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Importance of Employees Getting Vaccinated


The world has been subjected to the new norm since the outbreak of a viral disease known as SARS coronavirus-2 or COVID-19. The disease is respiratory, and it affects the lungs causing breathing problems and leading to the death of those with existing breathing conditions. It has rendered the world’s economies on the verge of collapsing, and human interaction has become almost impossible. From the onset of the year 2020, nothing has been the same since the globe’s countries have resulted in lockdowns and curtailing human movements to reduce its spread. However, most of the measures put in place prove challenging to bring an end to the spread of covid-19. Thus, there is a need to ensure that an effective vaccine is administered to company employees to ensure that humans can interact freely for effective resumption of normal business activities.

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Vaccination Will Serve to Protect Employees and Society as a Whole

Getting vaccinated is crucial for employees to ensure both their safety and also to protect others. COVID-19 is relentlessly affecting lives not just from a personal perspective, but the entire human race is at risk of solitude. People have been subjected to hide at their homes and reduce interaction with others even close family members have been isolating to avoid contracting the disease. However, the world cannot continue to hide forever, thus the need to take vaccination to avoid the solitary state the disease has created.

Moreover, by taking the vaccine, the employees will demonstrate love not just to themselves but also to others, including health workers who are heavily burdened. As Mukherjee states, “initial observations conclude that those developing severe disease require hospitalization” (2). The indication implies a need for all employees to be mandated to get vaccinated to ensure protection for themselves and others.

The importance of vaccination to society can be demonstrated by the high number of people willing to get vaccinated. According to Reiter et al., statistics indicated people’s willingness to be vaccinated by 70% being ready to take the vaccine when it becomes available (6505). This is a clear indication that the majority will be willing to take the vaccine when mandated to do so. Moreover, the vaccine serves as goodwill not just personally but to the human race. Willingness to be vaccinated is crucial to every employee and the organization as a whole, thus why every employee should be mandated to be vaccinated.

Vaccination Will Ensure Resumption of Normal Businesses

To ensure that the world at large resumes normalcy, there is a need to mandate employees to get vaccinated. Every organization relies heavily on the health of its employees and clients and that of the economy. Currently, the economy is hurting, and there is a need to ensure that every sector of the economy resumes its regular business. It has been proven that the vaccine is able to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus in a substantial manner (Amit et al. 877). This serves as a clear indication that if many people took the vaccination, there is every chance the spread of the virus will go down. Therefore, an organization must ensure employees are mandated to take the covid vaccine to serve as a recipe for resumption to normalcy.

In an endeavor to restore the world economies back to the levels it was before the pandemic, there is a need to encourage vaccination. It is clear that a healthy economy reflects upon the living standards of every individual. At the moment, many businesses are hurting and on the verge of extinction. In fact, so many retail and consumer businesses have collapsed, and it will take a lot of effort and capital investment to revive them.

According to Donthu and Gustafsson, commercial activities have been affected in many industries due to the closure of business caused by COVID-19 (284). Many organizations are counting losses, and it’s time the situation is arrested before it gets out of hand. Moreover, every organization ought to take it upon themselves to educate employees and ensure they take the initiative to be vaccinated. Furthermore, interactions will be resumed, and customers will start visiting shopping areas; thus, businesses will start to thrive again.

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Vaccination Will Serve as Motivation Factor to Employees and Clients

Mandating employees to take an initiative to be vaccinated for COVID-19 will serve as a motivation to many as it will give a sense of safety not just for them as individuals but also to clients. COVID-19 has created a sense of insecurity among people in a way that no one feels safe in public spaces anymore. Many retail business and service industries have been affected by the fact that customers no longer visit their premises for products or services. The long-term implications have dire consequences not only to business owners but also to the employee themselves. Thus, there is every reason for every single employee to accept the mandate of being vaccinated to encourage the feeling of safety to customers. In turn, it will serve as a huge motivation factor.

Due to lack of customer, many employees have been rendered jobless due to low productivity and losses incurred as covid infections continue to rise. For that reason, many were forced to downsize their salaries and even forgo the allowances and other hefty packs, which were essential for their lifestyle. In reality, people have lost their jobs in such alarming numbers as the case with the great depression of the 1930s (Donthu and Gustafsson 285). Every employee has the liberty to choose whether they will take the vaccine or not. However, it is paramount if they want to resume their everyday lives and thrive in their businesses and career to feel the mandate of being vaccinated. Therefore, when employees are mandated with taking the COVID-19, it serves as a motivation factor, and many organizations are optimistic that the future will be better.

Vaccination Will Help Protect Future Generations

The decisions made today will most definitely affect how the future will look. For instance, if organizations fail in leadership and make crucial decisions, the future will be at stake. Organization leadership has to take the responsibility of ensuring employees are well advised on the importance of vaccination. There is clear evidence that vaccines give a herd immunity against viral diseases when a large portion of the population is vaccinated (Neumann-Böhme et al. 977). For the future generations to have hope of living in a world where they are free to associate and do business in thriving economies, there is a need to take action today. Organization leaders have to mandate the employees to take vaccines when they become available to them.

Since the pandemic hit the globe, the survival of many business entities depends on the initiatives that the entire society takes today. Business organizations and government institutions have a vital role to play to ensure the survival of those entities so as to guarantee the future. Even though there are those who will oppose the fact that vaccines are vital if the world is to resume normal operations, the future is in our hands, and important to make informed decisions.

Thus, restoring confidence in people on the importance of being vaccinated is vital. For instance, health care employees can serve as role models and help restore confidence in vaccines by taking the mandate to get vaccinated (Verger and Dubé 3). This will be a significant step to ensure many more people take the initiative seriously. Furthermore, the future is for everybody to decide, and together people are mandated to be vaccinated against COVID-19, including the employees of both the private and public sector.


In conclusion, every employee should take the initiative to get vaccinated when an opportunity is presented. The greater good of vaccination is not only for themselves but the society as a whole. It is upon the organization’s leadership to ensure that they mandate the employees to ensure they get vaccinated. COVID-19 has proven to be a deadly disease and has caused so much pain and left humans to languish in solitude. In the long run, getting back to normal ways can only be guaranteed through herd immunity which can be achieved through mass vaccination. This will ensure the resumption of normal businesses; it will serve to motivate employees as well as their customers and also guarantee protection for future generations. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to ensure they mandate their employees to get vaccinated.

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