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International Attempts to Curb the Power of Microsoft

Dear US and EU Competition authority,

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Am writing to you with regards to the many attempts made by Microsoft Corporation to reduce our monopoly power which is totally against public interests. Microsoft Corporation is a public multinational corporation that specializes in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and at the same time, supporting a wide range of products and services in the computer sector. For a long time now, Microsoft corporation critics have been on our back contending the company for dominating the market and offering anti-competitive strategies to its competitors.

Any attempt to reduce Microsoft corporation monopoly will only lead to further war with the public. The company has undergone many lawsuits filed by the government, together with other competing companies, all with the same purpose; to see Microsoft’s monopolistic market power checked and as a result, reduced.

Microsoft Corporation serves the interest of the public as the company’s product and services attract many people, which is a result of our company’s innovation and high creativity. I believe Microsoft Corporation is where it is all because of the company’s efforts and dedicated members of staff and thus deserves respect for the same. Throughout America and all over the world, Microsoft Corporation has instituted a lot of projects, which the society has been able to benefit from. Microsoft Corporation, since its inception, has been able to change and shape the internet as society knows it today.

Microsoft has simply changed the way we live: easy and faster access to the internet and many ways of interaction over the internet. It is in my belief that a company such as Microsoft Corporation with 90% of the market cannot be all bad; there is simply a lot of good associated with it and society has already seen it. Most of the lawsuits filed by our competitors are unfair and in my view are a result of a lack of owns innovation and creativity that motivates their jealousy of us, thus their only way to counter Microsoft Corporation is to check Microsoft’s monopolistic power that they enjoy. This is unfair to the society at large who has no problem with the monopolistic arrangement of Microsoft, in fact, for all we know, we as a company have provided them with a lot of advantage over any of our competitors.

Microsoft Corporation also has never been on record being on a lawsuit filed by an individual or society at large. The competition authorities also have never charged us based on monopolistic power that we enjoy; we are on record as only being fine when we abuse our monopolistic power (Newman 5). Thus as far as society is concerned, it is not the monopoly market structure that matters but the behavior of a company that has monopoly power.

Microsoft Company dedicates its efforts to the betterment of society and dedicates most of its profit to develop new products and at the same time offering some innovative solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. Evidence of this is the company’s unlimited versions of windows and free updates that society has enjoyed for over 30 years (Newman 5).

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Microsoft Corporation is with no doubt operating in the public interest and the number of lawsuits filed against the company is unjust and unfair. In the present world today where technology is changing every other day, Microsoft gives society and individuals a measure of stability, as the individuals are comfortable knowing that all new products will be compatible with the one they have. Microsoft is very right to protect their software and codes from their competitors and as a result, receive a fair price for it since anything else will lead to their exit in the market.

Thus, I am sure you will agree with me that Microsoft serves only but for the good of society, and any effort to reduce the monopoly power that we now enjoy will only serve to the disadvantage of the society. It is in my opinion that any further attempt to reduce Microsoft’s monopoly power is to be stopped and society’s opinion be respected.

Yours sincerely,

Chief Executive officer

Microsoft Corporation.

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