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Integrated Marketing Communication Definition

This paper talks about integrated marketing communication by discussing the statement – ‘the realization of integrated marketing communications is unlikely ever to be achieved in an organization’. This paper elaborates on this statement while pondering over the on views of Olof Holm (2006). It starts off with a brief introduction to the field itself, and then moves on to discuss the importance of Integrated Marketing Communication as theory, strategy and practice in organizations. The paper then highlights how reasonable it is to be able to apply this field in real life organizations in contemporary times.

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Integrated Marketing Communications or more popularly known as IMC, started being discussed as a term and a field in itself in marketing from the beginning of 1990s. There are a total of four stages in it, which include – coordinating, dealing with financial as well as strategic integration in the organization etc. (Holm, O., 2006) IMC is a concept that talks about communication that takes place in management and control; it is a concept that helps in making sure that all end stakeholders or parties are very well aligned strategically where ever communication and coordination goes. This includes brand positioning, and personality of it being delivered or communicated effectively across all elements in the communication process so as to achieve one single consistent strategy to be practiced. Therefore, with the help of integrated marketing communications, the best resources are being used, at the minimum costs providing the most reasonable and maximum possible results. This calls for an even greater relationship between an organization that is practicing integrated marketing communications with its potential parties (customers, suppliers and clients) with the organization itself (Holm, O., 2006).

Discussion – the realization of integrated marketing communications is unlikely ever to be achieved in an organization’

The field of Integrated Marketing Communications has been applied to various above the line or below the agencies, we can say. However, around us we see that the mere presence of the concept at the management level seems negligent or completely absent. Rather, it can be said that it appears to have failed at the management (upper and lower) levels, quite conveniently. Hence, as the statement suggests too, it has come to our realization that IMC is a field which is difficult to ever be called as achieved by an organization. But, the point of discussion here remains that there is no harm in trying to re-position the strategy itself (Holm, O., 2006).

The statement tells us that it has been a failed concept on the acceptance level when it was applied in organizations practically. This might just be true, but what is not true is the fact that this says very little about the advantages and benefits that IMC can or could have on an organization. What could be done to put it back into the right place, and that too effectively, is by ensuring that the proper set of researches are done and educational programs developed that emphasize and boost learning (thereby, promotion) of the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC. This is because the people or students who undergo courses or even proper detailed programs on IMC might then be able to apply it properly in an organizational setting (Holm, O., 2006).

I believe that yes, integrated marketing communications can definitely help in streamlining a company’s tasks for instance the marketing mix decisions and communication with all its connected elements, thereby allowing for a consistent creative brief or strategy for that specific marketing mix only. IMC, in contemporary times can be made to be proved as efficient in organizations. This can be done by taking into perspective three things – firstly, the deregulation of markets; secondly, globalization of the economy; thirdly, the individualization of consumption function. In the era of such high technology usage and the IT revolution, it would be a shame if these two are not collaborated to result into an IMC program that can then be applied to organizations.

With the help of technology, henceforth at all stages in the communication process, integrated marketing communication can help achieve advantages for the company where it is applied – the only thing that needs to be ensured however is that proper and compatible technological resources are applied and used to enhance this system of integrated communications in the field of marketing (Holm, O., 2006).


The conclusion which can be drawn is that companies that give importance to strategic and tactical work need to ensure that for IMCs strategic management decision process is essential. What needs to be done is introduce the topic as a field whereby learners (future or present management) can streamline the processes of strategic management with communication (theory and practice). This will call for filling of the gaps between the two, practicing of IMC and subsequently benefiting from the benefits that it provides to the organization that uses it (Holm, O., 2006).

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