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Burnout and Staffing Shortage Causes in Nursing

Nursing entails building a foundation that can examine the needs of patients and face the crisis emanating from the health sector with a common vision of stabilizing it. The skills and ethics of nursing are meant to promote change and empower the families that various patients are affiliated. The frontline staff is diverse when assessing every patient’s need, and such workers face burnout. Some instances of burnout are due to a shortage in the working staff. Burnouts are brought about by occupational stress, compassion fatigue, and increased workload. Medical errors are considered the 3rd leading cause of death in the US alone (Terry & Woo, 2020). Burnouts due to staffing shortages contribute to the high rate of medical errors. For instance, a dissatisfied physician has a greater likelihood of making errors to the outpatients. Many attempts have been made to curb instances of burnout. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is one of the legislations passed by the US congress in 2010 to overhaul US healthcare, but it is unstable.

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Problem Statement

The aspects of nursing practice expose workers to job burnout and work-related stress. Such mistakes can lead to fatalities hence leading to a rise in healthcare costs. Some practices, such as shortage in staffing, can endanger patients’ lives. The emotional and physical trauma is directly proportional to the turnover among the newest employees and old practitioners. If appropriate measures are not taken, the healthcare spectrum will not resolve burnout-related problems due to staffing shortages. In chronic levels, the health vicinities will have a massive surge of patients and a possible outbreak of contagious diseases (Terry & Woo, 2020). Therefore, this research is fundamental to enable the surge of outbreaks or any form of patient negativity to be contained. Approaches in burnout equilibrium should be done with precision to enable the societal and global outlook to have a cohesive ambiance.

Purpose Statement

The main focus of this research is to study and examine the main causes of medical practitioners’ burnout and staffing shortages. To eliminate the consequences of burnouts to the patients and their affiliates, such as family members or even their close friends, medical errors accrued through burnouts should be done away with. Professionally, the ethics of the medical council has constantly worked towards eliminating burnout errors and staffing shortages. However, nobody has ever researched the relationship between staffing shortages and burnout errors. The staffing shortages make the available staff members become exhausted. The conclusive nature of the research will find ways of improving the underlying problem of medical errors. The research goal is to empower medical practitioners and their leaders in i nstilling professionalism and decreasing their stress levels. The core objective is to maintain quality care for the patients on time.

Research Question

The research guidelines are a major analogy that many medics have continually faced from one professional generation to the other. Therefore, it is fundamental to put the negativity of burnouts and staffing shortages to an end. The lower the errors in the medical field, the lower the mortality rate globally. Nobody should face the wrath or an error that could have been evaded. The research aims to find the relationship between medics’ shift hours and workplace stress resulting in burnouts and staffing shortages.


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