind and Cognition: Animals’ Consciousness
    Analysis of animals’ consciousness being perceived as one of the corners describing general theory about animal mind and cognition.
  9. Cognitive Psychology and “Blind Spots” in Our Consciousness
    This paper is aimed at explaining blind spots in particular and doing dumb things by people in general on the basis of cognitive psychology theories and concepts.
  10. The Psychology of Consciousness
    Conscious is a word that has been adapted from the Latin word conscious, which is translated to mean self-knowledge. Consciousness is a state of alertness and awareness.
  11. Brain Death, Consciousness, and Organ Transplantation Problem
    The articles reviewed in the paper touch upon the problem of dead/dying brain and the ethical question of organ transplantation from brain dead patients.
  12. Consciousness and Your Brain
    Modern technologies allow scientists to study the ongoing processes in a living brain, which makes a precise mapping of its regions and their functions possible.
  13. Effects of Drugs on the State of Consciousness
    Drugs abuse today is one of the most serious health and social concerns. It is spreading quickly, in young and old, and needs to be controlled.
  14. Health as Expanding Consciousness and Culture Care Diversity
    Margaret Newman’s theory of health as expanding consciousness, it outlines a nursing paradigm built on the concepts inherent in healthcare and medical science.
  15. Financial Strategy: Risk Consciousness and Strategy of the Firm
    A company’s risk consciousness governs the underlying strategies that are employed by the enterprise. Risk consciousness and strategies are mutually dependent.
  16. Blackmore and Seth’s Ideas About Consciousness
    Blackmore and Seth’s ideas about consciousness have some common features and are interconnected, since they are built on the ideas of human biological evolution.
  17. The Meaning of Consciousness
    No universal definition of consciousness exists despite numerous attempts by philosophers, scholars, researchers, and even practitioners to formulate it.
  18. Mass Media Influence on Public Consciousness
    The essay states that mass media often serves as means of facilitating, reinforcing, or inhibiting a given situation due to its profound influence on public opinion.
  19. “Health as Expanding Consciousness” Rogers and Neuman Theory
    The theory encourages people to become aware of their health and find a new meaning in their lives. Eventually, this helps them connect with the world and their people.
  20. Simmel’s Stranger vs. DuBois’ Double Consciousness
    George Simmel’s and William DuBois’ double concepts are among the most known approaches to addressing the idea of consciousness and the stranger.
  21. Ghana Calls: The Concept of ‘Double Consciousness’ in Literary Sense
    The evaluative analysis of Ghana Calls lies in the explanation of the message in the verses and identification of important thematic concerns.
  22. Sociology of False Consciousness
    False consciousness is a concept that draws from the sociology of Marx, who makes the distinction between the elites and low-class individuals.
  23. Consciousness and Its Main States
    Understanding of different states of consciousness that a person goes through on a daily basis is highly important to gauge sources and solutions to their issues.
  24. Simmel’s Stranger vs. Du Bois’ Double Consciousness
    Both Georg Simmel and W.E.B. Du Bois reflect the dynamics of pre-modern and modern social interactions through the Stranger and the double consciousness concepts.

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  1. African American Consciousness and Self-Contempt
  2. Collective Consciousness Theory: 100 Years Later
  3. Demystifying Consciousness With Mysticism: Cognitive Science and Mystical Traditions
  4. Exploring Self-Consciousness From Self- and Other-Image Recognition in the Mirror: Concepts and Evaluation
  5. Crime and Society: False Consciousness and the Carnival Mirror
  6. Detecting Brain Activity Following a Verbal Command in Patients With Disorders of Consciousness
  7. Music and Disorders of Consciousness: Emerging Research, Practice, and Theory
  8. Computational Methods for Resting-State EEG of Patients With Disorders of Consciousness
  9. Environmental Consciousness From the Days of Moby Dick to Present Day
  10. Barack Obama’s Political Centralism: The Development of Political Consciousness
  11. Afro-Americans Double Consciousness: Janie’s Journey Into Selfhood
  12. Courting Consciousness: The Future of Thinking Machines
  13. The Human Default Consciousness and Its Disruption: Insights From an EEG Study of Buddhist Jhna Meditation
  14. Animal Consciousness, Physicalism, and Personal Identity According to Nagel and Locke
  15. Does Consciousness Exist Outside the Brain?
  16. Political Enlightenment and Consciousness in Governance
  17. Consciousness Through Family Connections
  18. Eastern and Shamanic Approaches to Altering Consciousness
  19. Cost Consciousness: Conceptual Development From a Management Accounting Perspective
  20. Double Consciousness Through Generations: The Souls of Black Folk
  21. Consciousness Across Sleep and Wake: Discontinuity and Continuity of Memory Experiences as a Reflection of Consolidation Processes
  22. Europe During the 19th Century and National Consciousness
  23. Black Reformation Through Double Consciousness
  24. Consciousness and the Prefrontal Parietal Network: Insights From Attention, Working Memory, and Chunking
  25. Critical Consciousness and Its Impact on the Education System

💡 Simple Consciousness Essay Ideas

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  1. Diffusion Tensor Imaging and White Matter Abnormalities in Patients With Disorders of Consciousness
  2. Luctis Cogitatio and Noctis Reflection as the Forms of Consciousness and Human Exploration of the World
  3. Between Theory and Clinic: The Contribution of Neuroimaging in the Field of Consciousness Disorders
  4. How Neuroscience Will Change Our View on Consciousness
  5. Cultivating Positive Youth Development, Critical Consciousness, and Authentic Care in Urban Environmental Education
  6. Geometrical Psychology: Mathematical Models of Consciousness by the 19th-Century Psychologist Benjamin Betts
  7. Modern Factors Affecting the Development of Self-Consciousness
  8. Artificial Intelligence: Does Consciousness Matter?
  9. How Humans Living Together as a Group Affects Their Common Social Consciousness and Problems
  10. Oedipus the King: Expansion of Human Consciousness
  11. Difference Between Ordinary and Non-ordinary States of Consciousness
  12. Marxist Industrialism and the Abolition of Class Consciousness
  13. Health Consciousness Among Urban Population
  14. Perception, Language, Cognition, and Consciousness in Classic Indian Philosophy
  15. Environmental Consciousness and Moral Hazards in International Agreements to Protect the Environment
  16. Neural Computations Underlying Phenomenal Consciousness: A Higher-Order Syntactic Thought Theory
  17. Dramatic Monologue and Stream of Consciousness in Poetry
  18. Involuntary Entry Into Consciousness From the Activation of Sets: Object Counting and Color Naming
  19. How “Uncle Tom’s Children” Represents a Black Revolutionary Consciousness
  20. Relationship Between Double-consciousness and African American Youth Identity Development in Public Schools
  21. Dreams: Freud’s Three Levels of Consciousness
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