IMC Campaign Stories

Big corporations with well-designed brands, company mission, vision, and values integrate their priorities in captivating messages that they address to their target audience through marketing tools. An integrated marketing campaign (IMC) is a combined set of promotional messages distributed through various channels of communications so that brands can reach their target audiences in the most effective way.

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A Japanese automobile producing company Subaru has a long history of advertising campaigns, one of which has entered the market at leading positions. According to Adweek’s post, Subaru’s short video commercials on YouTube were recognized the best among other advertisements of big companies (Cohen, 2019). The latest marketing strategies of Subaru are aligned with the so-called “Love” campaign, in which the comfort and safety of the consumers using Subaru cars are top priorities. The company utilizes both owned (website) and paid marketing message channels to reach most of their target consumers.

Firstly, a television commercial entitled “Parents Imagination” portrays the importance of car safety for teenage driving. With the innovative features of sensors and smart technologies, the car keeps a driver alert and ensures his or her attentive and comfortable driving. The depiction of the ad’s plot is constructed around the concept of love that leads the campaign. In such a manner, the company reaches a significant sector of its prospective consumers by appealing to their concerns. The important element about the commercial video channel is its unique ability to visualize the content and deliver plotted stories that are well-perceived by the audience.

Secondly, the company’s website is another medium that enables promoting the brand and its product. Subaru Forester prioritizes safety, off-road features, innovative design, and comfort of road trips. The website’s main page is entitled “The SUV for all you love.” Again, the creators of the marketing strategy refer to the main theme of love and cultivate the omnipresence of their product due to its capabilities of satisfying the needs of diverse populations. The particularity of this media is its detailed descriptive nature and the concentration on the consumers who are specifically interested in the products since they visit the website on purpose.

Thirdly, social media in general, and Twitter in particular, are an important channel used by the Subaru company to integrate its product into the digital world. A banner ad posted on Subaru’s official Twitter page is entitled “It’s what makes Subaru, Subaru,” followed by hashtag LoveSubaru. Evidently, this media also portrays the main values integrated in the new Subaru Forester 2019, where safety, innovation, and capability are all represented within the “Love” perspective.

This channel of marketing allows for instant outreach by means of short content. Adhering to the requirements of the social media environment, the message is very concise, to the point, and explicitly articulates the values promoted by the integrated marketing campaign.

Overall, the story told by the automative company Subaru in its integrated marketing campaign is aligned with the company’s values. It prioritizes safety as the most important issue about cars and represents this idea by various informative means, including television commercials, social media posts, banner ads, and website content. In general, the campaign is constructed around the central idea of love that addressed all the consumers by providing unique cars for everyone. This message unifies all three media sources and delivers the promotional message in an accessible and effective manner.

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