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  1. Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior
    In this essay I shall concentrate on how the information travels in the three components and on how the brain process this information.
  2. Lucretius and His View on Mind, Soul and Spirit
    Lucretius notes that death would be something that does matter so much to the life of an individual in case it could be clear that mind is a mortal stuff.
  3. Mind-Body Problem: Belmont Principles and Future
    The topic of our research is the mind-body relationship. This paper describes how the Belmont Principles can be applied to a hypothetical study on a related topic.
  4. Mind-Body Relationship in Psychobiological View
    The paper uses the school of psychobiology’s achievements to explore the topic of the relationship between the mind and the body.
  5. Mind, Consciousness and Body Relationship
    This paper analyzes relationship between the body and the mind. It’s based on the assumption that the mind and the consciousness are generated by the body.
  6. Decartes’ Critique in “The Concept of Mind” by Ryle
    In the given excerpt from his book, The Concept of Mind, Ryle briefly overviews the Descartes’ perception of the concepts of body and mind.
  7. Mind-Body Relationship in Psychobiological Studies
    The key assumption of psychobiology school is that there exist correlations between physiological and psychological factors, and these correlations can be studied.
  8. Man Thinking: Nature and the Mind of the Past
    The components that constitute the “man thinking” are “natural,” which represents a teacher, and “the mind of the Past,” metaphor for books.
  9. Science Definitions and Dunbar’s Mind Theory
    The animal behaviorist Robin Dunbar claims that science is nothing other than learning. This paper discusses whether this claim is consistent with the definitions of science.
  10. Mind Development: Physical and Social Environment
    The mind confers to human beings the ability to understand and interpret their environments. It is a major source of information and the body part that controls the entire body.
  11. Critical Perspective on Mind
    This study will cover critically on the perspective of mind in a philosophical approach, exploring on the components that sustain such issues.
  12. Mind-Body Problem in Psychobiology
    The mind-body problem is rather a general topic because it studies the mind in general in the light of its relationship to its “carrier,” the body.
  13. Mind-Body Dualism and Human Nature in Philosophy
    Throughout the ages, people have tried to comprehend the world and understand their own place in this unique system.
  14. Mind Mapping Usage in Vocabulary Teaching
    Saudi Arabian educators are considering employing the mind mapping technique in teaching vocabulary in all secondary schools.
  15. Thagard’s Mind Theory, Its Use and Modification
    One of the inherent problems with Thagard’s Mind Theory is the fact that it advocates a decentralized rather than a centralized decision-making process.
  16. Body-Mind Relationship in Psychobiology
    The very division into “the body” and “the mind” is artificial, but it is convenient due to our perception of the world and the huge qualitative difference between them.
  17. Gardner’s Five Minds for a Global Leader
    Honing personal leadership skills should be accompanied by an objective assessment of individual capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  18. Explore Your Mind: Interpersonal Communication
    Communication is a significant part of all individuals’ everyday lives. This paper presents 3 examples from online sources that refer to interpersonal communication concepts.
  19. Functionalist Physicalism in Philosophy of Mind
    The materialistic approach was the most effective solution to the problem of psychophysiology due to the fact that various mental illnesses can be explained this way.
  20. Human Resource Management and Functions: Mind Map
    A human resource (HR) manager has roles and functions within an organization that are focused on working with people.
  21. Mind Therapies for Greater Psychological Openness
    Consciousness training in MBCT begins with focusing on breathing and bodily sensations, which leads to improved well-being and harmonization of behavior.
  22. Global Mind Commodities Trading Company’s Strategic Marketing
    The report analyzes the Asian sugar industry and performs a company analysis of Global Mind Commodities Trading Pte Ltd.
  23. Mind-Body Connection in Learning
    The brain has a physical connection with all the body organs implying that it cannot work effectively when one organ is not functioning.
  24. Mind of the Entrepreneur: Zuckerberg
    Zuckerberg is one of the young millionaires as a result of this innovation and entrepreneurship that enabled him to create Facebook.
  25. Psychology: Does a Criminal Mind Exist?
    Various concepts have been developed in relation to the need to establish the causes of antisocial and criminal behaviors in general.
  26. Phobias and Addictions as Manifestations of the Human Mind Weakness
    Both phobias and addictions are two weak states of a person’s mind where one can be weak while thinking of or seeing something, but a psychiatrist can resolve such a problem.
  27. What Kind of Thing Is the Mind?
    Discussion of the concept of mind, the concept of dualism-mind, abilities of mind, philosophers’ views about mind, specifically, Plato’s and Descartes’ views.
  28. Misunderstood Minds: Early Detection and Intervention Importance for Learning Disabled Children
    For children with learning problems, early detection and intervention mark the difference between achieving academic and social progress.
  29. Bureaucracy Theory: Mind Mapping
    The paper analyzes the theory of bureaucracy, how it defines and discusses the most effective ways of economic control and successful allocation of resources provided by the state.
  30. Self-Assessment of Research Mind-Set and Skills
    This paper provides a self-assessment of research mind-set and skills, and evaluates the link between researches and social changes.
  31. Changing Hearts & Minds: Training Programmes for Mid-Career Workers in Singapore
    While undergoing learning-centered training, such workers will not only receive necessary skills they will also be able to reevaluate their attitude towards the working process.

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  1. Mind Control Emotions Change Mood
  2. Bipolar Disorder and Its Effects on the Human Mind
  3. How Depression Affects the Body and Mind?
  4. Psychiatrist: The Human Mind Helper
  5. The Link Between Mind Body Spirit Meditation Yoga and Spirituality Psychology
  6. Bipolar Disorder: Mind and Mental Health
  7. Body Mind and Soul in the Cancer Ward Wit
  8. Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease on the Human Mind
  9. Heroin and Its Effects on the Mind and Body
  10. The Bipolar Brain and the Creative Mind
  11. Descartes’ Arguments for the Real Distinction of Mind and Body
  12. Body and Mind and the New Epiphenomenalism
  13. Psychoneuroimmunology and the Connection Between the Body and Mind
  14. Medical Technology and the Separation of Man’s Body and Mind
  15. Getting Into the Mind of a Late Medieval Peasant
  16. Body and Mind Connection: How All Aspects of Health Affect
  17. Dreams and Its Effects on the Mind During Sleep
  18. Music for the Mind Analysis and Response
  19. Distinction Between the Mind and Body and Sixth Meditation of Rene Descartes
  20. Philosophy and the Relationship Between the Body and the Mind
  21. Illnesses and Injuries Impact on the Human Mind
  22. Does Music Have Positive Effects on the Mind?
  23. The Characteristics, Tactics, and Effects of Coercive Mind Control
  24. Play, Social-Emotional Development and Theory of Mind
  25. Mind Over Matter: The Unique Components of Womanhood & Depressive Disorder
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