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Audi Car Company: The Advertising Strategy

Audi Car Company can trace its roots back to the early 1900s. August Horch produced the first car in a partnership but went solo afterwards due to partnership problems. He chose the name Audi which means audible in Latin and from the look of things people really want to own one of their incredible automobiles. The car company continued to produce one car model after another to suit the market. However its modern era began in the 1970s and Audi’s image was conservative but when the company released the Quattro its image had changed to a classy one. The company has established its name as a winner in racing both in America and Europe. The company uses technology to produce cars that are the customers dream. They have released the Audi car model 8 which has had the car industry as well as the media talking.

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Audi uses very innovative advertising methods to reach its target audience and in the past the advertisements have caused a sensation both among customers and the creative industry. For example their latest car has “a white LED daytime running light technology as their trademark.”

The Audi commercials about their 8 model show a very classy sports car. The commercials have successfully applied logos in their marketing to appeal to potential customers. Logos is used in society because logic as well as rationality is valued thus when one uses this strategy to persuade people they readily buy it. Socrates put forward an argument which says” All men are mortal, Socrates is a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. Audi are relying on it in this advertisement in this way. The 8 model has great features; it is a sports car which has great speed. Its engine has a high performance capability than any other Audi model ever produced. It has 420 hp V8 4.2L FSI engine and a Quattro rear based all wheel in drive system. Its speed ranges from zero to 60mph in 4.4 seconds and the highest speed 187mph making it the fastest car ever produced. By making the target customers see how great a product Audi has produced in this model people would naturally assume that its other models must also be good. This assumption is very powerful as it would make people who cannot afford this model to go for other models by the same company. The persuasion in the commercials will have won by convincing the people to believe in the Audi. This would lead to an increase in the overall sales for the car company.

The Audi Company is expensive and the 8 model retail price was $109,000 at its launch and $118,000 for the models installed with the six speed automatic gearbox. The car has luxury features installed for example, automatic climate control, power and heated leather seats, Sirius satellite radio and so on. There is an optional package that has a home link, six disc CD changer, auto dimming exterior lights and many others. The car comes with other options like leather covered dashboard, metallic or pearl effect paint, Audi navigation plus and so on. These options allow the owner to personalize the car thus making it exclusive. The car manufacturers know that people like having something that is unique or at least different from others. By including features that can allow one to personalize the sports car Audi has read the customers mind and understands their state. They know that people want to be recognized for their unique way of doing things for example dressing, eating and so on therefore, Audi produces a car that would appeal to such people because its target audience is the middle to higher class people who are obviously in well paying occupations which means that they can afford the car. Their target age is between 30-40 as well as 60-70. The people between the ages of 30-40 would want to have a car that is customized to their specifications as they have been in the job market longer and can afford a good car unlike those in their late teens and early twenties who have just started working. The 60-70 brackets are people who have probably retired and have money saved to buy a car and perhaps a retirement home as well.

The commercial employs pathos. Emotions are appealed to and this influences our judgments. Human beings think that they make decisions based on rational thought but this is not always the case our emotions play a major role. The advertisers know this and thus they employ it in advertising to make or persuade potential customers buy their products. In this case the target audience is given information about the 8 car that appeals to the emotions. The car is shown to be faster than the speed of light as it has headlights behind it. Men who are the biggest buyers of cars love fast and slick cars are more likely to be persuaded to buy because they have been given the information about the speed thus will have a positive attitude towards the car. Audi knows that and so its commercial appeals to men as well as women who love speed. The passion in men about fast cars as well as beautiful cars is appealed to by creation of authentic emotions. The car promises to fulfill the need for a fast car and a slick car by giving information about the speed as well as showing the beauty of its luxury features.

The Audi model 8 embodies the Company’s commitment in excelling. The car is seen as the “sportiest” of all and this works to its advantage because sports cars are lobed for their speed and slickness. The commercial has succeeded in using logos and pathos to reach out to their target audience by putting across adverts that are attractive and this has enabled then to tap into the potential customers emotions. By giving information about the car they have given the target audience an opportunity to choose their car due to its promised high performance.

Finally, advertisements are supposed to turn people towards a product. This is done by giving information about that product that is designed in way to create a positive impression. The positive impression then may make the potential consumer find out more about that product and eventually may end up making a purchase. In the case of Audi their advertising has elicited sensation. The cars sales have been hit hard by the global downturn. However, Audi is doing better than most of its competitors and this can be associated with its aggressive advertising strategy and release of new innovative car models.

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