Impact of Relationships and Social Connection


As social creatures, human beings depend on each other for support, care, and empowerment. They tend to establish unique relationships that eventually dictate their interactions, goals, and expectations in life. However, challenges that have the potential to disorient people’s unions and engagements will always emerge. In the selected book, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Someone Who’s Been There, the author presents a collection of essays and letters that describe different forms of human suffering and evidence-based guidelines that individuals can consider to overcome them.

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Since relationships influence the way people perceive the world around them and pursue their emotional, spiritual, economic, and social goals, it is appropriate that they embrace the concept of courage and be involved in different social interactions in an attempt to acquire superior strategies for overcoming social isolation. This paper uses the theme of courage from this text to explain how it affects American readers in the 21st century. The discussion goes further to describe why the presented analysis and evaluation matters today.

Selected Theme

In most of the letters and poems presented in this book, the reader realizes that Strayed manages to provide the best advice depending on the nature of the outlined challenges. In each story, it is evident that suffering is something natural and real that is capable of affecting any person. The feelings associated with broken relationships or marriages can be detrimental to the victim. However, the outlined guidelines explain why people should be ready to accept reality and identify new strategies to move on with their lives.

Since human situations and relationships will always change, it is appropriate that every individual embraces the idea of courage in an attempt to emerge successfully (Strayed 29). He or she can act responsibly, avoid feelings of sorrow, and stop engaging in self-pity. Although change is usually tormenting and scary, people should learn to remain resolute by examining the challenges their counterparts might have gone through in the past and learn from their experiences.

In response to the letter, “Like an Iron Bell”, the author explains how and why people should not blame others for their broken marriages (Strayed 16). They should accept reality and befriend other people without feeling sorry. Although the writer of this letter might have experienced a lot of pain, he or she managed to overcome it by focusing on issues that mattered the most at the time.

Similarly, people should consider the well-being of their children even when their partners are in different states. They can stop causing drama and do what is right. In “A New, More Fractured Light”, the letter reveals how the victim’s parents ended their marriage unexpectedly. Although she struggled at the beginning, she eventually accepted the situation and chose to move on courageously (Strayed 61). This was something necessary since roles and relationships had changed significantly in the affected family. With this kind of information, the book’s author indicates that people should remain strong and focus on the future since it is what matters the most to them.

When a person realizes that he or she cannot change the past, the best strategy is to pursue the most important goals in life in order to avoid emotional or psychological pain. Whenever things are right, it can be wise for individuals to re-establish broken relationships and be empowered to support one another (Strayed 182). From these examples, it is evident that the theme of courage stands out from the selected text.

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In each response to the letters received, the author offers adequate guidelines to comfort the victims and encourage them to continue loving one another (Strayed 189). People can, therefore, consider such insights to confront any form of darkness and overcome their unique challenges (Strayed 109). With this kind of courage, more readers will find the courage to turn their obstacles into strengths and eventually emerge victoriously.

Readers in 21st Century America

The inclusion and treatment of this theme of courage reflect the issues many Americans in the 21st century have to go through. For instance, many citizens establish new romantic relationships with the aim of starting their families and giving birth to healthy children. Some also engage in business partnerships that are intended to deliver maximize profits and improve business performance.

Others will disagree and eventually end up harming or injuring their partners. A good percentage of individuals in this country will leave their wives, husbands, or children without presenting valid reasons (Strayed 205). When such challenges take place, the author of this book encourages Americans to remain courageous and understand that they are not alone.

In an attempt to overcome their predicaments, she guides people to accept reality and realize that life does not always deliver the planned or anticipated results. When bad things happen, individuals should establish new relationships that will eventually result in personal growth (Caprariello and Reis 203). They can consider the importance of social connection or therapy to overcome most of the predicament they encounter in their lives. Another action plan is to act responsibly and get rid of any sorrowful or emotional thoughts. They can change their attitudes and acknowledge that there are other people who might be experiencing similar problems or challenges (Strayed 188). This kind of attitude will leave them more empowered and willing to pursue their future objectives.

The adoption of this theme in the selected text echoes the unique experiences and problems and pains many citizens in America go through every single day. When such issues occur, every person can seek guidance from others, forget the past, and learn to focus on his or her goals in life. Those who share their experiences will increase their odds of healing (Jolly et al. 12). Since people’s actions might affect the experiences of their counterparts, relatives, or friends, it is always necessary to find new ways to overcome and pursue personal goals in life. This approach will make it easier for more citizens to establish better relationships and eventually realize their maximum potential.

So What?

This kind of evaluation and analysis is critical since it guides people to appreciate the fact that problems will always be there. Although human relationships are complex in nature, they will influence the way individuals interact with one another and pursue their economic, emotional, social, and spiritual goals (Jolly et al. 17). Using the guidelines documented in the selected book, human beings can become more resolute to get involved in various social interactions and relate positively with their friends and acquaintances (Warchol 252). This evidence-based practice can make it easier for them to acquire additional ideas and concepts for identifying potential causes of human suffering and avoiding them whenever necessary.

Similarly, the concept of social connection is essential since it describes the experience of being close, linked, or connected to different members of a given society. It is evident that those involved will feel loved and valued (Strayed 219).

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Citizens who pursue this kind of model will establish better interpersonal relationships and find the courage to minimize their unique differences. The possible outcome is that such individuals will overcome their past troubles and pursue their spiritual, economic, and emotional objectives. The practice of forgiveness will become common in every society (Caprariello and Reis 211). More people will appreciate the idea of courage and seek social support to overcome their problems. Consequently, a better society will emerge that is capable of supporting the needs and expectations of its members.

The author uses this kind of understanding to encourage people to acknowledge any wrong or undesirable event in their lives. This strategy will prepare them for new battles and guide them to appreciate the idea of social connection (Holt-Lunstad 6). The end result is that they will be empowered to leave their pasts behind and focus on their priorities in life.


The above discussion has identified courage as a powerful theme that can empower and guide more individuals to overcome most of their challenges. When combined with the concept of social connection, more Americans will be empowered to form positive relationships that can influence the way they perceive the world around them and pursue their emotional, spiritual, economic, and social goals. Those who want to overcome their fears and heartaches should, therefore, consider these arguments and guidelines in order to establish superior connections in their respective societies and eventually succeed in life.

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