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Importance of Respect in the Army: Code of Ethics


Soldiers are required to follow established codes of ethics, core values, and philosophies that can make it easier for them to achieve their aims. Commanders and other professionals in leadership positions should have their orders and guidelines followed or taken seriously. The existence of various requirements and conditions is what makes armies successful. The absence of such attributes and regulations can affect performance, reduce the level of obedience, and ensure that outlined goals are never realized. The purpose of this paper is to explain why respect remains an important value in the army that military personnel should exhibit and promote.

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Respect is an outstanding value that supports the experiences, roles, and goals of many military groups or armies. It has emerged as a form of tradition that guides and empowers soldiers to pursue a sense of duty and pride. Those who have a clear understanding of this value will be willing to support one another and focus on their goals. All people in the military should be ready to promote this concept due to several reasons that make it important. Firstly, soldiers who embrace it will be aware of the other critical values associated with the military, such as loyalty, commitment, and honor. These attributes will empower all individuals to follow commands while at the same time mentoring one another.

Secondly, this value is essential since it encourages soldiers and commanders to promote the concept of self-respect. This practice will support the development of a positive culture whereby people treat themselves fairly, avoid engaging in wrongful acts and take good care of their bodies. They will dress properly and act diligently in accordance with the stipulated guidelines. This strategy makes it possible for more soldiers to treat the entire army as a team. The possible outcome is that they will focus on a common goal.

Thirdly, respect is critical because it creates a scenario whereby individuals love and protect one another. With this kind of notion, they will be ready to address emerging obstacles and complete missions for those who have been injured. Subordinates will show respect to their bosses by following every presented guideline or instruction. Similarly, commanders will treat their followers fairly and be involved whenever challenging situations emerge. These initiatives will support the completion of various obligations and roles in a timely manner.

Fourthly, the concept of effective leadership remains a crucial function of every battalion or military unit. When all stakeholders or soldiers respect one another, the level of communication will improve and support the establishment of different teams. The existing conditions will favor and encourage leaders to present diverse resources that have the potential to promote performance. This value will make work easier for commanders since their followers will always remain responsive. When there is disrespect in a given unit, those in leadership positions will be unable to present timely instructions. The targeted individuals might also decide to ignore or blackmail their supervisors. These malpractices will affect the effectiveness of the affected unit or group.

Fifthly, the promotion of respect in the army becomes a powerful model for maintaining positive relationships. This is the case since it guides different individuals to focus on their tasks, communicate with one another effectively, solve every difference, and establish long-lasting friendships. They will promote various attributes that can eventually deliver the intended outcomes, such as cooperation, teamwork, and dedication. Leaders will find it easier to get honest responses and views from their followers and improve their strategies or action plans. These developments will eventually deliver desirable results and make the targeted military successful.

Sixthly, respect remains a meaningful value in the army because it empowers juniors to succeed in challenging conditions or environments. This becomes possible since their commanders will be able to inform them about every upcoming activity or mission. They will be aware of their specific responsibilities and the most appropriate procedures for delivering high-quality results. When this trait is exercised by all, such subordinates will be willing to seek guidance and empowerment from their commanders. They will remain honest and ensure that such leaders appreciate their commitments. These practices will support the development of a positive culture whereby every individual becomes an equal partner in the specific army or unit. A shared vision will emerge that dictates the way all soldiers collaborate to deliver the intended aims.

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Seventhly, respect remains an unavoidable value in the military because it creates a sense of confidence. This is a clear indication that every member will be convinced that every action being undertaken will eventually succeed. With the adoption of these attributes, soldiers will appreciate the contributions of their colleagues. The issue of rank becomes less important since every person is aware of the intended results. Those in managerial positions will win the respect of their followers or subordinates. The concept of teamwork will become a reality and eventually ensure that decision-making, project execution, and problem-solving processes are pursued diligently.

Finally, every army or military organization requires that its soldiers take the issue of respect seriously. Individuals who fail to do so will increase their chances of being punished. When some soldiers remain deviant and ignore the guidelines their superiors present, chances are high that they will have their contracts terminated. This argument explains why respect and other core values associated with the military remain essential. Different theorists and professionals in this field have continued to put much emphasis on this value since it ensures that every unit, squadron, or battalion functions optimally. Without adequate respect, more followers might become defiant and eventually make the launched missions unsuccessful.


The above discussion has identified respect as an important value that governs the behaviors, relationships, and thoughts of soldiers in the army. The promotion of this attribute will ensure that seniors and subordinates treat each other fairly and focus on the anticipated objectives. This kind of practice minimizes disagreements, promotes teamwork, and supports decision-making procedures. The final outcome is that any unit that pursues this value of respect will achieve its objectives much faster.

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