Independence in the US and Mexico: Comparison


The desire of each country to be one of its kind usually developed into numerous independence movements which were observable from the end of the eighteenth up to the middle of the nineteenth century. Independence movements in different countries were similar in their participants’ desire to become free. Though all alike at the first sight they differed to some extent depending on the country they took place in. Certain similarities and differences between independence movements in Mexico and the United States can be pointed out.

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To begin with, both the movements started because the colonists were not satisfied with their governments and resented the laws they imposed on them. In case with Mexico it was the government of Spain whereas the American colonists were against the government of Britain. American colonists were refusing to pay high taxes the government has set and the participants of the Mexican independence movement followed after the American and French Revolutions and stood up against their Spanish government they disagreed with. The biggest desire of both, Mexican and American colonists was to replace their governors and rule their countries themselves.

Another similarity lied in the fact that the leaders of both the movements compiled a document in order to enumerate their demands. In Mexico this document was “Plan de Iguala” the main provisions of which were to make Mexico independent, to establish Roman Catholicism as the main and single religion and to pronounce Mexican and European people equal. The document also proclaimed Mexico a constitutional monarchy under the governing of Ferdinand VII. For the United States such a document was the “Declaration of Independence” which demanded separation and political independence for thirteen states with their further ability to act as all other independent countries which is to conclude peace, to levy wars and to be engaged in trade. One more important provision of the Declaration was to either change or abolish the current government which according to the facts stated in the declaration did not take proper care about its citizens.


In contrast, the main difference between the United States and Mexico independence movements consisted in the period of time each of them took place in and the readiness of each country to the war. The United States independence movement took place when the economical conditions of the country were more or less favorable whereas Mexico’s fight for independence fell on the period of time between Napoleonic wars in Europe and the conservative movement which impeded the establishment of new countries in the Americas and their proper recognition. This is why the Mexican independence movement can be called more dramatic.

One more difference which is worth mentioning is the demand of the participants of each movement as such. The United States independence movement was aimed at the pure acquisition of independence the country was fighting for over the years whereas the religious aspect in the Mexican independence movement also played an important role. It is only in Mexico that the tension between the church and the government was so evident.


In conclusion, the facts mentioned above prove that similarities and differences existed between the United States and Mexico independence movements. Common dissatisfaction with their rulers and ability to express their demands in specific documents was what made them alike but the readiness of each country to handle the fight and slight differences in their policies, namely the importance of religion for Mexico was what made each of them unique.

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