Intercultural Communication: the Product Names and Logos

When doing business globally, it is crucial to take into consideration the meanings and sounding of the product names and logos into the languages of the cultures a product target. Chevy Nova produced by General Motors was very popular in the USA, yet in South America it had no success at all. The problem was that the product name “nova” means “does not go” in Spanish which was an anti-commercial for the consumers from South American countries.

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The ethical issue addressed in the problem of Machu Picchu has to do with the status of cultural values (material ones namely). Are the artifacts and sights such as Machu Picchu universal? Since tourists from all over the world want to visit them, they are universal. This way, the values are to be treated with respect and carefulness regardless of what culture they belong to. The respect of the visitors to the ancient Machu Picchu should be demonstrated by appropriate behavior – no trash, no vandalism, and no consumerist attitude.

Different individuals are entitled to have different points of view. Recognition of the validity of differences lies in one’s ability to accept the perspectives and beliefs different from their own. In the clip, the characters of Kidman and Penn have different opinions abut justice; she supports forgiveness and acceptance of the injustice in life while he believes in revenge as a form to re-establish justice.

In Japan business settings, communications need to take into account the social status and differences of the individuals. This way, whenever the members of one meeting enter one room, they are to sit or stand in a particular order. Such communication reflects the Japanese business etiquette.

The Yanomamo people are a large tribe (20 000 individuals) living on the territory of Venezuela. Their culture is at the very basic level; they have not invented the wheel or learned how to work with metal. The Yanomamo are hunters, they consume such animals as monkeys, jaguars, and ocelots. They also smoke a drug that causes hallucinations which they make out of roots.

Miami’s dependence on tourism cannot be called an ethical issue. First of all, Miami’s infrastructure and nature are not threatened by the inflow of tourists. Miami, unlike Myanmar, does not suffer from ecological problems such as deforestation. Besides, visiting Miami as a tourist one does not support a wide range of crimes committed by the government. Tourism in Miami does not benefit a number of corrupt political leaders who devastate the country and its people.

In Sudan, the population is divided based on the religious beliefs. The clash of the two cultures may be viewed as a cultural shock, the religions need to exist next to one another and learn to develop more tolerance and see the validity of their differences. Accomplishing this will be the way for the cultures to stop the conflict and start the phase of adaptation.

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The rituals of the Dani and Asmat tribes can be characterized as both values and beliefs. According to the cultural beliefs of these people, particular actions and what they symbolize have value. The discussed tribes value their relatives and kin, and they also believe that an enemy’s skills can be absorbed by means of eating their brain. The rituals these tribes perform are based on beliefs and represent a valuable action.

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