91 Organizational Structure Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Organizational Structure

  1. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st century
    Traditional organizational culture stressed commitment, solidarity, identity, and sameness. New companies are oriented on responsiveness, cooperation, performance, and diversity.
  2. Texas’ Local Government and Its Organizational Structure
    The Texas local government is made up of several members in the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the Texas House of Representatives, and the Texas Senate.
  3. Organizational Structure’s and Culture Relationship
    The paper considers the questions about creating and managing organizational culture, and organizational design and strategy in a changing global environment.
  4. Alibaba Organizational Structure and Values
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited specializes on the online trades accomplished by means of mobile services and the internet.
  5. Hospitals’ Centralized Organizational Structure
    Healthcare providers should possess culturally competent skills in order to support the diverse health needs of persons from diverse backgrounds.
  6. Organizational Structure, Its Types and Influences
    The paper studies the effects of organizational structure on employees, types of organizational structures, and proposes a solution to mitigate negative implications.
  7. Google’s Values, Image, Organizational Structure
    The paper discusses the multifaceted value system of Google, the company’s organizational structure, its image and ways of presentation of this image to the public.
  8. Small Business Organization’s Structure
    The structure can improve or disrupt the quality of the product. The following paper analyzes the organizational structure of a small business organization.
  9. Organizational Structure: Project Leadership
    Drug to drug interactions are among the major causes of medicine-induced harm in patients with various diseases.
  10. Galanz Enterprise Group’s Organizational Structure
    As a private company, Galanz consists of 14 production facilities that operate across China. It is one of the largest companies in the world in the microwave business.
  11. Hospital’s Organizational Structure and Departments
    The analyzed hospital is organized hierarchically. All the departments’ responsibilities are distributed and controlled by the hospital administration.
  12. Nucor Corporation’s Organizational Structure
    Nucor’s strategic plan included new acquisition and even new joint ventures that had been successfully implemented since the start of the new millennium.
  13. Clinx Clinic’s Organizational Structure and Staffing
    Most structures in organizations are in a hierarchical manner, with the top management at the apex, followed by middle management, senior supervisors and the workers.
  14. Organizational Structures and Their Differences
    An organization has a specific structure according to which the relationships within its context are built, and the principles of the corporate culture are redesigned.
  15. Organizational Design and Structure at Google INC.
    The organization structure at Google is highly decentralized, which makes sense considering the large size of the organization.
  16. Good Mark Precision Industrial Company’s Organizational Structure
    Good Mark Precision Company has lately been established in China, it’s a foreign-owned venture and is invested by Good Mark Industrial which is headquartered in Hong Kong.
  17. Organizational Structures: Ford Motor Company
    The development of Ford Motor Company is shaped by different internal and external forces. The firm has matrix structure due to the peculiarities of their human resource and operation standards.
  18. Current Organizational Structure of British Airways
    British Airways has found that a cross-functional team-based structure is ideal for them and this is how they are succeeding.
  19. Organization’s Internal Environment Structure
    In an organization the management compensates employees as a way of attracting, recruiting, and also reducing employees’ turnover.
  20. Project Management and Organizational Structure
    A Guide to the Project Management underlines the main characteristics of projects: “performed by people, constrained by limited resources and planned, executed and controlled”.
  21. Organizational Structure of Vipshop Holdings Limited
    The divisional structure is highly suitable for companies that operate with independent business units that offer distinct and recognizable products.
  22. Relations Between Organizational Structures and Behavior
    Researching organizational behavior helps employers obtain an insight into covert patterns of their employees’ performance at work.
  23. Hospital Organizational Structure Breakdown
    Any hospital has an adequately organized structure, consisting of specific components without which the healthcare organization will not function for its patients’ benefit.

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  1. Organizational Structure of the Private Medical Company
    The current essay describes the organizational structure and the organizational chart of the private medical company that provides services in the field of laboratory diagnostics.
  2. Cooperatives’ Types and Organizational Structure
    Cooperatives can be classified into five main types according to their principal economic activity: consumer, producer, worker, purchasing, and hybrid.
  3. Comparison: The Goods and Services and the Organizational Structure
    Apart from various factors influencing the choice of organizational structure, it is essential to take into account the goods and services the company produces.
  4. Hardford Hospital’s New Organizational Structure
    The implementation of the model of shared governance at the Hardford hospital setting has proven to be effective for the client-centered approach to providing health care services.
  5. McDonald’s Restaurant Chain’s Organizational Structure
    The present paper examines the organizational structure of a McDonald’s restaurant and discusses its classification.
  6. Alberta Health Services: Organizational Structure
    In this essay, the organizational and relationship diagram of the Alberta Health Services will be discussed in detail.
  7. Organizational Structure of The Ambulatory Surgery Center
    The Ambulatory Surgery Center was not sufficiently equipped with all technical devices necessary for performing daily operations.
  8. Organizational Behavior: Definition and Structure
    For any employee, manager, entrepreneur, and administrator working in the field of business, understanding organizational behavior is essential.
  9. Organizational Performance and Structure in Healthcare
    The structure and the leadership of a health organization influence the motivation, work environment and the general feeling of the patients and health care workers.
  10. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st Century
    International and local companies of the 21st century have to change their missions, organizational culture, structure, power division, reward system, and leadership styles.
  11. Strategic Management and Organizational Structure
    The importance of organizational structure is that it facilitates teamwork and enhances communication across all levels of organizations.
  12. Organizational Structure and Market Strategies
    The paper describes three very different global companies, determines their organizational structure, and what market entry strategies each of these companies are currently using.
  13. The Link Between Organizational Structure and Change
    The organizational structure is a set of organizational units, and their interrelationships, within which management tasks are distributed between the units.
  14. Organizational Structure and the Global Marketing
    The study is about Monster Health care Company (MH Co), headquartered in the northeastern part of the United States.
  15. Organizational Structure for Redeemer Residence Minneapolis
    This paper aims to identify different organizational structures within the current healthcare system and explain leadership theories for improving organizational performance.
  16. Organizational Theory, Structure, Change, and Culture in Health Care
    In health care, organizational theory is used by the executives of hospitals and other health care organizations to improve their functioning and the quality of services.
  17. Aspects of Organizational Structure
    Organizational structure refers to the system encompassing fundamental activities within a particular enterprise that define its operating procedures and routine rests.
  18. Differences in Organizational Structures
    The paper talks about the differences in organizational structures and how they can impact a company’s bottom line.
  19. Organizational Structure: Zara
    This article presents the organizational structure of Zara, including a value chain map with key elements of the structure.
  20. The American Nurses Association and Their Organizational Structure
    The paper discusses the comprehensive integration of nurses in all levels of the healthcare delivery systems improves the quality of the provided healthcare to the patients.
  21. Organizational Structures and Management
    The paper discusses only the differences between the approaches to managing business activity due to the absence of shared characteristics.
  22. Organizational Structures in the Clinical Environment
    Healthcare organizations can choose among several effective organizational structures, the most notable of which are functional, service line matrix, and flat.
  23. HubSpot Firm’s Organizational Structure and Culture
    HubSpot follows a team-based organizational structure and prioritizes sharing creative ideas and promoting diversity by providing opportunities for various social groups.

🎓 Most Interesting Organizational Structure Research Titles

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  1. Market Structure, Organizational Structure, and R&D Diversity
  2. Labor Union Bargaining and Firm Organizational Structure
  3. Consumer Search, Competition, and the Organizational Structure of Multi-Unit Firms
  4. Organizational Structure and the Choice of Price vs. Quantity in a Mixed Duopoly
  5. The Organizational Structure and Leadership in Different Gangs
  6. Siemens Organizational Structure: The Hard Task of Restructuring
  7. The Centralized Organizational Structure of the Us Military
  8. The Desirable Organizational Structure for Evolutionary Firms in Static Landscapes
  9. Organizational Structure and Expected Output at Nuclear Power Plants
  10. Factors Affecting Organizational Structure Selection in Multinational Companies
  11. The Theoretical Organizational Structure and How It Is Used in Organizations
  12. REIT Organizational Structure and Operating Characteristics
  13. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Organizational Structure of Airborne Express
  14. Mintzberg’s Hypothesis for the Design of Organizational Structure
  15. Different Organizational Structure Types Used in the UK Business
  16. Debt Restructuring and the Role of Banks’ Organizational Structure and Lending Technologies
  17. Organizational Structure and Operation of the Illinois Wine Industry
  18. Healthcare Organizational Structure and Implementing Strategy
  19. SME’s Main Bank Choice and Organizational Structure: Evidence From France
  20. Organizational Structure and Metropolitan Hospital Center of New York

❓ Research Questions on Organizational Structure

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  1. How Do Organizational Structure and Culture Affect Business Performance?
  2. What Is an Organizational Structure and What Is Its Importance in the Workplace?
  3. How Does Organizational Structure Affect Project Management Implementation?
  4. Is There a Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Culture?
  5. What Is the Most Effective Organizational Structure and Why?
  6. How Does Organizational Structure Impact People’s Business?
  7. Why Has Apple a Flat Organizational Structure?
  8. What Affects the Organizational Structure of a Company the Most?
  9. Does Organizational Structure Impact Competitive Advantage?
  10. What Are the Main Organizational Structures?
  11. How Can the Company Outgrow Its Current Organizational Structure?
  12. Why Is a Flat Organizational Structure Good?
  13. How Can the Relationship Between an Organizational Structure and Culture Impact the Performance of the Business?
  14. What Organizational Structure Is Best for Startups?
  15. Why Is Organizational Structure Important?
  16. How Does Organizational Structure Influence the Behavior of the Employee at Workplace?
  17. What Is a Traditional Organizational Structure?
  18. Does Organizational Culture Affect Organizational Change?
  19. How Are Organizational Structure and Culture Related?
  20. What Are the Key Elements of Organizational Structure?
  21. How Does Organizational Structure Affect Decision-Making?
  22. What Is the Difference Between Organization Structure and Organizational Structure?
  23. How Does Environment Impact Organizational Structure?
  24. What Type of Organizational Structure Is McDonald’s?
  25. Does Organizational Structure Affect a Company’s Culture?
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