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How to End a Relationship?


Human beings are by nature social beings and therefore it can be understood that at one time in a person’s life, a person must establish a relationship of a particular nature. Relationships come in various forms and they involve a certain degree of intimacy. People enter into relationships optimistic that the relationship will be fruitful and that they will be able to enjoy friendship and companionship. However, current trends show otherwise. In most circumstances, people are left disillusioned and desperately look for ways to end the relationship.

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Process Analysis

Ending a relationship is not very easy because it involves the feelings and emotions of both parties. In the instance when both parties are not comfortable with the relationship and they are ready to come out and share their feelings, ending a relationship is rather easy. However, when it is only one partner that feels that he/she is not comfortable then ending the relationship becomes rather difficult. Ending such a relationship where only one partner is willing requires the consideration of some important aspects. Relationships are based on emotions and companionship and it is therefore observed that they are built and nurtured over time. Therefore, having the idea of letting go of such an investment of time, emotions and even money requires that the reason be authentic.

The general realization is that every relationship experiences some form of challenges from now and then. In most instances, couples prefer to deal with these issues amicably and diplomatically. However, it reaches a point when the relationship becomes utterly abuse and unproductive. The feelings that a relationship should end are not strange since most people wear masks during the early stages of the relationship. Therefore as the relationship progresses and they become comfortable they start to show their true self which is not always pleasing to their partners. Most people also assume that their partners will soon change and prefer to give them the chance and the tolerance. However, when it soon becomes unbearable they decide that enough is enough; perhaps when it is too late. It is not healthy for a person to condemn themselves to a bad relationship just because it is too late.

When seeking to end a relationship, it should not be done spontaneously. Spontaneously ending a relationship may affect the other partner and may even affect their self-esteem. As much as the partner might have erred, it is always prudent that the relationship ends up diplomatically with both partners holding no grudge towards each other. However, this is not always the case. Some instances will require immediate termination of a relationship. For example, when a partner is abusive especially physically, there are always chances that this partner might cause physical harm. A partner who suddenly turns physically violent after a year of a relationship may be given a chance. However, a partner who turns physically violent after various meetings should not be given a chance. The time factor is very important because the contemporary world presents many challenges to people and different people deal with these challenges differently. A person might be going through some hard time and this may trigger some unbecoming behavior or treatment. Therefore, if we care about such a person it is important to at least try to help them.

There is also the kind of relationship where one partner feels that they cannot optimize their capacities. This is the hardest kind of relationship to end because the other partner will not always understand since they might be trying their best. Ending such a relationship requires a lot of explanation or else the other partner might let go grudgingly. Most people are already aware that when someone wants to end a relationship they are not always sincere in informing their partners of the real reasons. It is common for people to come up with excuses that it is not their partners who present the challenge. These kinds of people still care about their partners and therefore refrain from hurting them. It is however good to be sincere to the other partner about the reason for wanting to end the relationship. This again should not be done in the middle of a heated argument or when the other partner is going through some stressful moment.

The environment should neutral so that the partner can listen to what is being said instead of reading the tell-tale signs. Most people prefer to use body language with the belief that their partner will pick the signs and initiate the termination. However, this only leads to further frustrations for both partners and may complicate the termination process. Therefore, sincerity and straightforwardness should be primary considerations. In situations where partners share more than just the relationship, further challenges may be encountered. For instance, when the partners share workplace, residence, or are in a business partnership. Ending such a relationship requires evaluation of the situation before jumping to conclusions that could be hurtful to both partners. In such cases, consultations are very important to establish the opinion of the other partner. Thereafter, an agreement will be arrived at how the situation will be handled after the relationship has been terminated. Although relationships are nurtured out of feelings, it is important to be rational and logical when ending a relationship to avoid the frustrations and the battles that may ensue.

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