Implementing Strategies of Career Development


Despite the economic downturn, pursuing a career in the construction industry is still a rational goal that one can set his eyes on, and achieve. People will still want to build more houses and businesses will still need more facilities to expand, keeping the demand for this industry constant. To meet my career objectives in the construction industry, there are a few strategies that I will need to employ as outlined below:

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Undertaking Research

One of the most important steps that one ought to take in the construction industry is getting the right information concerning the career of choice from the right sources. I intend to do an online search of the construction companies that are located near my vicinity and are doing well. I have planned a visit to their premises and look for contractors who can give me valuable information concerning the industry.

Participating in Construction Fairs

Whenever there is a construction fair organized focusing on the construction industry, I will make sure that I attend them. Construction fairs give a display of products from various companies and provide an environment where construction industry players interact. This will ensure that I am abreast of any new technologies and development that would prove to be valuable in my quest for a career in this industry. Also, the people who are involved, both in organizing and participating in these fairs have the necessary knowledge to guide me in developing my career.

Resume Development and Posting

After doing my research and gaining invaluable information concerning the industry, I would embark on developing a resume that focuses more on my interest in the construction industry. I would then post the resume to websites that deal with industry-specific job searches. I am aware that just a few hiring managers would contact me, but some recruiters would call me, and I will get involved in some jobs, which could help me build my resume.

Approaching Construction Companies

I would send my resume to all the companies that I would like to work in and enquire about my chances of being hired by these organizations. In the process, I will engage the services of several professional recruiters to assist me, this will increase my chances of landing an interview. Some of these companies provide training courses where I would enroll myself to acquire the relevant skills in this industry.

Joining Apprenticeship Programs

In the construction industry, one of the best entry levels is apprenticeship. Here, I will acquire priceless training and basic instructions that I would have acquired through a course in construction school. An apprenticeship gives a hands-on experience, which would be an added advantage in the quest of developing my career.


Since there is a frequent need for new buildings, there will always be a demand for people in the construction industry. To position me strategically I would need to undertake extensive research about the industry players. I will ensure that I participate in any construction fairs that would be organized around my vicinity. Besides, I will develop a resume that would fit this industry as well as approaching established construction companies where I am seeking employment. Getting an apprenticeship would be profitable since it would give me hands-on experience. These strategies will help me to achieve professional career growth in the construction industry.

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