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Increasing Number of Migrants in Australia

Name of the focus area

This report aims to explore the legal implications of the increasing number of migrants in Australia. More specifically, the new people who come to Australia and are being settled in the state will be reviewed from a legal perspective.

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Outline and explain the issue

In general, Australia provides settlement support to immigrants, especially to skilled employees, as part of its social policy. Manpreet and Shamsher (2018) state that a large number of young individuals arrive in Australia under different humanitarian and migrant programs issued by various organizations. The authors argue that navigating the legal system is especially difficult for these people because of bureaucracy and the issues associated with it.

Moreover, the approach to handling immigration changed in recent years, because the number of foreigners who want to stay in Australia has increased from only 85,000 in 1996 to over 200,000 in 2017 (Doherty & Evershed 2018). Graph 1 demonstrates the statistics regarding immigration trends. This leads to a debate and a need to review the policies regarding immigration and the settlement of people in the country.

Permanent migration to Australia (Doherty & Evershed 2018).
Graph 1. Permanent migration to Australia (Doherty & Evershed 2018).

Assessment of different legal methods to resume the dispute

Firstly, the primary legislation that guides the procedures relating to newly settled immigrants is the Migration Act 1958. Although over the years, several amendments were made to this policy, its general principles remain the same (Migration Act 1958 1958). In essence, it outlines the country’s visa policy, which provides a permit for foreigners to enter Australia. A critical aspect of this legislation is that it allows a two-step migration process during which an individual can obtain a visa for work or education and then apply for citizenship.

The law also allows refugees to seek asylum in Australia, thus providing people with a large number of opportunities to migrate so it is an efficient policy. Next, the country altered its policies to ensure that more skilled workers arrive in Australia (Temporary skill shortage visa 2019). For instance, the Temporary Skill Shortage subclass 482 visa, allows individuals to enter the state for work-related purposes within short periods.

Another legal method developed by the government is the migration zone. According to this practice, all individuals that are not citizens of the country need to have a visa in the predetermined territory (Migration Amendment 2011). This was necessary to protect the state from illegal immigrants that can disrupt social and economic life. While this legislation prohibits unauthorized entry, people can apply for a refugee status that can help them obtain permission to stay in Australia.

Assessment of agencies of reform

Several agencies were introduced to have more control over the migration issues and to mitigate its adverse outcomes such as an unskilled workforce because of an increase in housing prices and infrastructure problems arising due to a growing population. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia is concerned with accepting and reviewing applications from people who want to stay in the state. The department is also in charge of the skilled worker program that aids individuals with adequate education or work experience to migrate and settle (What we do 2019). The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, which is a part of the department, provides a list of registered agents that can help fill out application forms.

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Next, the Migration Council in Australia is a nonprofit organization that links commercial and community sectors to improve immigration practices and help people who come to Australia. According to the agency’s website, it is an “independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit body established to enhance the productive benefits of Australia’s migration and humanitarian programs” (About Migration Council Australia 2016, para. 1). Therefore, it helps the migrants by advocating for fair settlement practices and urging them to reform the current policies. Other efforts in media are present as well, for instance, the Guardian focused one of its articles on the two-step visa process that allows people to obtain citizenship after they graduate from an Australian university (Doherty & Evershed 2018). Arguably, the media has a vital role in raising the question regarding uncontrolled immigration and its implications for the future of the country.

These agencies and media resources have a significant impact on the Australian immigration issue and have influenced the reforms significantly. All of them try to highlight the bureaucracy and other difficulties that migrants encounter. While changes were made to the existing legislation, these organizations were successful at raising awareness, addressing settlement problems, and developing migration programs that aid skilled people by helping them obtain visas and permits.


Uncontrolled and illegal immigration can lead to severe consequences. However, it is also vital to ensure that migrants have support from the government when settling in the country. A program addressing settlement issues and helping individuals assimilate by introducing them to the culture and social life of Australia can be beneficial. It is because the state already has programs addressing skilled workforce and education that help people who have sufficient training migrate.


Overall, migration has been an important issue for Australia because of infrastructural and social problems that can arise in the future. The primary approach of the government is in focusing on attracting skilled employees to the country. Both the government, its agencies, and the media dedicate attention to ensuring that the state does not suffer from large numbers of illegal immigrants while providing settling aid to people with appropriate education and experience. The final recommendation is to dedicate more efforts towards attracting skilled people to Australia and ensuring that they have support when settling.

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