71 Masculinity Essay Topics

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  1. Masculinity and Femininity in the Work Place
    The effect of psychology of the feminine and masculine gender on work, performance and productivity is a paradigm of the most controversial issues subject to debate.
  2. The Masculine Role in Advertisement
    This paper seeks to highlight some of the significant masculine role in the advertising industry based on short stories.
  3. Racism and Masculinity in the Film “A Soldier’s Story”
    In this paper, we will discuss “A Soldier’s Story,” and see how racial prejudice and the ideas of dominating masculinity lead to a disaster to a number of its characters.
  4. Masculinity in James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway’ Stories
    This paper looks at the theme of masculinity as portrayed by both male and female characters in four stories by Joyce and Hemingway. The short stories focus on the inner development of characters.
  5. Masculinity in the Film “Saturday Night Fever”
    Male dominance is evident right from the beginning of the cast, and the plot. The film depicts men as smart, strong, and dominant over women.
  6. Masculinity of King Arthur in Literature
    The paper discusses how King Arthur is described in the Arthurian literature, reviews the attitude to the character of Arthur and the concept of Arthurian literature.
  7. Masculinity and Sexuality in High School by Pascoe
    This paper reviews C. J. Pascoe’s book “Dude, You’re a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School” and criticizes the book’s major weaknesses.
  8. Feminism, Oppression, Masculinity, and Homophobia
    Feminism, a relatively new movement in the history of social, political, and philosophical thought, has found an important place in modern social studies.
  9. Masculinity in The Great Gatsby and The Breakfast Club
    The paper demonstrates how the American culture depicts masculinity as reflected in media (movies) and American literature in the course readings.
  10. Gender Studies: Feminine Men and Masculine Women
    Women have a vital role in society: they bring up children and ensure the comfort and psychological well-being of all the family members.
  11. Masculinity in Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra” Play
    “Antony and Cleopatra” is one of Shakespeare’s most dramatic plays; it is such a hard play to produce due to its enormous variety of content.
  12. Sexuality: The Matters of Masculinity and Femininity
    The current work is considering the topic of sexuality through historical and cultural factors, and the matters of masculinity and femininity.
  13. Masculinity Crisis and Hegemonic Masculinity
    Masculinity crisis fosters kinds of hegemonic masculinity. Men’s movements in the early 1970s indicated the evident existence of problems within masculinity.
  14. “Female Masculinity” by Judith Halberstam
    The book “Female Masculinity” by Judith Halberstam reveals the philosophical concepts about what does it mean to be a woman and at the same time a man.
  15. Masculinity in “Refresh, Refresh” Story by Percy
    The present paper analyzes the relationship between the central theme of masculinity in Benjamin Percy’s Refresh, Refresh, and the setting of the story.
  16. Crisis of Masculinity in Hamlet
    Through the main character, Shakespeare translates and critiques the ideas about masculinity and femininity that were prevalent at the time.
  17. Toxic Masculinity and Machismo in Junot Diaz’s “Drown”
    Junot Diaz’s “Drown” does an excellent job at highlighting the toxic beliefs centered on gender, which shape the mindsets of so many young boys.
  18. Masculine and Feminine Writing Features in “To the Ladies” by Lady Mary Chudleigh
    The central theme in the poem “To the Ladies” is the idea that women walk into a tragedy the moment they enter matrimony.
  19. Masculinity and Femininity in the Workplace
    The effect of psychology of the feminine and masculine gender on work, performance and productivity is a paradigm of the most controversial issues subject to debate.
  20. Feminine and Masculine Language
    Incorporate workplaces, communication style is incessantly assessed for qualities such as likeability, empathy, caring, credibility, power, and status.
  21. Femininity and Masculinity in Media and Culture
    It is evident that media and societal biases play a key role in establishing and promoting dehumanizing ideas of masculinity and femininity.

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  1. Defining Masculinity and Femininity: The Yin and Yang of Gender
  2. Advertising and the Construction of Violent White Masculinity: Gender Differences in Advertising
  3. Hegemonic Masculinity and Its Influence on Young Male Growth
  4. Gender Masculinity and Its Effect on Women
  5. How Manhood and Masculinity Have Been Shaped by Stereotypical Representation in Advertising
  6. Distinct Hegemonic Masculinity Behaviors Between Heterosexual and Gay Men
  7. College Male Masculinity and Its Effects on Likeliness to Intervene Sexual Assault
  8. Girly Men: The Media’s Attack on Masculinity
  9. African-American and African Cultural Beliefs on Masculinity
  10. Masculinity and Femininity: Essential to the Identity of the Human Person
  11. How Boys Develop Masculinity Through Sports
  12. Masculinity and Internalized Homophobia in Films
  13. Oppression and Depression: The Effects of White Masculinity
  14. Challenging the Masculinity Index: The End of a Cross-Cultural Myth
  15. Japanese Fathers’ Masculinity and Power in Japan
  16. Greek Heroes and Changes in Feminism and Masculinity
  17. Socrates and the Ideal Athenian Masculinity
  18. Femininity and Masculinity During the Rise of Feminism
  19. Black Masculinity Through the Media
  20. Masculinity and Femininity: Do Sex, Race, and Social Class Matter?
  21. Automotive Advertising and Masculinity
  22. Gender Roles and Issues Regarding Feminisms and Masculinity
  23. Masculinity, Patriarchy, and Contemporary Women
  24. Homosociality and the Maintenance of Hegemonic Masculinity
  25. Crime, Violence, and Masculinity

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  1. Advertising Dictates Our Perception of Masculinity and Femininity
  2. Ernest Hemingway’s Failed Masculinity
  3. Men’s Angst With Society’s Perception of Masculinity
  4. Gender Differences Between Masculinity and Femininity
  5. Chinese Connection: Reconstructing Masculinity Through Adversity
  6. Sovereign Masculinity: Gender Lessons From the War on Terror
  7. Heterosexual Masculinity and Homophobia
  8. Japan, Alcoholism, and Masculinity: Suffering and Sobriety in Daily Life
  9. Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy
  10. Making Masculinity and Framing Femininity
  11. Police Crime Fighting Image and the Celebration of Masculinity
  12. Men, Masculinity, and the Rape Culture
  13. Geek Masculinity and Its Effects on Society
  14. How Female Masculinity Empowers Women in Society
  15. Masculinity and Evolutionary Psychology
  16. Black Masculinity and the Hip-Hop Culture
  17. Psychoanalytic Theory and the Crisis of Masculinity
  18. Gender Roles and Socialization of Hyper Masculinity
  19. Masculinity and Interaction With Women
  20. Changing the Meaning of Masculinity
  21. Modern Masculinity and Its Impact on Modern Society
  22. Connection Between Domestic Violence and Society’s Definition of Masculinity
  23. Hegemonic Femininity and Masculinity: What Makes a Perfect Man
  24. Psychological Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy
  25. Masculinity: Gender and Violence
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