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  1. Asian Studies: The Vietnam War’s Key Points
    There were several key points in the Vietnam War that have decided its course and the way people thought about the events taking place.
  2. Vietnam War History: A Cold War Triggered by Vietnam’s Decision of Resisting Colonial Powers
    Vietnam War was a cold war era military conflict which had started in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1st November 1954 to 30th April 1975.
  3. Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam War
    A military confrontation between North and South Vietnam in the 20th century took place for almost 20 years. They were receiving substantial support from two superpowers.
  4. National Security and Press Media in Vietnam War
    This paper explains how national security collided with Press Media on societal issues. It reflects on events that took place during the Vietnam War.
  5. Music During the Vietnam War: An Intangible Weapon
    American music during the 1960s was initially written to express emotions. It became a social tool for applying pressure to the US government to end their involvement in Vietnam.
  6. The Vietnam War and American Music
    American music was initially written to simply express emotions, later it became a social tool for applying pressure to the US government to end their involvement in Vietnam.
  7. Peace & Global Security: Vietnam War & Israel-Palestine Conflict
    Military conflicts are difficult to approach from an objective standpoint. Often being emotionally dueled in addition to the political agenda by which they are supported.
  8. The Vietnam War and the Cold War
    The Vietnam War and the Cold War were escalated by the assumption that the communist movement would spread out to other Asian states in the south east region.
  9. Vietnam War – American Experience Since 1945
    The Vietnam War was the longest and most unpopular war that the United States ever took part in. there was great loss of life and major financial repercussions.
  10. Student’s Unrest and Socio-Political Outcomes of the Vietnam War in America
    The paper examines the thesis that student unrest catalyzed the larger American public’s rise against the US’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
  11. Vietnam War and Iraq War: US Involvement in the War
    Vietnam and Iraq were both wars of choice and involved deceit and misrepresentation by the U.S. government. There are many similarities between Iraq and the Vietnam War.
  12. Chain of Command in Vietnam War
    The 6 levels of the chain of command in connection to the limited war ideology in Vietnam will be examined including soldiers, division commanders, and up to the President.
  13. American Experience of the Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War is one of the most confusing and complicated wars in the history of humanity. It is significant for the United States as it has influenced its population.
  14. The Vietnam War and the United States Involvement
    Shortly after World War II ended, the United States of America was involved in a divisive conflict, the Vietnam War, which lasted for two decades.
  15. The Vietnam War From 1955 to 1975
    The current essay discusses why President Johnson got the United States so profoundly into Vietnam and suggests what could have he done to avoid the escalation.
  16. The Political, Economic and Social Effects of the GI Bill and the Vietnam War
    The paper discusses the GI Bill of Rights and the war in Vietnam greatly influenced the standards of living during the post-war period.
  17. “The Vietnam War: An Intimate History”: Book Review
    The book “The Vietnam War: An Intimate History” is designed to convey the events of the war from various perspectives and introduce them to interested audiences.
  18. Vietnam War in Political Cartoons
    The paper describes a political cartoon about the Vietnam War, tells the details, and explains how these details present the cartoonist’s message.
  19. The Chicanos in the Vietnam War
    This paper analyzes the Vietnam War which caused the draft of hundreds of thousands of men (García). There were dissatisfaction among people with the draft process not being fair.
  20. The Trauma of the Vietnam War
    Le Thi Diem Thuy shows that the repression of this trauma separates family members from each other as they try to conceal their feelings from the others.
  21. Why Vietnam War Was Unpopular: Media Coverage and Antiwar Movement
    This essay will examine the reasons media coverage and the antiwar movement made the Vietnam War unpopular and argue the opposite opinion.
  22. The Vietnam War Reasons from Primary Sources
    Some of the infamous takeaways from the Vietnam War were the guerilla tactics employed by the Vietnamese fighters, the Truman Doctrine, and the rise of the US pacifist movement.

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  1. Advancing the Peace Movement: Music During the Vietnam War
  2. S. Involvement in the Vietnam War and the Creation of Myths
  3. American Leaders and the Vietnam War: Lessons We Should Learn
  4. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Vietnam War Soldiers
  5. Bombs Away: Different Reactions to the Vietnam War in “Across the Universe”
  6. African Americans During the Vietnam War
  7. Difficulties Associated With Fighting the Vietnam War
  8. Technological Differences Between Vietnam War and the Gulf War
  9. Censorship Policies During the Vietnam War
  10. Agent Orange and Napalm in the Vietnam War
  11. Facts About Vietnam War as One of the Most Unique Wars Ever Fought by the United States
  12. Chemical Weapons During the Vietnam War
  13. Reasons for the Rise of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement in the USA
  14. The Working Class’s Loss of Faith in the American Government During the Vietnam War
  15. Paternity Deferments and the Timing of Births: U.S. Natality During the Vietnam War
  16. Martin Luther King’s Voice Against the Vietnam War
  17. Cultural and Political Views of the Vietnam War
  18. Recruitment and the Draft During the Vietnam War
  19. Aviation’s Impact Upon the U.S. Military and Economy During the Vietnam War
  20. Ethical Journalism During the Vietnam War
  21. Conditions That Influenced Sino-Soviet Involvement in the Vietnam War
  22. Secret Economics: The Economic Impact of the Vietnam War
  23. American Foreign Policy After the Vietnam War
  24. How the Vietnam War Changed the Nature of Conflict in the World
  25. Anti-war Movement During the Vietnam War

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  1. Factors That Make the Vietnam War Unique
  2. American Politics During the Vietnam War
  3. Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Presidency and the Vietnam War
  4. Before, During, and After the Vietnam War
  5. Endurance and Change: The Vietnam War
  6. Vietnam War and Its Effects on Society During the 1960s
  7. America’s Strengths and Weaknesses Highlighted During the Vietnam War
  8. Police Brutality During the Vietnam War
  9. Cambodia: Vietnam War and Indochinese War
  10. Shattered Youth: How the Vietnam War Changed a Generation
  11. Freeze Frame: Photographer Philip Jones Griffiths’ Depiction of the Vietnam War
  12. Analyzing the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War
  13. Executive Power: The Role of Lyndon B. Johnson in the Vietnam War
  14. Diplomatic Presidential and Cultural Lessons of the Vietnam War
  15. President Nixon: Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal
  16. Changing Attitudes Towards the Vietnam War in Australia
  17. Racial Segregation and the Military During the Vietnam War
  18. Anti-Communism and the Vietnam War in Australia
  19. General William Westmoreland’s Attrition Strategy During the Vietnam War
  20. Drug Testing During the Vietnam War
  21. Comparing the Iraq War and the Vietnam War
  22. Geneva Convention Violations Represented by the Vietnam War
  23. Emotional Effects During Vietnam War
  24. Argument Opposing the American Involvement in the Vietnam War
  25. Cultural Revolution During the Vietnam War
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