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Intangible Qualities in Public Transportation

There are a couple of intangible qualities which make it beneficial for public transportation systems in large cities to flourish or be around for long periods. These include:-

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  • Exuberance
  • Relaxed Spirit
  • Ease Congestion
  • Better visibility
  • Emotional and physical experience


The approach of the omnibus almost always spurs a predictable pattern of waiting and approaching passengers regardless of age. The one that was seated stood up in anticipation, the one that was walking walks faster or even begins jogging, and the one that was jogging almost runs. By and large, there is much giddiness in the air as a result. Everybody wants to get the coveted opportunity to catch a ride on this vehicle (Nordahl 17).

Maybe the passenger wants to have a 1920 New York City feeling, or maybe he just wants to ride in the open, or wants to take advantage of the cozy seats which face each other making it easy to converse as you travel, but one thing is for sure, the demand of the population for this mode of transport will keep it around for a long time (Nordahl 18).

Relaxed Spirit

Most of the times, we have timentrol of the environment with the environment having tremendous control over us. Most city carriers however give the passenger an option to get away from this even if for a few minutes. This is seen in the double-deck buses and upper-level carriages. People have a feeling of buoyancy and feel more in control of their environments. This has the overall effect of relaxing their minds and nerves. One seating in the elevated position as he travels makes him feel positioned at a vantage point.

Ease Congestion

The omnibus achieves the goal of the articulated bus but in a different way. While the articulated bus pulls an extra cabin behind, the omnibus adds one more cabin on the top thereby reducing the wheelbase of the bus. While both of the buses have achieved the same goal of increasing the capacity, the omnibus will prove the best option for the city dweller. The main reason is that it will need less space to negotiate corners and it will use up less space thereby not causing unnecessary traffic jams.

Better Visibility

Many of the vehicles either have very large windows or are left wide open. The traveler can therefore take in the beauty sceneries, the magnificent buildings, and the lovely people on the sidewalks. The streetcar is the best example since it has no doors or windows. Not only does the vehicle give the passenger the delight of the nice view but it also a unique chance for the pedestrian and the passenger to connect as the vehicle simply glides down the road at a slow enough pace.

Emotional and Physical Experience

It has been observed that animals have the ability to touch man emotionally and physically. These two experiences are best felt at Disneyland where the most common form of locomotion is the rail-cars which are pulled by horses. Watching the response of the onlookers is the best measurement tofthe effect that this form of transport has on the masses. The adults in the crowd will look and smile while the children will beg their parents to be allowed to board the rail car. This car gives the rider a very natural experience reminiscent of the experiences of the 1900s.

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The monorail differs from the other forms of transport. The rail-cars, the omnibus, the horseless carriages, the steam locomotives, the riverboats and street cars all have one thing in common, they represent past civilizations (Nordahl 37). The monorail is however quite modern and it gives the passengers the thrill of speed and the convenience to those in a hurry.


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