Organizational Structure's and Culture Relationship | Free Essay Example

Organizational Structure’s and Culture Relationship

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Creating and Managing Organizational Culture

Organizational culture and structure are in tight connection. These two aspects of the organization tend to impact each other quite a lot. In the contemporary business world, the management system and structure of a company determine the inner relationships, communication, attitudes, and general atmosphere. Organizational culture includes the behaviors, moods, and interactions of employees with each other and their managers. The effectiveness of the whole business and the levels of company’s incomes are influenced by the organizational culture. Conflicts between the employees, workplace scandals, and issues lead to the disruption of harmony and balance in the organization. In some cases, they may also affect the reputation of the whole company negatively and, as a result, reduce its income and create problems with human resources. Centralization of organizational authority and power may lead to dissatisfaction on the lower levels that will require more autonomy (What Is the Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture? par. 1).

At the same time, decentralization of the organizational structure and introducing shared power and autonomy will add freedom and reliability to the structure and lead to the improvement of balance among the workers. Finding the right scheme for various types of organizations is crucial for the creation of the most acceptable working conditions on every level, providing trust and freedom, space for self-expression and creativity, which are the necessary factors for the development of the organization, its income and its reputation among the shareholders, competitors, customers and employees. Organizational culture is a very important aspect of any modern company. There are different ways and tactics of improving organizational culture to create a positive impact on the organization’s performance in the business market, its revenue, and its reputation.

Organizational Design and Strategy in a Changing Global Environment

My organization’s strategy is based on attracting more professionals, experts, and devoted workers. This is why its policies directed at the improvement of working conditions for the diverse employees are very active. My organization creates different kinds of benefits for professionals of all types. It has a system of bonuses, which helps to develop ambition and desire to treat work with the initiative and apply creativity. Besides, to improve the atmosphere in the workplace, my organization often uses the help of workplace coaches. The employees can join courses that help them solve their workplace issues and improve their relationships with their co-workers. Using creating desirable working conditions, my organization intends to attract more employees. Some of the workers of the other organizations that are the business rivals of my company started to join our team of workers after they found out about all the bonuses and opportunities. This is why I think that my company’s organizational culture is highly effective and matches its business strategy.

Many professional and experienced workers showed their desire to pursue careers at my organization because it has better working conditions and a nicer atmosphere at the workplace. The fact that people started to join this organization after it applied various workplace policies means that the information that creates the company’s reputation spreads fast. To my mind, the progress made by my organization will set new workplace standards for other companies because they will try to improve their situation with human resources and start to establish a better organizational culture to win more qualified employees. Today, competition in business is happening on multiple levels, and organizational culture is one of them.

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