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Immigration Law in Arizona: Main Concepts

American policy-makers attempt to develop regulations that can minimize the negative effects of illegal immigration. Much attention is currently paid to the legislation which was adopted in Arizona in 2010. It enables police officers to detain people, who might be staying in the United States illegally, without a warrant. Additionally, according to this law, immigrants are required to carry the documents which can confirm their legal status in the United States.

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These are the main elements of this policy. The adoption of this legislation gave rise to many disputes among politicians and journalists since it could detrimentally affect the human rights of many people living in Arizona. Moreover, it can have profound implications for the immigrant population of the United States, if it is adopted in other parts of the country.

Nevertheless, these changes in legislation were supported by many American citizens. Overall, it is possible to argue that despite its harshness, this law is critical for minimizing the risks, associated with illegal immigration. One can speak about such issues as economic disruption and crime. Moreover, it can be particularly relevant to the needs of Arizona which is more affected by illegal immigration in comparison with other states. These are the main argument that should be elaborated more closely.

This law can reduce several negative effects associated with illegal immigration. In particular, one should speak about crime. It should be noted that people, who come to the United States illegally, form approximately 29 percent of the total prison population in the country (Coy 212). These people can be convicted of various offenses, and some of them may involve violence (Isin 47).

Therefore, these individuals can pose a threat to many people, especially if they are involved in violent crime or drug trafficking In Arizona, these problems are particularly acute because it has a higher proportion of immigrant population. In turn, it is critical to develop a set of policies that alleviate this problem. This law can shield American citizens from various risks because it gives more authority to police officers who can prevent illegal immigrants from committing any crimes. Therefore, this policy can be viewed as a necessary precaution which can eventually benefit Arizona and its residents.

Additionally, it is important to remember that illegal immigrants can deprive many of American citizens of employment opportunities. Moreover, they can significantly drive down wages in many industries, especially those ones in which the use of unskilled labor is often required (Mastrianna 143). For instance, one can speak about agriculture or construction industry (Mastrianna 143).

Thus, illegal immigration can reduce the purchasing power of many people. In turn, Arizona is profoundly affected by this trend. It should be noted that in this state, illegal immigrants constitute approximately 8 percent of the total population (Mastrianna 143). Therefore, this law may be particularly useful for the needs of Arizona since it borders with Mexico. Therefore, while evaluating this policy, one should take into account the challenges faced by a particular state. This is one of the points that can be made.

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Admittedly, there are several risks that are associated with this legislation. In particular, the critics of this law argue that it enables police officers to detain people without provide any justification (Maas 49). They pay much attention to such a concept as the probable cause to believe that a person is an illegal immigrant. In turn, the opponents of this policy believe that it can eventually legitimize racial profiling.

This is one of the risks that should not be overlooked. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that officers are not allowed to arrest a person only due to his/her race or skin color. They can ask for immigration documents, only if a person is suspected of a deportable offence. They are not allowed to stop people without any justification since this policy can adversely affect the life of many innocent people. This is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked.

In order to avoid potential pitfalls, policy-makers should focus on the accountability of law-enforcement officers. In particular, much attention should be paid the cases of racial or ethnic discrimination. They should be investigated in a timely manner. This strategy is critical for protecting the rights of people who have the permission to live and work in Arizona. This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked since it is critical for the successful implementation of this law.

On the whole, these examples indicate that the new immigration law adopted in Arizona can be viewed as a necessary tool which is needed to address various risks related to illegal immigration. Much attention should be paid to crime and economic disruption. These issues are particularly relevant if one speaks about Arizona. Admittedly, the risk of racial profiling should not be disregarded because it can undermine the work of law-enforcement agencies. Therefore, such cases should be investigated. Still, the law adopted in Arizona is important for safeguarding the citizens of Arizona. These are the main points that can be made.

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