42 Immigration Essay Topics

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  1. Border Control: A Mixed Method Approach to Mexican Immigration to The U.S
    It is a controversy that illegal immigrants invade foreign countries for better life but instead end up living a life of concealing their identity.
  2. Homeland Security – Immigration Policy
    This paper will explore immigration policy as entailed in homeland security. It will also examine its contents as well as the changes it has undergone since its conception.
  3. Obama’s New Immigration Law
    Immigration laws are the policies that governments across the world establish to regulate who enters a certain country and the period that such s person is supposed to stay in the host country.
  4. Immigration to the United States – the DREAM Act
    The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is a law that aims to offer permanent residency to immigrants who show good moral character and graduates of American institutions.
  5. Illegal Immigration: Impacts on Immigrants and Countries
    Illegal immigration to the developed countries causes problems both to immigrants and host countries. The paper studies the issues that appear due to the immigration.
  6. Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration
    Human trafficking is a problem which seems to be concealed and even ignored in the United States’ society because of a lack of the appropriate discussion.
  7. Immigration in the US
    The current essay is an endeavor to explore the debate of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Consequently, the pros and cons of the debate shall be examined.
  8. Immigration Law in Arizona: Main Concepts
    Immigration law can reduce several negative effects associated with illegal immigration. It is critical to develop a set of policies that alleviate the problem.
  9. Illegal Immigration’s Negative Impacts
    This paper is an argumentative essay on the case against illegal immigration which has a negative impact on health care, welfare, education and crime.
  10. Factors that Make Illegal Immigration Undesirable
    The illegal immigrants make up about 5.1% of the total workforce in the United States. This clearly shows that the problem is serious and needs to be addressed in an effective manner.
  11. Criticism of Arizona’s New Immigration Laws
    The new Arizona immigration laws require immigrants to carry their documentation at all times. If the police stop the immigrants, they should produce their documentation.
  12. Illegal Immigration as a Threat to Hosts and Immigrants
    Illegal immigration has become a major problem in the Europe and the United States. It does pose not only a threat to the host nation but also the immigrants.
  13. Immigration in America as a Political Issues
    Immigration to the US is a highly complex but important demographic feature that has led to steady increase in US population and cultural dynamism since the discovery of New World.
  14. Immigration to the United States on Ellis Island
    Ellis Island is the place where the thousands of immigrants started the new life during 1880s-1930s, so they contributed to the economic and social progress of the country.
  15. Illegal Immigration in USA
    Based on basic facts and evidences, illegal immigrants should be allowed access to the entire basic requisite for life sustenance.
  16. Illegal Immigration in the United States: Control and Effects
    Illegal immigration is one of the main topics that have dominated debates across the United States for several decades.
  17. Immigration to the United States
    Denying illegal immigrants social services is illogical and unethical. Offering social services to illegal immigrants, such as health care, reduces their chances of spreading infectious diseases.
  18. Specific Illegal Immigration Issues
    This paper highlights some of the specific illegal immigration issues that touch on the country’s social welfare system.
  19. The Impact of Globalization on Immigration Control
    Globalization is one of the key factors that influence immigration. The effects are extensive to the extent of complicating the efforts of controlling immigration.
  20. Immigration Advice & Application Assistance Scheme
    This essay highlights operations of the Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS) as an organisation that provides services to immigrants.

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  1. Immigration Reasons, Functions and Problems
    This paper highlights the main points of the immigration process: reasons including economic, political, religious, functions, and problems that cause immigration.
  2. Mexican Immigration as a Political Controversy
    The article focused on the relevant and controversial aspects of modern politics, which is Mexican immigration.
  3. The Issues of Illegal Immigration in United States
    The United States of America are mainly inhabited by immigrants. Several millions of people came here during the past centuries to build a better future.
  4. Immigration and Social Prosperity of United States
    Immigration is a socioeconomic as well as a political issue that has trigger attention on media platforms in the United States.
  5. Immigration in American Culture
    Immigration is one of the most controversial topics in American culture, mostly due to a host of political issues associated with it.
  6. Acculturation and Immigration in the UK
    Immigration has always been associated with several negative issues, starting from unemployment due to the influx of immigrant labor force to the possibility of cultural conflicts.
  7. US Racial Inequality, Legislation and Immigration
    Society can be described as a mosaic of races with different people living together as one society. This situation is diverse from the times when they were pure in terms of race.
  8. Immigration, Race, and Labor in American History
    Domestica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence by Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo to reviews the lives of domestic workers from the historical perspective.
  9. Democratic Views on Pro-Immigration
    Immigration can occur in two forms – legal and illegal, and while the latter form is majorly opposed and fought against, the former is treated from several different perspectives.
  10. Canada and US Economic Relation: Immigration Impact
    Canada and the USA experience the highest influx of immigrants. This essay analyzes the impacts of immigration on the economies of Canada and the United States.
  11. Trump Presidency: Immigration and Climate Change
    Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States on November 8, 2016. Trump has repeatedly changed his views on various elements of the political agenda.
  12. The US Immigration Laws
    The United States of America is a country of immigrants. People from almost every part of the world and nationality inhabit the American territories at the present moment.
  13. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Harkat
    Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Harkat is a landmark case in Canada. This case brief outlines the details of this landmark Supreme Court Ruling.
  14. The US Immigration Laws: Movement Regulation
    There are many laws aimed at regulating the immigrant movements in the Commonwealth that have increased rapidly due to various career opportunities and higher living standards.
  15. New Immigration Waves in the USA
    Americans are a nation of immigrants who came to this land, hoping for better. However, today the approach to this central facilitator of the state’s growth is reconsidered.
  16. Immigration Enforcement in the US
    Immigration enforcement issues have continued to grow in severity and complexity over the past several years. The key task of the Department of Homeland Security is to protect the country.
  17. Immigration Impact on American Society
    This analytical paper attempts to explicate defiled human dignity as contributed by immigration in the American society.
  18. Immigration: “Our Wall” by Charles Bowden
    The present paper summarizes the contents of “Our Wall” by Charles Bowden on the impact of the wall between the United States and Mexico.
  19. Changes in United States Immigration Policies
    The emergence of an era of rapid transport and communication led to the enactment of policies that limited immigration.
  20. Immigration Laws and Social Welfare Policies
    Illegal immigration remains one of the biggest concerns for the current US government. This paper looks at the significance of social welfare policies on immigration laws.
  21. Involuntary Immigration and Its Implications
    This paper explores the implications of involuntary immigration in relation to the potential for social breakdown and increased criminal justice issues.
  22. Immigration’s Economic Input in the United Kingdom
    Immigration is one of the most important debated topics in the United Kingdom today. Britain has always been a destination for migrants.
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