Civil War Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Civil War

  1. The Civil War and the Cold War
    The Civil War and the Cold War were two important stepping stones that have proved that peopleโ€™s views very much depend on the time and place and a difference in opinions causes a major conflict.
  2. The Civil War. The Letters From the Soldiers
    The essay under consideration represents the analysis of the soldiers’ letters within the larger sequence of historical events.
  3. History: Civil War Experiences
    The Civilian War experiences portray the critical role that citizens can play, even if they are not part of the military, towards tackling an adversary.
  4. American History: U.S. Civil War
    The idea of switching leadership is a common topic of debate when it comes to the outcome of the U.S. Civil War.
  5. The Umayyad-Hashemite Civil War and the Birth of the Sunni-Shiite Islamic Schism
    The Umayyad-Hashemite civil war is attributed to the succession disputes, which took center stage after the death of Prophet Muhammad.
  6. American History: Civil War Evaluation
    The paper proves that the civil war was a positive thing for the United States because of the outcomes: abolition of slavery and the union between the country’s south and north.
  7. African-Americans in the Civil War
    The Civil War is a historical landmark that provided a fundamental point of social changes for the African-Americans and the entire American society.
  8. Causes of Civil War in the United States
    This paper explores the real cause of civil war in the context of who started it and contributing factors. It discusses the contribution of the federal government, Northern and Southern states.
  9. American Civil War and Reconstruction Era
    This paper looks at the different aspects of the Civil War and the Reconstruction era including the major figures, the political, judicial, social, and economic changes.
  10. The United States Civil War: Soldiers’ Motivations
    This paper compares and contrasts the motivations of Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers, how were they different from each other and are there any ways they were the same.
  11. US Civil War in “A People at War” by Nelson & Sheriff
    In the book A People at War, Nelson and Sheriff explain how the events of the American Civil War affected the soldiers and civilians involved in the military campaign.
  12. American Civil War and North-South Confrontation
    The paper is to discuss the causes of the conflict between the South and the North of the country, which has evolved into a war and reviews the ramifications of the confrontation
  13. American Civil War in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
    The American Civil War occurred between 1861 and 1865. Without a doubt, it is one of the darkest political upheavals in the history of the United States.
  14. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
    Abraham Lincoln was a person who has prevented the collapse of the USA and who has liberated slaves. He is considered as an adherent of the American democracy.
  15. Civil War Poetry by Whitman, Melville and Dickinson
    This essay discusses the war poems of Whitman in his Drum-Taps, Melvilleโ€™s Battle Pieces, and those poems written by Dickinson on the civil war. The paper compares the style of writing.
  16. Crisis and Civil War Events in Nigeria
    The crisis in Nigeria had a major effect on the lives of many civilians and brought to light many human rights issues, which had to be addressed through global efforts.
  17. American Civil War and Its Predetermination
    To date, the Civil War remains the greatest battle on the U.S. territory and one of the most significant events in the American history.
  18. North-South Gap as a Cause of American Civil War
    This paper discusses how the economic systems of the North and South contribute to a context of modernization that polarizes these societies and cause the American Civil War.
  19. American Civil War, Its Main Figures and Events
    Henry Jackson Hunt, the Chief of Artillery during the Civil War helped shape the results of the war. He recorded several success measures.
  20. Battle of the Bull Run in American Civil War
    The first biggest land clash in the history of the American Civil War is the battle of the Bull Run also popularly known as the First Manassas.

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  1. Colombian Civil War
    The guiding research question is how political economy can explain the protracted Colombian Civil War, specifically between the state and FARC.
  2. The Kansas-Nebraska Act: the Civil War
    The legal act was primarily intended for the public administrators working in the new territories of Kansas and Nebraska.
  3. Slavery and Civil War: American History
    American history is defined by slavery. The founding fathers of America, in the 17th and 18th century, grew the economy through slave labor.
  4. The U.S. Civil War
    The US government faced a daunting task of resupplying the troops now stationed at Fort Sumter. In this effect, President Buchanan ordered shipment of more men, supplies and arms to Fort Sumter.
  5. Civil War in “The American Tradition in Literature”
    The American Tradition in Literature book is helpful for reasoning the historical events. It provided an insight into the Civil War reasoning and issues facing the early Americans.
  6. Colombian Civil War’s Political and Economic Reasons
    The main goal of this literature review is to discuss the main political and economic reasons for the protracted Colombian Civil War.
  7. Was the American Civil War Inevitable?
    The Civil War began in 1861, shortly after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, and lasted for over four years, leading to thousands of deaths.
  8. American Civil War and Its Complexities
    The Civil War remains the bloodiest in the history of the US. The losses of the northerners amounted to almost 360 thousand people killed and more than 275 thousand wounded.
  9. Turning Point of Civil War in the United States
    The Civil War remains an important historical moment since it led to the establishment of a united country and promoted new laws and frameworks.
  10. The Reconstruction Period After the Civil War in the USA
    One of the examples of rehabilitation is the Reconstruction Era that followed the Civil War in the USA in the 19th century.
  11. The American Civil War Between North and South
    The American Civil War is one of the most important events that played a significant role in the creation of the United States.
  12. A Nation Divided. Postcolonialism in “Captain America: Civil War”
    Captain America: Civil War provides a certain remedy to solve the current problems, and filmmakers utilize the postcolonial perspective that has gained momentum in recent decades.
  13. Central Government from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
    Being a subject of the British Empire, American colonies were dependent on the Crown and had limited power and no ability for self-determination.
  14. War for the West in America After the Civil War
    The essay discusses an outbreak against slavery that was going on in America – the war for the West in America led by the Red Indians.
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