76 Meditation Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Meditation

  1. Buddhist Meditation Practices
    The paper looks at the differences between acalminga (samatha) and ainsighta (vipasana) Mahayana teachings of Buddhist meditation.
  2. Sitting Meditation: Mental and Physical Benefits
    Meditation involves becoming aware of the experiences in life facilitated by taming one’s mind to focus on the significant tasks.
  3. Descartes’ Meditations and Believes
    Descartes reflects on numerous deceptions he has believed in, and the ensuing faultiness of the body of knowledge he has developed based on those falsehoods.
  4. “Second Meditation” a Work by Descartes
    The purpose of this paper is to provide arguments to prove that Descartes contradicts himself, but there is a way to reconcile the two claims.
  5. Meditation for Prevention Destructive Behaviours
    Lack of meditation in one’s life has led to the majority of people committing suicide in contemporary society.
  6. Hobbes and Arnaud’s Replies to Descartes’ Meditations
    Rene Descartes was a thinker who was best known for his contribution in the field of philosophy. In Meditations, Descartes focuses on epistemic and metaphysical matters.
  7. Passage 3 in Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy
    The third passage in Descartes’s Meditations reveals the author’s initial thought on the subject and allows us to consider why he has started his discussion.
  8. Descartes’ Meditation II: Reading Analysis
    The reading of the second chapter of Descartes’ Meditation is associated with doubtful attitudes. The philosopher continues his discussion on the presence of humans in the world.
  9. Philosophy: Descartes’ Meditation I
    In this paper, the analysis of Descartes’ “Meditation 1” is developed to explain the dilemma of either people live in the real world or falsely trust in their sensory beliefs.
  10. Meditation-Based Chronic Pain Management Study
    The problem of this study is the feasibility of using mindfulness meditation-based interventions in controlling the symptoms of chronic pain.
  11. The Influence of Meditation on People’s Health
    Meditation develops concentration and helps reduce stress but when abused may have a negative influence on health.
  12. “Cartesian Meditations” by Edmund Husserl
    In the Cartesian Meditations, Edmund Husserl speaks about the main problems of phenomenology, including static and genetic phenomenology, reduction, and intersubjectivity.
  13. Gifford-May on “Deep States” of Meditation Review
    According to the article, meditation is “a group of practices that aim to transform consciousness through the deliberate alternation and control of attention”.
  14. Meditation in American Prisons from 1981 to 2004
    Staggering statistics reveal that the United States has the highest rate of imprisonment of any country in the world, with the cost of imprisonment of this many people is now at twenty-seven billion dollars.
  15. The Power of Meditation
    Meditation a form of deep and inner self realization might be the key to balancing our body systems mostly concerning the inner self as well as discovering who we really are.
  16. The Origins and the Effects of Meditation
    The purpose of this writing is to investigate the origins of meditation, its practitioners, and its application.
  17. Foundations of Buddhism and Meditation
    Different religions illustrate the diversity of philosophies, customs, many different communities in the world are inspired by similar truths and purposes.
  18. Gaming as a Form of Meditation
    This essay discusses how video games are fostering a growing market diversity, meeting current customer needs, and are likely to have long-term success.
  19. Descartes’ Meditations and First Philosophy
    In this article, Descartes’s Meditations on First Philosophy centers on doubt as to the philosophical approach to self-realization and succinct knowledge of the truth.
  20. Mindful Meditation as Reducing College Students Stress
    The study answers the question of what is the reported effect of mindfulness meditation on reducing stress in teenage college students and its overall effectiveness.
  21. Descartes’ Philosophical Ideas from the Meditations on the First Philosophy
    While thinking about the reality of human existence, all analyzed factors by Descartes in Meditation 2 and 3 make him believe in the truth of life.
  22. Renaissance Culture Art: The Meditation on Passion by Vittore Carpaccio
    This paper will discuss one of the arts produced between the thirteen fifty and fifteen centuries: the meditation on passion by Vittore Carpaccio.
  23. Impacts of Yoga and Meditation on a Person
    Meditation and yoga enabled the author’s mind to develop a sense of peace and happiness and transformed his attitude toward life in general.
  24. Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes
    The ideas presented by Descartes in Meditations on the First Philosophy illustrate the quest for knowledge and encourage further reflection on the topic of existential beliefs.
  25. Meditation as a Regular Practice
    The purpose of meditation is to increase awareness and consciousness. It causes a subsequent change in our perception of the external world.
  26. Meditations First & Second by René Descartes
    The paper states that Descartes concludes that nothing in the world is more integral than a human being’s mind and its consequent ability to perceive.

🎓 Most Interesting Meditation Research Titles

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  1. Brain Plasticity and Transcendental Meditation
  2. Descartes Causal Argument for the Existence of God Found in Meditation III
  3. Cardiovascular and Nervous System Changes During Meditation
  4. Neuroimaging and Neuropsychology of Meditation States
  5. Does Meditation Affect General Happiness?
  6. Forever Young(er): Potential Age-Defying Effects of Long-Term Meditation on Gray Matter Atrophy
  7. Why Meditation Works and How It Benefits the Workplace?
  8. Buddhism: Meditation and the Four Noble Truths
  9. The Physiological and Genetic Influences of Meditation and Tai Chi on Mental, Emotional, and Movement Regulation
  10. John Lennon’s Impassioned Letters on the Value of Meditation
  11. Personal Life Improved Through Meditation
  12. Dynamic Correlations Between Heart and Brain Rhythm During Autogenic Meditation
  13. Characterizing the Dynamical Complexity Underlying Meditation
  14. Meditation and Yoga: How to Find an Inner Peace
  15. How Does Meditation Physiologically Change the Body?
  16. Buddhism: Zen and Zen Buddhism Meditation
  17. Why Mindfulness Meditation Gaining So Much Popularity?
  18. Duck, Death and the Tulip: An Uncommonly Tender Illustrated Meditation on the Cycle of Life
  19. Grusin and Bolter’s Concept of Meditation and Remediation
  20. How Meditation Can Affect Your Mind and Inner Peace
  21. Meditation Replacement for Patients With Depression
  22. The Use of Psychedelics in Religious and Spiritual Meditation
  23. Let’s Meditate: The Benefits of Meditation
  24. Meditation and the Concept of Forgiving Your Transgressors
  25. Distinction Between the Mind and Body and Sixth Meditation of Rene Descartes

đź’ˇ Simple Meditation Essay Ideas

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  1. Mindful Creativity: The Influence of Mindfulness Meditation on Creative Thinking
  2. Buddhist Meditation and Dalai Lama
  3. Dhyana Yoga Meditation for Soul Awakening
  4. Exploring the Practices and Types of Meditation
  5. Coping With Stress Can Be Helped by Meditation
  6. Meditation, Well-Being, and Immune System Functioning
  7. Healing and the Meditation Ritual
  8. Fluid Intelligence and Brain Functional Organization in Aging Yoga and Meditation Practitioners
  9. Does God Actually Exist? Descartes and His Fifth Meditation?
  10. Meditation, Activism, and Generativity in Walker’s Life in “The Cushion in the Road” by Alice Walker
  11. Present and Future Significance of Meditation
  12. Four Noble Truths, Meditation, and Buddhism
  13. Meditation and Devotional Practices in Buddhism
  14. The Relationship Between Meditation and Mental and Physical Health
  15. Exercise and Meditation: Incorporating the Stress Busters
  16. Meditation, Its Benefits, and Essence
  17. How Meditation Affects Brain Plasticity?
  18. Meditation Isn’t Just for Monks
  19. Differences Between Silence and Meditation
  20. Losing Ourselves: Active Inference, Depersonalization, and Meditation
  21. Meditation, Attention, and Well-Being of College Students
  22. Buddhist Meditation Practices Known as Vipassana and Samatha
  23. The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Meditation
  24. How Meditation and Reading Work Together?
  25. Meditation and Its Effect on Blood Pressure
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