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Importance of Studying History

People should attract attention to the importance of studying history and developing historical thinking skills. The study of the past extends our understanding of how people and societies behave in various social settings (Stearns). This understanding of human behavior features allows managing people’s lives in the present. Moreover, historical knowledge contributes to studying causal relationships and the development of abilities for their search. Such skills are necessary to find factors that cause change and predict what they may entail.

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Furthermore, by studying history, students acquire the skills to evaluate evidence and interpretation, see a broad perspective. The unique ability historians develop is to search for truth even if it contradicts personal feelings (TED). They can apply them in various areas as politics or business. Often understanding history allows preventing mistakes, helps to build a thoughtful strategy, and to manage stressful situations. Moreover, knowledge can be applied not only at the level of society but also in the professional life of each person. The experience of predecessors is genuinely enriching, and people become more assertive and wiser when they learn from the past.

History determines a person’s identity, understanding of self, and place in society. Facts from the past inspiring the study of a nation, or individual family history, contribute to greater devotion to established values. For this reason, modern Americans must confront contradictions of the past. These reasons also justify the importance for us as citizens to study the history of our country, and as the residents of Nevada, the past of the state. So after studying the USA and Nevada past, I feel more pride, belonging, and desire to do more for the development of society.

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