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Importance of APA Style

APA is one of the citation styles that help the reports, and written assignments look interesting and appealing to readers. Nonetheless, it not only structures the paper and presents the ideas coherently but also assists in avoiding plagiarism. In this instance, the APA citation style uses different principles to cite both direct and indirect quotes. For example, when referring to ideas, in-text citations are utilized. In the case of APA, it is essential to indicate the authors and the year to show the main source of the idea. Nevertheless, it is difficult to understand its working mechanism without the example, and some concepts from the article Involving the Health Care System in Domestic Violence: What Women Want will be summarized. In this case, Usta, Antoun, Ambuel, and Khawaja (2012) discuss the substantial role of various healthcare institutions in minimizing the levels of domestic violence among women. This sentence shows that this idea clearly belongs to the authors of the article and avoids plagiarism.

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At the same time, one cannot underestimate the role of direct quotes when expressing ideas of other authors. In this case, the borrowed text is presented in quotation marks. Meanwhile, apart from depicting the authors and the year, it is necessary to indicate a precise location in the text (a page number). In this instance, the examples from the article mentioned above will also be used. For instance, Usta et al. (2012) base their findings on the interview of the participants and state that intervention of healthcare institutions will be necessary since it will “show women that they are not alone” (p. 216). Lastly, apart from being present in the text, both in-text citations and quotes have to have a full reference in the bibliography to ensure that the sources are cited properly.


Usta, J., Antoun, J., Ambuel, B., & Khawaja, M. (2012). Involving the health care system in domestic violence: What women want. Annals of Family Medicine, 10(3), 213–220.

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