Intellectual Property Rights in Entertainment. Market Research


As the question of legitimacy in the rights and use of intellectual property rights continues to hit the entertainment industry, there is however a lack of comprehensive supportive data on the same. Every aspect of excessive use of these rights by the consumers in the entertainment industry remains unknown.

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The question of whether users of entertainment gadgets such as audio visual tapes, photocopy of material, sharing, duplication, using certain material in the wrong machines and in the wrong manner continues to be a basic problem in the entertainment industry. Owners of these copy rights and producers are however indifferent of whether the right control over use will ultimately be established.

The aim of this research will therefore be to draw a relationship between the use and the ownership of intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry. It will seek to study the authenticity in the scope of the use of these rights by the users. Though the subject mater of legitimacy of ownership and use of copyright in the industry is divergent, my basic interest would be to study and investigate the various ways with which users of the same rights portray extra-ordinary and excessive use of their rights as required by the owners. The subject matter of this research interest comes out at the verge when the entertainment industry is beckoning of an inactive support by the customers which is even threatening their success and profitability margin. (Daymon, Holloway, 2002)

The research findings from this activity are fundamentally crucial in developing a cognitive knowledge for use and application in the industry. Since excessive use of copyrights has been a subjective and fundamental area of concern, every rational research findings will help to provide an authentic support of rationality in defining matters of importance in the legitimacy between the ownership and the use of intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry.

Though the concept of copyright ownership and usage is ideally diverse, the course reason of this research project will be to study the various way and methods involved by the users of entertainment products which are an excess to what is required of them by the producers. This will basically imply the limit in the scopes of the research activity.

Research objectives and Research problem

The basic and to a broad phenomenon objectives of the research activity would be to draw a research finding on the basic entitlements of the rational factors behind intellectual property relationships between the users and the owners. Elsewhere, this will be a concise activity aimed at studying the fundamental relationship behind the ownership and the use of copyrights in entertainment. It will be a study and investigation activity on the authenticity allied to the scope with which the use and the ownership of these rights is exercised and whether the same use is rationally excessive or not. (Patzer, 1996)

Though the area of study is diverse, the basic question which would be answer is; Does the use and exercise of copyrights by the consumer on intellectual property rights rationally excessive?

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However, the authenticity and stronghold of this question will be accompanied by some specific set of questions to be answers:-

  1. What is intellectual property rights ownership in the entertainment industry?
  2. What is the scope of rational/in-excessive use?
  3. What methods/ways imply excessive use?
  4. What methods/ways imply in-excessive use?
  5. What are the effects of such excessive use to both the users and owners?
  6. How can this be controlled?
  7. How rational will be this control?

Research Activity

Due to some fundamental factors and inadequacies such as financial scope, this research will be carried out personally. This will also imply that the intensity of the research will not be enormous but of a slightly small size.

The target population of this research will be the users of any entertainment products. Subjecting the choice of entertainment products is however coupled by the understanding that they are compounded by various fringe conditions on their use and consumption. Any extra-ordinary use above what is provided by the producers is legitimately excessive. Targeted population will however be indiscriminative in terms of gender, age, race, religious autonomy, and geographical placement above others. (Cross et al, 1996)

For adequate research findings, an adequate sample and data collection remains important. To reduce the risk premium however, a large sample of one thousand (1000) respondents will be interviewed.

Since use of entertainment products is discretionary equitable across the human population whether place at the urban and rural areas, the research will take place at one of the urban centres in my state.

On adequate data collection, clarity on the research expectations by the participants remains critical. However, in every support of the same, the interview will commence by creating a rapport in which case a clear explanation of the research entitlements will be provided. Respondents will be given a clear intention and purpose of the research.

Time table

The research activity will take fifty (50) days. However, the start and the finishing will be fundamentally approximated to capture this time frame.

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Due to the requirements of the research, the realism of the timetable would be undoubtedly unquestionable. It will be enough for collection of the relevant data above its analysis. An error term in the time frame has been captured (5 days) to accommodate the influence of any external constraints as well as deadlines.


The authenticity and rationality of the research will depend on the data so collected. However, data collected will involve both talking to the respondents (String data) and counting numbers of respond variables (numerical data). (Hackley, 2003)

The choice of data collection method would be in use of a well structured simple questionnaire process. This is to limit the inefficiencies and inadequacies ascribed to personal interviews.

The data collection will involve the provision of the sample of respondents chosen at random manner with the set of questionnaire. However, randomness in the choice of respondents will never be compromised to ensure that whatever data collected is valid and free from biasness.

The size of the sample will be 1000 respondents. This is chosen rationally as a larger respondent population to reduce the risk of error term in the result findings. Elsewhere, this is an adequate population in terms of the resource factors.

Sample selection will be random across the user population within the city. Randomness will reduce biasness in data collection.

Due to discretional factors of resource influence, the project will not compound the use of pilot research activity. However, a full potential research activity into the same activity would ultimately provide adequate results.

Precisely, there will be no reward offered to the participating respondents. However, the tool of adequate rapport will perhaps be more influential than use pf a rewarding scheme. Through the rapport, the clarity of expectations will be brought out.

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To provide adequate findings, data analysis will be through the use of statistical methodologies. A statistically viable scheme and process will be used to create a better and attractive package of statistical results. Various tools such as correlation variables, bar graphs, pie charts and cumulative percentages will be used.


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