Infant Development and Family Situation Analysis


Giselle is two-month-old. She has good reflexes and normally develops except for being underweight. Her mother (Joelle) takes care of her, but she needs to enhance her knowledge regarding infant’s nutrition. Moreover, her grandmother should also pay more attention to their nutrition to provide proper advice and support. Changing her life a bit, Joelle will improve her child’s development and give her an opportunity to gain enough weight.

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Giselle is two-month-old, and she can briefly smile and respond to sound by turning her head. She can make movements with her arms (she opens and shuts her hands) and legs (she kicks her feet). She cries to respond to pain and fear (Children on Track, 2011).


Giselle’s strengths are her reflexes, as they are considered to be normal. Moreover, she has grown as it was expected. Her length and head circumference altered.


Like all children of her age, Giselle has grown in length. Her social and emotional development correlates with those of a typical two-month-old child, as she smiles at people and tries to look at her mother. Still, she is expected to calm herself, but such ability is not mentioned. Her communication normally develops because she can turn her head towards sounds. Still, her language development cannot be evaluated, as it is not said whether she coos and make sounds or not. Giselle’s cognitive development is not described well, but it may be assumed that she reacts to the activities she does not like (crying when receiving immunization), pays attention to faces (smiles to her mother). Her physical development is also normal, as she moves her arms and legs; however, it is not mentioned whether she can hold her head. At this age, Giselle is expected to gain 680-900g; however, her results are only 410g (Gunnarsdottir, Schack-Nielsen, Michaelsen, Sørensen, & Thorsdottir, 2010).


Giselle’s mother assists her development so that the girl has normal reflexes and her condition (except for weight) is good enough. She takes care of the child, as she is willing to comfort her and took her for immunization.


I would like to discuss Giselle’s weight with her mother, as I want to clarify if she gets enough to eat. I will explain Giselle’s mother the peculiarities of infant’s nutrition. I will also talk to the grandmother if she has some contradictions.

Additional Information

I would like to know whether the child is nursed or she receives infant food. Also, I am interested in the frequency of feeding and its duration. I would ask if the baby can transfer milk well and if there are some problems with milk production. I also want to know if the baby sleeps enough and what is their home environment.

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Strength of the Family Situation

It is really great that Joelle receives support from her grandmother and friends. These people can help her to be in a good mood and avoid depression, which would have an adverse influence on a child. They also can help her to take care about Giselle and enhance her condition.

Poor Weight Gain

Due to the small income of the family, Joelle’s nutrition may be not good enough to provide a child will everything she needs. Moreover, giving water and tea is likely to influence weight gain.


I can design a diet for Joelle and tell her when and how to feed Giselle. I can also explain to her the peculiarities of infant’s nutrition and give a brochure. I will insist on pumping milk before she goes out.

Social Network

I can have a conversation with the grandmother and provide her with the information about infant nutrition so that she and her friends will make sure that Joelle is doing well in nursing and taking care for Giselle. With school friends, they can also ensure that she keeps to a diet, which is advantageous for the child. They also may come to Joelle if she does not want to pump milk.


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