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Meditation for Prevention Destructive Behaviours


Statement of the problem

Meditation is a very simple thing yet very critical to the well-being of every human being. According to physicians, very many people suffer due to inadequate power to meditate upon their lives. The daily life of human beings has got a lot of experiences and encounters that negatively and positively affect their lives in general. This study is mainly concerned with those activities and experiences that affect us adversely. These are the activities and experiences that bring the situation back to normal life and even improve human lives. This has mental and psychological effects, which if not well managed, can be very disastrous to human lives. It is also in the effort of adding knowledge to the existing gap.

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Individuals’ daily activities such as commuting to work in either mornings or evenings, reaching destinations in the specified or stipulated time, exam failure, high costs of living, health challenges, and relationship problems are proving to be critical to individuals’ well-being. Such encounters result in stress and when not well managed, may worsen into depression. Depression and suicide are significant public health issues for older adults. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders experienced by elders but fortunately is treatable by a variety of means (United States, 2005). Stress is considered the world’s deadly disease by metaphysicians. It should be noted that these diseases are common.

However, according to Burns and Patton (2000), they can be well managed when one has the right skills of meditation. It is the safest and simplest way to cure individuals. Stress has culminated into very deadly conditions such as breakups in relationships, drug, and substance abuse, committing suicide, low productivity at work, violent relationships among other deviant acts. People who do not know how to manage stress usually have low self-esteem as they suffer from phobias. For instance, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report that there are about 141 million drug users worldwide. Out of the 141 million drug users, 8 million are heroin addicts; 30 million are cocaine users; while 30 million are amphetamine users (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2003). Such people get embedded in such acts because of stress among other factors. Most people get destroyed due to the inadequate power of meditation.

The situation worsens when a family person carries the same to the house. This is a big problem because it adversely affects children and even the couple’s way of life. Lack of meditation in one’s life has led to the majority of people committing suicide in contemporary society (Diggins, 2007). This comes as a result of perceiving despair and doomed future. When a person reaches this level, he or she sees no reason for living anymore. Life at such a stage is meaningless. Therefore, killing self suffices as the best option. According to the United States National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), “suicide was the leading cause of deaths in the US accounting for 34,598 deaths” (Lachman, 2001, p. 160).

“It is reported that the overall deaths per 100,000 people are 11.3% suicide deaths” (Lachman, 2001, p. 160). This is very alarming, yet it is a major preventable public health-related problem. Its causes are associated with depression, and other mental acts, family violence, firearms in the home among other factors. Acts of suicide are not the best ways to respond to stress. There are other simple and safe means like meditation as outlined by metaphysicians. Suicide acts are closely related to changes in brain chemicals. This is mainly created from the ways individuals see and perceive things around their environment (Sanchez, 2007). Therefore, we must come up with means and measures of tackling this problem. This would save the future generation from collapsing. According to Burns and Patton (2000), suicide is a big blow to society as it undermines societal progress.

Objectives of the study

General Objective

The general objective of this study is to bring and promote the overall well-being of the people psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Therefore, the general objective is geared towards promoting a productive healthy society that is free from societal vices.

Specific Objectives

  1. To find out whether meditation reduces stress and brings about relaxation
  2. To establish a relationship between peace of mind and meditation
  3. To evaluate whether meditation is therapeutic to human beings
  4. To understand the relationship between meditation and happiness in life
  5. To establish a relationship between aging and meditation

Review of Literature

Schroeder’s Views on Benefits of Meditation Spiritually

According to Schroeder (2002), individuals gain spiritual knowledge through attending church services and other spiritual centers, lectures, and seminars among others. Individuals still feel that they have not achieved a close moment to their spirits despite having attended the above-mentioned functions. It is through the calmness and quiet environment of the mediation process that connects individuals to the inner self (Schroeder, 2002). The practice of meditation has not been the foundation of metaphysics for a long time in the western world. However, the power of silence was acknowledged. Nowadays, this is highly encouraged and practiced because of the importance attached to it as revealed by most researchers. Anyone willing to resolve his problems must take time to meditate and mentally treat the problem. The beginning of problems is what individuals perceive in the mind. Problems begin when individuals encounter difficulties and situations.

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Therefore, the first treatment is the mind. In this case, all resolutions of successes and failures begin in the mind. Through meditation and affirmation, individuals become confident and renewed to forge ahead. It is through deep meditation, where there are no disturbances from the outside world, that individuals experience self-realization and the meaning of life. Schroeder (2002, p. 133) sums this by asserting that “Intelligence was not given to the human being merely to be used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; marry and beget children. It was given so that man might understand the meaning of life and find soul freedom”. Individuals were created to have a deeper understanding of the world around them. Therefore, metaphysics can be achieved by obeying the stages and process of meditation. Meditation provides individuals with a chance to turn to life, understand the surrounding, and appreciate life. Allott (2008) states that individuals must remain calm in mind to perceive and recognize things around them. This is a very powerful tool indeed.

Meditation allows one to explore in detail the thoughts of life through a silent moment of self-reflection. This process is not always easy, especially for beginners. It requires concentration and attention to one’s self. One has to seek mindfulness during the practice with a clear understanding of where one is at the moment, where one is headed to, and the origin of the individual. Some people reach a contemplative level faster than others. What is essential is the development of a sense of self-awareness. This aids the process of meditation. Therefore, one can explore the realities of lives with a more conscious and relaxed mind in a spiritual and psychological manner.

This is an energetic process, and a person can make the right choices and resolutions concerning a certain subject of interest. During meditation, one has to be very honest with him or herself to generate a greater sense of understanding and an overall rewarding experience during and after meditation. Meditation does not rely on individual memory strength, but on one’s contemplation and consciousness. Meditation allows an individual to flashback long time life experiences as if they were happening at that moment. The relaxed and calm mind allows the mediator to reflect and develop a deeper understanding of the situation and eventually resolve the real-life best option. According to Gupta (2007), it is a very interesting healing process that does not consume anything apart from time. Its rewards are very essential in forging ahead in life.

Meditation helps to relieve an individual’s mind after a busy day. It helps to release stressful thoughts and feelings that might lead people into acting awkwardly without care for their actions. It offloads the information that builds up in the mind as a result of daily life activities. Meditation aids people to gain a new perspective over stressful life activities. In this case, one rethinks consciously and seriously about his or her existence. Therefore, the individual can prevent acts like suicide commission, drug abuse, and violent relationships in homes and places of work among other habits considered immoral in society. This is done because of increased awareness, focus, and reduction of negative emotions in the mind (Watson, 2006).

Meditation enables a person to interact with the spirits. Therefore, it is critical to peace and spirituality. It is like a person who has reached heaven just by meditating, and in the process, the individual experiences calm and peace of mind. It is the focus on a certain issue or idea to reach a greater visualization and understanding. According to many researchers, an issue or subject of meditation is usually well understood and liked. In this case, an individual can visualize and come up with the proper approach to the issue (Salzberg, 2012).

If a person constantly meditates on evil things and degrading thoughts, he or she will be doomed as it sinks into the mind. This makes a person feel unworthy, degraded, and develops very low self-esteem. In the end, people start behaving in very funny ways. This is all because of what one decides to take into his or her mind and thoughts. On the other hand, if an individual decides to achieve something, whether it is viewed by others as impossible or not, in the end, it will be possible. Meditating on the issue will give an individual a deep understanding of the theme and one will be energized to work towards achieving his or her target. That is why all success in life starts with a healthy blend of minds and thoughts.

What one thinks of frequently affects his or her tendency. If one constantly thinks of peace and success in life, then that is where one will grow towards. In meditation, an individual is made aware of the future in that line of thoughts. The individual works hard towards the future because he or she is encouraged. Ultimately, the individual will achieve his or her dreams in that way. Therefore, it is recommended that one should avoid meditating on disturbing and misleading thoughts as this will impact negatively on life. There is power in meditation. Nonetheless, meditation does not necessarily need to be formal. Watson (2012, p. 10) states, “One is only required to disappear mentally into something in a quiet and calm environment. Such an environment may include walking along the beach or just relaxing on a bed. It is all about forming a mental image when one is not compelled by anything or anyone.

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In his book entitled “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wattles (1900, p. 41) argues that, “one cannot achieve anything in life unless he or she has a clear picture of what he or she wants”. It is essential to have a definite mental picture of what one wants to transmit into an actual, tangible, or visible object. Most people embarrass themselves because they have vague or do not have actual ideas in their minds of what they want in life. Therefore, an individual must impress his or her thinking capability before he or she can give out any constructive and beneficial ideas. Unless one has impressed, thinking substance, he or she cannot give. All individuals have desires for great things, wealth, doing well, and traveling around the world. However, the majority of them fail to impress their thinking by not knowing what they want and not being defined. The problem of having blurred and vague desires can be primarily solved by having some quality time to meditate upon one’s life in a quiet environment.

When the mind is not disturbed, it can bring out a visual picture of an individual’s desire in life. It is through concentration that one will realize the realities in life and his or her thoughts and desires. With renewed energy and a clear picture, one can strategize and work towards achieving his or her desires. Wattles (1900, p. 42) states that “although checkered by failure, consistency in one’s line of thought will lead him or her discoveries and innovations; and one will be a successful person”. One should know what he or she wants and stays with it in his or her mind without any deviations. It does not require any effort, and one should keep contemplating on it. Eventually, one is directed to the purpose of his or her desires and dreams. When one dwells on issues of desire, his or her mental picture becomes clear and easy on the mind. When the vision becomes clear one should be able to see a tangible expression of his or her thoughts and desires. One needs to have faith and continued purpose and feeling of extending the hand to capture what belongs to him or her. What is important is for one to possess his or her desires mentally and he or she will have them physically.

Going to church or place of worship only on the Sabbath day is not enough. It is also important for individuals to create time to communicate with the dedication to God orally so that God may strengthen their faith. Prayers are very important in metaphysics because an individual directly interacts with God. Prayers affect a person’s emotions and the way of life in clarifying one’s dreams and desires. Also, prayers strengthen faith in an individual’s line of pursuance. Praying is critical, and Wattles (1900, p. 25) observes that individuals should “pray without ceasing… Believe that ye receive them”.

The whole issue culminates in forming a clear vision of what an individual wants in life. Once the vision is mentally clear, an individual can turn to God in prayer to strengthen his or her faith. Clear mental picture and thoughts will push one to work hard because one can see victory. All that an individual needs is to go with confidence and take what belongs to him or her. Wattle stresses the importance of prayer in realizing dreams. He states that “one should think and speak what he or she requested in prayer, and it would be done” (Wattle 1900, p. 26). The Bible is very clear and right on this issue. Wattle (1900, p. 27) says that ” it is faith and purpose in life that draws the difference between a dreamer and a scientist”. An individual can only be big in life by being bigger than the place he or she is at present. All this starts in one’s mind, thoughts, motivations, and contemplations.


Data Collection

This study was taken from the research conducted by Miller (1996, p. 102) “Myths, Metaphysics, and Meditation”. Data collection involved the use of a survey study on a group of twenty patients in a hospital with the help of medical practitioners in charge of counseling and real medical practitioners. The survey study was done to identify blood pressure, chronic illness, stress, and depression. The survey was also done on patients undergoing drug-related treatment and survivors of suicide attempts. The survey explored the effects of meditation on age, peace of mind, and mental relaxation after the practice. The ten participants were used as the control experiment and the remaining ten were used for the real experiment. The selection of the participants was done through a random selection of equal numbers of males and females. This study involved the use of the transcendental meditation technique. In this regard, it is simple, natural, and allows the mind to wander freely until it arrives at a state where it settles down. This is what is referred to as transcendental consciousness by metaphysicians. The participants in the actual experiment practiced meditation in the morning and evening for about 15-20 minutes. The process of meditation involved sitting in a calm and comfortable environment with the eyes closed. The study used a rating system of between 0 and 20 points to evaluate the study. The transcendental practice was done daily for seven days.

The data collection was also done through a review of the literature. Various libraries such as the Cochrane Library and PubMed a national library of medicine were used to gather information on meditation. Lifestyle intervention was also evaluated through research and actual study. It involved evaluating similar researches done in the broad area of meditation and the findings analyzed. The study also involved extracting data from different authors and tabulating them independently. The next step was reviewing them and assigning quality scores. The control group of trials was also evaluated and compared with results made.


The random-effect model was employed for meta-analysis. It involved cross-examining of the responses through their response. Their responses were then analyzed carefully, and the comparison was made with the response of those who took part in a trial control experiment. Similarities and differences were noted down as this was the center of interest.

Meditation Styles as enlisted by Metaphysicians

Meditation is geared towards striving to bring about the fundamental tenets of reflection and silent thoughts to bring about a state of rumination. The first style of meditation is mindfulness meditation. This is the most commonly practiced style of meditation. It involves an individual being conscious or aware of his or her environment. It may include sounds and other activities that happen in the surrounding. Mindful meditation allows the mind to wander freely without focusing on a certain issue. It may happen when an individual is traveling a long journey on a plane or by bus. Here, people are engaged in various activities of chatting and listening to music. In such a scenario, one may just let his or her mind be aware of the situation without focusing so much (Weiss, 2008).

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The other type is known as moving meditation. The basic idea here is to get focused on body movement. It can be practiced while dancing to music or walking. Here, one should focus on his or her breath and attempt gentle and continuously flowing movements. It is very therapeutic as it brings about a gentle, relaxing feeling. In this case, it gives the mind ample time to relax and focus on the movement without any distraction from the surrounding (Weiss, 2008).

The third form of meditation is spiritual meditation. It is mostly practiced by those who believe in God or any other supreme being. It involves communicating with the supernatural being. It is mostly practiced during prayer sessions. One has to be in a quiet and calm environment and concentrate on a certain issue of interest to practice spiritual meditation. This style of meditation is usually very rewarding as it brings about mental and spiritual relaxation. In this case, one is re-energized to proceed with life activities with renewed mind and resolutions (Weiss, 2008).

Focused meditation has been yet another style of meditation. It is an effective way to release stress ideas in an individual’s day to day activities. Instead of turning to suicide, alcohol, and drug abuse, or resorting to violence, one should practice focused meditation. It helps to focus on an object or just sounds of music, and stay committed to bringing calmness and concentration. This brings about a gentle relaxation and a peaceful mind. Individuals become rejuvenated with a real picture of the world around them. This allows the mind to relax, and thus can easily focus with much attention and awareness (Weiss, 2008).

For instance, in the case of students, one might have had problems in the family and his or her mind is ever thinking about it. This activity of thought preoccupies the mind. The student may try very hard to study because there are exams the following day; however, nothing sinks in the head. The student pressurizes himself and studies till very late before going to sleep. When he wakes up in the morning and goes to the exam room, the student realizes that his mind hardly remembers anything to write. This is even though the paper is about what exactly the student was studying. In such a situation, it is meditative that the student needs. The student can just relax, compose his mind, and try as much as possible to forget the real-life surface activities preoccupying his mind. Weiss (2008) states that identification with the family activities prevents the mind from focusing on the exams, and thus the mind appears to be empty.

In the future, when faced with family problems that appear to identify with the mind. For students who have exams, they should take some time before the exam day and practice focused meditation. They should also make sure that they have enough sleep of not less than six hours. This is psychologically therapeutic to such conflicts of the mind, which hinders people from progress in their daily chores. The final style of meditation is referred to as mantra meditation. It involves the chanting of loud noises during the meditation process. The point of focus becomes the loud sounds produced. The vibration produced enables the mind to focus on a certain sound as this is the subject of focus. It allows the mind not to be interrupted by other things around. This is the reason why in the military, people shout even during their drilling or actual warfare. It promotes concentration and focuses on the issue at hand (Weiss, 2008).


The research findings were obtained from the clinical trial of the research studies. This means that the research was taken from Gary E.R. Schwartz, et al. A Randomized Controlled Trial Of Mindfulness Meditation Versus Relaxation Training: Effects On Distress, Positive States Of Mind, Rumination, And Distraction. Annals Of Behavioral Medicine 33.1 (2007): 11-21. Academic Search Premier. Web.

    1. Meditation reduces stress and brings about relaxation.

There is a close relationship between meditation and stress reduction. Medication helps a person to relax because the mind is alert and prepared to handle certain issues. This trains the mind to avoid stress and to overcome challenging issues.

    1. There is a relationship between peace of mind and meditation

Meditation helps individuals to control their feelings and fears. Through meditation, a person understands nature and other factors that affect their lives. This helps reduce anxiety and creates internal peace in all environments.

    1. Meditation is therapeutic to human beings

Meditation has a healing process because a person relieves any stress. Stress reduces the ability of the body to fight diseases. Reducing stress increases the healing process, and a patient recovers faster when they have no stress. Therefore, meditation has therapeutic importance.

    1. There is a relationship between meditation and happiness in life

Happiness is determined by the achievement of any goals in life. When a person achieves goals, they feel happy, and they overcome the challenges that may hinder their happiness. Therefore, there is a positive correlation between meditation and happiness in life.

    1. There is a relationship between aging and meditation

Meditation reduces aging because a person relieves any stress that they may experience in life. People age faster when they fail to meditate. In this case, the body releases harmful chemicals that affect their bodies. Meditating helps relieve stress and reduce the harmful chemicals that may affect the biological systems of a human being.

The Power of Mediation

Meditation is the process of self-reflection, thoughts, and contemplation that regulate individual minds through training attention and awareness hence bringing about mental well-being and development. Other scholars define meditation as a continuous and unbroken awareness of the mind. It encompasses resilience from distractions, as well as dissipated energies into a blissful awareness. To that end, meditation is necessary for everyone as it enables one to look back at his or her life, set targets, work towards them, and develop resilience to the pitfalls that accompany the target. Meditation helps one to relax the mind and focus on achieving the objective and eventually promotes good relationships with others.

The world is moving to a level where people are developing interests and desire for meditation as outlined by researchers. Meditation is no longer a practice of old people who have retired from jobs. It is essential for all people irrespective of their ages as it is a necessary tool in reducing stress and creating a peaceful mind for individuals. Peace of mind is essential in the development of the society and general well-being of every person. Today, there is a general increase in meditation awareness as most people, who practice it, and the findings of most research reveal that meditation is beneficial for all people. Also, it brings about unity and peaceful coexistence hence brotherhood relations. In this case, people can reflect on life, think about why they exist, their roles in life, as well as their end. It fosters self-discovery. Thus, doctors worldwide and health institutions nowadays encourage their patients to practice meditation on a daily basis (Pierrakos, 1996).

The Practice of Meditation

The practice of meditation helps individuals to counter the experience of bliss. This experience shows people the path to their daily lives. Research has shown that meditation helps individuals realize and experience a calm and beautiful inner self. In this case, one disengages from the environment and gets deep into his or herself.

In daily life, individuals are always experiencing a state of consciousness. This state of consciousness usually focuses on thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that come as a result of life experiences or inner thoughts and feelings about the environment around individuals. This process takes place in the subconscious mind. It cannot be seen unless one is a metaphysician capable of reading the “beyond physical factors” that affect individuals (Kempton & Kempton, 2011, p. 59). Whatever individuals talk, feel, perceive, or even interpret is the work of the mind. Therefore, to be is to perceive. When a person feels that life has got no meaning, it is the state of mind. Such a person may easily commit suicide because life means nothing to him or her.

Human minds are usually preoccupied with thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and interpretations of activities and experiences of daily lives. These preoccupied ideas and thoughts usually conflict with the real activities that people experience. This is common when the minds are attached to the preoccupying thought. This acts to prevent individuals from perceiving and acting fundamentally with much awareness. This implies that individuals are unable to move to the level of pure consciousness. People might be living a dream life, which does not arise in a real sense. According to Khenpo and Hookham (2001), this is what causes people to act in a very queer manner as these two minds collide.

The practice of meditation is aimed at allowing people to free their minds from preoccupied ideas and thoughts. These ideas and thoughts affect people’s actions and deeds and connect them with their deepest being. This detaches a person from the surface level of the mind to the inner person. It is at this stage that individuals can come to the spiritual reality while the mind focuses on an issue or event from both sides. Detachment from surface activities allows a person to become consciously aware of whatever is affecting the person. One can reflect with greater consciousness and act in accordance with societal expectations. An individual’s mind at the pure conscious level connects activities and events with much ease. This brings peace and calm moment in one’s life. “Meditation gives the mind an ample chance to lead an individual without any interference” (Kempton & Kempton, 2011, p. 5).

Proper meditation enables individuals to connect their conscious minds from the primary perceptions thoughts, feelings, and other ideas that they experience to the greater reality that is the cause of their actions. Through meditation, individuals can connect with life realities that facilitate greater awareness and ability to perceive certain things. These things are usually unavailable when people are attached to the surface level of reality without identifying with the activities of the roaming mind. This process allows the mind to be composed, without disturbances, and bring about greater awareness of life realities. It is indeed therapeutic as the mind is allowed to relax and act in accordance with the reality of life on earth. Meditation enables people to distance their minds from surface-level activities that usually preoccupy their minds. This hinders individuals from tapping their abilities from their consciousness and developing it. For meditation benefits to be felt, it has to be done daily.

The state of pure consciousness does not disappear after the meditation period. Instead, it manifests in daily life activities and brings about overall life benefits in the way people perceive life, act, and relate with one another. Individuals develop a deep understanding and analysis of issues before acting instead of being directly affected by the surface level consciousness of their minds. Research has shown that meditation connects individuals with their spiritual sources. As a result, it is very critical to individuals’ well-being regarding health. It enhances the proper functioning of people’s minds and thus aids greater peace of mind, harmony, and effectiveness. According to Kemton and Kempton (2011), this promotes general body functioning and efficiency.

The process of meditation involves knowing one’s goals in life, and concentration on the issue or idea is required. It is important to practice meditation in a cool environment where there is calm. One has to develop a relaxed mind and self-awareness. Also, it is important to keep on doing meditation and develop real feelings of one’s self without any interference in a calm and quiet environment. This would enable one to reflect on his or her life. It is also essential not to compare one’s self to others. Individuals should always be realistic in the process to achieve self-discovery. It is highly encouraged that one use meditation techniques that he/she is most familiar with to promote concentration and encourage greater awareness. One should allow his or her mind to think freely and settle without struggling with a certain idea.

Meditation Stages

It is highly encouraged by metaphysicians that an individual should develop a great conscious level of his or her body, mind, thoughts, and feelings. This is the first stage of the meditation process. This is critical as it brings calmness and relaxation to the body. The second stage happens when the body has relaxed and calmed. It is now possible to develop a greater sense of awareness of the inner self. At this stage, it is the brain working without the interference of the preoccupied surface level activities of life experience. This is the time to discover one’s self and focus on what is considered as the realities of life. This is based on pure conscience that is disconnected from the realities of surface-level activities of people’s lives (Weiss, 2008).

The third and final stage of meditation is where individuals can explore their inner selves. At this stage, individuals resolve to work towards their targets without withdrawals because they can discover their abilities with their mind. It is the mind that makes people believe in themselves, or experience despair and doom. Once individuals are aware of their inner selves, they can experience spiritual growth. Discovery of the inner self and eventually self-awareness are a source of renewal as it energizes and gives individuals significant power. Ultimately, individuals can achieve greater self-realization and rejuvenation.

Benefits of Meditation

According to Weiss (2008, p. 1), “meditation is a healing process. In a general sense, meditation contributes to the well-being of people”. This is the reason why Weiss has included meditation in his medical practice. He argues that, in his profession, he has encountered patients whose suffering would be reduced just by meditating. Most people suffer from stress, which results from daily life activities and experiences. This can be cured safely and most simply like a moment of meditation daily. This helps a lot from a feeling of hopelessness and despair that may lead people to engage in deviant acts. Such acts include abuse of drugs, suicide, and worsening of chronic diseases. Meditation is a form of healing that is free of charge and has no side effects. When a person experiences stress and fails several times to manage it, the situation might worsen to depression. According to Weiss (2008, p. 39), “this is a very dangerous level and can result in the complete destruction of one’s life”.

Weiss argued that he has witnessed people recover, gain consciousness, and develop a positive view of life from a simple act of meditation. His research indicates that meditation has helped retired people overpower serious depression, controls severe blood pressure, and develops inner strength and peace of mind to undergo chemotherapy with a winning mentality for cancer patients.

Meditation has helped people suffering from abusive marriages and relationships develop self-esteem and carry on with other chores of life with a positive attitude. Such a person learns to repair his or her life, and as a result, the individual enjoys life. The practice of meditation gives one a sense of pure consciousness about his or her life and the surrounding environment. Moreover, it provides one with skills on how to respond to situations with a clear sense of awareness. This is derived from an individual’s revived sense of consciousness free, which is from the attachment of preoccupied surface-level activities of daily life. Meditation has also helped people suffering from chronic insomnia regain their sleep naturally. It controls and manages a condition known as psychosomatic, which is a stress-induced condition. It is essential to practice meditation daily because it is a form of therapy, and thus adds to the well-being and functioning of the body. He reveals the power of meditation to heal the human mind and body.

Meditation helps individuals understand ways in which they connect to different activities of life, as well as their importance and purpose in life. Such life activities may include exercise, eating, sleeping, listening to music, walking, raising kids, and household duties among others. According to metaphysicians, individuals should consider such activities as processes of life that unfold on two levels. These levels include the biological level and world view position.

The biological view entails the understanding of the existence of individuals and the laws that govern the existence. In metaphysics, this is a physical dimension of individuals’ lives. It mainly touches on factors that are physical to the individuals. The second level is psychological and philosophical in nature. It is all about world views and motivations that lead individuals into acting in a certain manner. This is the reason why even children born by the same biological parents and brought up together are different. It is all in the mind, and this can also be called the spiritual dimension of life.

Individuals can skillfully use meditation skills to connect the physical and spiritual aspects of their lives harmoniously. This would help bring a balance in their daily activities and encounters. This is a very essential practice as it helps to heal illness, reduce suffering, and brings order into activity plans. Also, it enhances happiness and the general well-being and efficient functioning of the body. It should be noted that meditation does not work for everybody. It requires self-commitment, time, and energy to practice it. The time needed to experience the benefits of meditation also varies regarding what is being treated. Research shows that meditation has been known to help cancer patients in reducing depression and restoring calm and peace of mind. It also helps in reducing pain from cancer and boosting the immune system. This is critical in self-healing and destroying cancer cells. A study carried out on female suffering from breast cancer has revealed that observance of meditation tends to increase white blood cells. Webb (2002, p. 5) opines that “the white blood cells fight and kill cancer-causing cells. Such an exercise has to be continuous for best results”.


Meditation has been established, and most researchers conceive it to be therapeutic in many situations of life. It enables the mind to relax, and in the process, a person develops a deeper understanding of life with a more conscious mind. This is what is considered to be very crucial in making resolutions that could be productive in life. During the process, the participant experiences a calm sense of relief from daily life experiences enabling the mind to lead them. It is said that the mind can retrieve events and activities accomplished a long time ago to appear as if they are happening at that moment. The mind approaches the situation with a more pure sense of consciousness as the brains are not distracted by free from worldly activities. It is a very joyous experience of life. It is during this period that the mind can wander freely and even communicate with God. Spiritual meditation enables a person to spiritually interact with the Supreme Being. Meditation has good health effects such as a reduction of blood pressure, stress release, improves perception, and memory among other factors. For better results, it is encouraged that meditation is practiced daily. A person can reflect on life, reasons for existing, understanding his or her role in life, and ultimately a positive step upon life is taken.

Meditation energizes a person and thus one should be eager to live and tackle problems that have been affecting him or her with a winning mentality. In this regard, all levels of success and failures start in the human mind. People with low self-esteem stressed and depressed persons usually engage in awkward activities like suicide, drug abuse, and violent relations with others because they normally do not practice meditation. Meditation brings people to the realities of life with a greater sense of awareness. When a person is relaxed, the mind functions very efficiently as it is not interrupted. Meditation with a greater sense of focus and interest on a certain object or desire in life is easy to achieve. It will only require consistency in contemplating the desire and creating a clear picture of what one wants to attain in life. With much effort, faith, and continuity, desire can be achieved. Once the mind is well set and focused, everything is possible.

Therefore, from the findings, it can be established that meditation reduces stress and brings about relaxation. Also, there is a relationship between peace of mind and meditation. If peace of mind is achieved, meditation reduces. It was also established that meditation is therapeutic to human beings. When people meditate, they experience a healing process. Meditation brings happiness in life, and people should meditate when they have social and personal problems. Therefore, meditation promotes the overall well-being of the people psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Summary and Conclusion

Meditation is a process of evaluating one’s life, and to develop a conscience about life processes. It helps heal the body because a person is alert after mediation. The general observation is that meditation promotes the overall well-being of the people psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Meditation helps to relieve an individual’s mind after a busy day. It helps to release stressful thoughts and feelings that might lead people into acting awkwardly without care for their actions. It offloads the information that builds up in the mind as a result of daily life activities. Meditation aids people to gain a new perspective over stressful life activities. The research has established that meditation creates happiness and helps reduce aging. The study involved attempting to answer the following: Does meditation reduces stress and brings about relaxation? What is the relationship between meditation and peace of mind? Is meditation therapeutic? Does meditation contribute to a happy life? Additionally, the study strived to establish the relationship between meditation and aging.

To try and answer these questions, the researcher conducted a thorough and intensive literature review on prior experiments done on various elements of meditation. This included a review of medical library reports. The research also involved a survey of twenty patients in a hospital with the help of counselors and medical practitioners. Ten of the participants were used for the real experiment. The findings were analyzed by the use of transcendental meditation techniques. A control experiment of ten patients was also studied to compare the outcomes of the participants in the real study. A random-effect analysis model was used in the analysis. It is established that meditation reduces stress and brings about relaxation. Also, there is a relationship between peace of mind and meditation. If peace of mind is achieved, meditation reduces.

It was also established that meditation is therapeutic to human beings. When people meditate, they experience a healing process. Meditation brings happiness in life, and people should meditate when they have social and personal problems. People who meditate a lot do not age faster. Therefore, people should meditate a lot to avoid aging faster. Also, people should seek help from counselors when they have problems. Researchers should research the extent to which meditation affects people. Furthermore, the application of meditation in modern society should be conducted to help improve the theories and to deliver up-to-date information. This will help people to apply the concepts to modern society and to establish the degree of impact of meditation on people.


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